Chapter 1180: There’s An Autumn Excursion?

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In the end, Ye Linlang still didn’t run back to the’s office to get her bookmark back.

There was nothing she could do. Jiang Qiran dragged her all the way back. Ye Linlang wanted to go back. She faced Jiang Qiran’s cold gaze, as if he was saying that she would be a fool if she went back again.

Therefore, even if Ye Linlang had a lot of guts, she wouldn’t dare.

What gave her the biggest headache right now was that Jiang Qiran had casually made a promise again.

Jiang Qiran wanted to get first place in the grade. It was an easy task without any suspense, but for her to get into the top 50 of the grade, it was even harder than ascending to the heavens.

Ye Linlang pouted gloomily. She only felt that her future for these two months was bleak.

“Qiran… why did you set such a high hurdle for me… I feel that I definitely can’t do it…”

If you were aiming for the upper middle of the cla.s.s, then perhaps you only needed to work hard and put in more effort.

But if you were to aim to get into the top of the grade, all the outstanding people were working hard, and you wanted to catch up?! It wasn’t impossible, but in only one or two months, do you think that’s achievable?!

Seeing Ye Linlang’s pained expression, the corners of Jiang Qiran’s lips curved into a beautiful arc.

“Last time you made a bet with Xia Qianqian to get into the top 15 of the cla.s.s, weren’t you were also this dejected? But didn’t you manage to do it in the end?”

Ye Linlang was speechless and immediately glared at Jiang Qiran.

“How is this the same? Think about it, this time Xia Qianqian got into the top 5 of the cla.s.s and barely managed to get into the top 50 of the grade!”

“But it’s said that she got first place in our school in the entrance exam! Think about what kind of freaks are in the top 50.”

“Oh –”

Ye Linlang saw Jiang Qiran’s eyes suddenly narrow, and only then did she realize that she seemed to have gotten Jiang Qiran into the loop as well.

She quickly covered her mouth and brought herself lower.

“Hahaha, I didn’t mean to talk about you just now!”

Ye Linlang would never tell Jiang Qiran that if the people who got into the top 50 of the grade were freaks, then Jiang Qiran was definitely the freak among freaks. He was a devil-like figure with extraordinary combat strength!

Jiang Qiran’s long and narrow eyes narrowed even deeper. He looked at Ye Linlang with an unfathomable feeling in his eyes.

“Why do I feel that someone is lying, or is she scolding me?”

Exposed by Jiang Qiran’s words, Ye Linlang suddenly felt guilty. She laughed twice and didn’t dare to mention this matter to Jiang Qiran anymore.

Reality proved that Ye Linlang’s speculation was extremely correct.

Jiang Qiran was simply trying to make her suffer!

Other than being able to keep a pile of test papers company every day, what else could Ye Linlang do?!

She didn’t even have time to have fun with her Prince Charming!

Moreover, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Jiang Qiran was forcing her into a corner. In the end, Ye Linlang could only bitterly pick up the pen and think to herself, I love learning, learning loves me!

A life without learning was like salted fis.h.!.+

After this self-brainwas.h.i.+ng, Ye Linlang could only express that she felt very good. Her results in various subjects couldn’t be said to have improved by leaps and bounds, but it could be said at least that her foundation had become a lot more solid!

Ye Linlang held a pile of test papers every day. She was almost in tears.

It was finally the weekend. The other couples must have gone out to play. When it came to her and Jiang Qiran, all that was left was the endless “Five-year college entrance exam three-year simulation!”

Ye Linlang really could not take it anymore. She wanted to ask Jiang Qiran for a leave.

“Qiran, can we reduce the number of test papers for each subject every day? I feel that my brain capacity is not enough.”

Jiang Qiran stood up as if nothing had happened and threw a pile of study materials to her.

“Scientific research shows that the more you use the brain, the more alive it is, not the more dead it is.”

Ye Linlang was speechless. Humph, she couldn’t beat him!

She held the black pen and almost poked a few big holes in the test paper!

Jiang Qiran looked at Ye Linlang’s resentful look and finally reached out his hand and gently touched Ye Linlang’s head.

“You feel so wronged?”

Ye Linlang raised her head in anger. Her porcelain-white face was lifted from the exam paper, and her eyes sparkled.

“How am I not wronged?! I feel like my head is going to go bald from your touch!”

Jiang Qiran swept his gaze over Ye Linlang’s shoulder-length hair and could not help but smile.

“Alright, don’t be wronged. Next Friday, our cla.s.s will hold an autumn excursion. Take it as a distraction for you.”

Ye Linlang’s eyes lit up when she heard that she could go out and play!

She threw down the test paper in her hand and directly grabbed Jiang Qiran’s wrist!

“There’s an autumn excursion? Really?”

Right now, school was school, and taking a break meant being mentored by Jiang Qiran. Where was freedom?!

Ahhhh, was she finally going to escape from the sea of bitterness?!

Jiang Qiran couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Ye Linlang’s easy-to-satisfy look.

He looked at Ye Linlang unconsciously grabbing his hand, and his eyes immediately became gentler.

“Of course it’s true, but it’s said to be on the mountain, there will probably a barbecue or something. I think you’ll like it.”

Ye Linlang’s interest was piqued when she heard that!

She had lived in a small desolate village since she was young! She had been to all kinds of desolate mountains! She was most familiar with life on the mountain!

“Great, I can finally go out and play!”

Jiang Qiran looked at Ye Linlang’s elated look and could not help but laugh at her like she was a child.

If it was possible, he really hoped that Ye Linlang would continue to be so silly and cute. When he saw her, he always felt relaxed and bright in his heart.

The day of the cla.s.s autumn trip soon arrived. Ye Linlang originally wanted to secretly bring Jiang Miaomiao along.

Unfortunately, Jiang Miaomiao had something to do that day, so Ye Linlang could go with only Jiang Qiran.

And to Ye Linlang’s surprise, many people in the cla.s.s felt that the road was too far and the place was too remote. There were only a total of ten plus people partic.i.p.ating.

During the crisp autumn season, the mountains were red and the forest was dyed the same.

It was as if all the leaves were red. Looking from afar, it looked like a very beautiful painting.

Ye Linlang took a few photos with Jiang Qiran on her phone, and then took a lot of photos of Jiang Qiran alone. Beautiful scenery versus a beautiful man, it was not tiring at all.

When Xia Qianqian saw the two of them like this, she immediately lost her soul.

Those girls could not stand it and could not help but poke at Ye Linlang a few times.

“Qianqian, look at Ye Linlang. Who does she think she is? She just became Young Master Jiang’s girlfriend, and she has the nerve to act so superior.”

“That’s right. If Young Master Jiang didn’t give her special treatment during the monthly exam last time, she wouldn’t have such results!”

“I also heard that she shamelessly made a bet with the, saying that puppy love wouldn’t affect her results. Next time, she must get into the top 50 in the school!”

“She’s too arrogant.”

Xia Qianqian heard the discussion of those little followers, and her beautiful eyebrows immediately tightened.

The lifestyle committee member, w.a.n.g Xiaoya, stood beside Xia Qianqian. She usually played best with Xia Qianqian, so when she saw her good friend so sad, she immediately began to suggest strategies for her.

“Qianqian, don’t be sad. Why don’t I take revenge for you? To teach Ye Linlang a lesson?”

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