Chapter 477: The Insane Sheng An’ning

As there were too many people surrounding the overpa.s.s, Jiang Haoxuan couldn’t even drive his car over. He simply parked his car across the street and jogged over.

In just two to three minutes, Jiang Haoxuan heard someone vaguely mention Sheng An’ning’s name, and his heart sank.

Could it be that he had rejected Sheng An’ning so harshly in the past two days that Sheng An’ning was about to jump off a bridge and commit suicide?!

Thinking back to Sheng An’ning’s previous actions of cutting her wrists, Jiang Haoxuan felt a little panicked.

Although he no longer liked Sheng An’ning, Sheng An’ning was his first love after all. Jiang Haoxuan could never watch Sheng An’ning die.

Jiang Haoxuan ran into the crowd and kept pus.h.i.+ng forward. Suddenly, a middle-aged woman in her forties grabbed Jiang Haoxuan’s sleeve and stopped him.

“Young Man, don’t go any further. There’s someone with a knife in front of you. Moreover, the police officers are all carrying guns and negotiating with the other party. If the bullets suddenly fly away, it’ll be dangerous for you to go over.”

Jiang Haoxuan was stunned when he heard that. A person with a knife…

Wasn’t it Sheng An’ning who committed suicide?!

Although Sheng An’ning’s pure and innocent image had long collapsed in Jiang Haoxuan’s heart, Sheng An’ning was clearly a weak and delicate little girl. Jiang Haoxuan would never have thought that the person with the knife was Sheng An’ning.

“My friends are inside. I have to go there!”

Jiang Haoxuan shook his head at the middle-aged woman. Without waiting for her reply, he rushed over directly.

Sure enough, there were police officers in front to maintain order. A bunch of onlookers were surrounded outside, and no one could take another step forward.

Jiang Haoxuan wanted to run over, but was stopped by a police officer. “There are negotiations ahead. You can’t go over!”

When the commander heard the voice, he suddenly turned his head. He recognized Jiang Haoxuan’s appearance, and his eyes instantly lit up.

“That’s young master Jiang. Miss Su called him over. Quickly tell him to come over!”

The police officer who stopped him was stunned, and the surrounding crowd couldn’t help but start whispering. Those who had come early and watched for a long time had already imagined a scene of two women fighting over a man.

Now that the main character had arrived, they were even more excited to gossip. If not for the police officer stopping them, the scene would have boiled into a pot of hot water.

When Jiang Haoxuan rushed over, he was stunned as soon as he stepped on the overpa.s.s!

The scene seven or eight meters away almost made Jiang Haoxuan’s heart stop beating!

How could this be?!

Why would Sheng An’ning hold a knife and even hold Lin Fei’er as a hostage?!


Su Wan heard footsteps behind her and immediately turned around. She looked at Jiang Haoxuan, who was not far away, and her voice was full of surprise.

“Sis-in-law, what’s going on?! An’ning and Lin Fei’er…”

Jiang Haoxuan was startled awake by Su Wan’s shout and immediately ran to Su Wan’s side.

Jiang Haoxuan looked at Sheng An’ning in disbelief. He glanced at the blood stains on Lin Fei’er’s hands and face, and the veins on his forehead throbbed non-stop.

There had never been a moment like this that left Jiang Haoxuan in shock and pain.

Su Wan pursed her lips with difficulty and smiled bitterly at Jiang Haoxuan.

“As you can see, Fei’er is being held hostage by An’ning. Whether An’ning can come to her senses now will depend on you.”

Sheng An’ning watched coldly as Su Wan and Jiang Haoxuan conversed. Her scarlet eyes were filled with even more complicated emotions at that moment.

She had always thought that she liked Jiang Xuecheng.

However, when Jiang Haoxuan rejected her yesterday and said that he did not miss her at all, Sheng An’ning finally understood that she could not leave Jiang Haoxuan.

She was already used to having someone following behind her and treating her well.

If one day, that man wanted to marry another woman, she would risk the rest of her life to destroy that woman and the child of his and the woman!

Didn’t Jiang Haoxuan say that he loved her?

Since he loved her, why could he change his mind and fall in love with someone else?!


Recalling the past, Sheng An’ning’s ferocious face softened a little. A trace of exhaustion flashed across her eyes as she called out Jiang Haoxuan’s name in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

“Haoxuan, is it a little late if I said that I like you now?”

Jiang Haoxuan looked at Sheng An’ning’s neurotic expression and his gaze unconsciously fell on Lin Fei’er, who was beside Sheng An’ning.

Lin Fei’er looked much more miserable than Sheng An’ning. She just stared at him without saying a word or crying. It was as if she was telling Jiang Haoxuan to stay calm and not go against Sheng An’ning’s words.

Jiang Haoxuan’s lips trembled slightly. He shook his head reluctantly and smiled at Sheng An’ning.

“It’s not too late. You said that you like me, so I’m very happy. An’ning, put down the knife first. Let’s talk about the knot in your heart slowly, okay?!”

“Nonsense, you don’t look happy at all!”

Hearing Jiang Haoxuan’s words, which were obviously meant to cheer her up, Sheng An’ning was even more agitated. She picked up the knife and gestured at Lin Fei’er’s face.

“Haoxuan, why did you change your mind?! Look, what’s so good about this woman? Why would you rather marry her than me?”

“She’s just a woman who was abandoned by a man. In terms of looks, she’s far inferior to me. In terms of family background, she’s even lower than the dust. In terms of talent and temperament, she’s even worse than the mud in the dirt! Compared to her, I’ve already lowered my standards!”

These words were like a sharp knife stabbing into Jiang Haoxuan’s heart. He felt a piercing pain in his heart, and even his hands couldn’t help but tremble.

He had loved a girl for more than ten years. He thought that she was as pure as the moonlight. Why must she tear apart that little bit of beauty of the past?!

For the sake of expediency, Jiang Haoxuan could only follow Sheng An’ning’s instructions and speak.

“An’ning! Lin Fei’er is not as good as you. I promise you that I won’t marry Lin Fei’er. put down the knife and let her go alone, okay?”

Jiang Haoxuan spoke softly to Sheng An’ning, the pleading look in his eyes almost overflowing.

“Do you think I can’t tell that you’re protecting her?! Haoxuan, don’t lie to me! You’re just trying to trick me into letting this b.i.t.c.h go!”

Sheng An’ning’s facial features contorted as she laughed maniacally. It was hard to see the slightest bit of beauty on her hideous face.

With every word Sheng An’ning said, Jiang Haoxuan felt as if someone had stabbed him in the heart.

However, what made Jiang Haoxuan even more afraid was that Sheng An’ning actually picked up the knife in a crazed manner and continued to cut at Lin Fei’er’s neck!

Fresh blood dripped down Lin Fei’er’s slender neck, looking extremely horrifying!

Seeing that her knife was about to reach Lin Fei’er’s carotid artery, Su Wan was scared out of her wits. She quickly shouted at Sheng An’ning.

“An’ning! How could Haoxuan lie to you! Fei’er was already prepared to reject his proposal. We’ll agree to it. Let’s go abort Fei’er’s baby right now and get married to Haoxuan, okay?”

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