Chapter 461: The Real Undead Energy

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The mid-aged mage didn’t get mad. He giggled and didn’t say anything.

In the next second, something strange happened. The cloud of black mist flew out of the bone dust and entered another skeleton. Then, another skeleton soldier that had the strength of One-Star appeared in the palace.

“Huh? As long as that Undead Energy isn’t destroyed, it could create more and more skeleton soldiers?” Fei saw what happened and instantly understood the secret. Therefore, he grasped his hand, and a silver palm made from pure energy grabbed onto the skeleton soldier and crushed it alongside with the black mist. This time, this spell was completely obliterated.

That black mist was the Undead Energy; it was essentially the same as Warrior Energy and Magic Energy. Fei had been fighting many Undead Creatures in Diablo World, so this Undead Energy that could terrify ordinary people was nothing in his eyes.

Hazel Bank, on the other hand, got serious.

This skilled Undead Mage knew that this young King was smooth at dealing with Undead Energy; it was apparent that this young King had battled with numerous Undead Mages and had gotten a lot of experience.

On Azeroth Continent, Undead Mages were hated by almost everyone. As soon as they were discovered, they would be chased after and killed by others. Since this young King in front of him was experienced at dealing with Undead Energy and was still alive, it meant that hundreds of Undead Mages probably died in his hands.

Although Hazel Bank wasn’t a murderous person, he was one of the Senior Elders at the infamous [Undead Shrine]. He felt sympathetic yet helpless towards the fate of his fellow Undead Mages. As an Undead Mage himself, he knew that this branch of Magic Energy wasn’t evil as what the Holy Church painted it as to be. In fact, most of the Undead Mages had very hard and pitiful lives. Most of the people who became Undead Mages were poor people since cultivating Undead Energy didn’t require a ton of resources such as money and magic gems, and its cultivation speed was fast. It was one of the most effective weapons that the people at the bottom could use to fight against the cruel rulers.

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To his knowledge, most of the people who cultivated Undead Energy were kind and loving people. However, the Undead Mages didn’t have a great appearance, their aura was gloomy, and their nemesis, the Holy Church, hammered them. Hazel Bank, who was a master that dominated over a region, was now in this unfortunate situation, let alone other weaker Undead Mages.

Therefore, Fei’s smooth method of destroying Undead Energy triggered Hazel Bank who pitied his fellow Undead Mages; he became hostile towards the young King.

Hazel Bank slowly stood up and sneered, “It seems like Your Majesty is great at destroying Undead Energy. However, do you think that is enough for you to be reckless in front of me?”

Fei was a little surprised, and he instantly realized why this former Senior Elder of the [Undead Shrine] got cold. However, he didn’t give any explanations. He nodded and said, “I did kill a lot of people who could use Undead Energy. However, I don’t think my attitude is reckless.”

“Humph!” Hazel Bank sneered, “Great! Since Your Majesty want to see the real power of Undead Energy, I will grant your wish.”

As soon as he said that, this mid-aged man opened his palms but didn’t chant any spell. Dashes of black mist flew out of his body and flew into many skeletons. As a series of cracking noises sounded, these skeletons stood up with flames appearing in their eye sockets. With the black mist filled their bodies, these skeletons turned from white to black, and they waved their bone blades as they walked towards Fei. Soon, they surrounded the three in the center like a small island in the ocean.

Fei nodded; he could tell that Hazel Bank used a more powerful spell from the number of the skeleton soldiers and the strength of the soldiers. The bones on the skeleton soldiers had a metal-glare to them, and it was clear that they were almost as hard as steel. With the dense Undead Energy on them, each of them of equivalent to a Four-Star Warrior.

This was a real Undead Spell.

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Compared with weak skeleton soldiers that even a regular soldier could smash, the 50 black skeleton soldiers Hazel Bank just created showed their terrifying power. It was easy to estimate the outcome of a battle between Hazel Bank and a group of soldiers. If the black mist could enter the body of the dead soldiers, then there would be an unlimited number of skeleton soldiers as long as the Undead Energy was present.


This was the reason why Undead Mages were terrifying in the eyes of other people.

However, it was impossible for these 50 skeleton soldiers to tie Fei down. By looking at the confident smile on Hazel Bank’s face, Fei knew that this mage knew this fact as well and must have other trump cards. On the other hand, that boy named Arthur rushed to the door with an anxious expression on his face. He looked like he was trying to escape, but Fei smiled; he knew that this naïve-looking boy was actually sly and wanted to block the door to prevent him from running away.

“Such an interesting pair,” Fei thought.

However, he didn’t make a move. With a smile on his face, he said, “You should know that these tricks won’t work on me.”

Hazel Bank curled his lips and sneered, “We will know after this. Even if I can’t kill you, I can turn your 30,000 soldiers into my skeleton soldiers.”

“It would hurt our relationship if we battled like that,” Fei said with a mysterious smile on his face, “Maybe we can try another method.”

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“And?” Although Hazel Bank was confident that he could defeat this young King, he didn’t dare to underestimate him. After all, Death Ancient City was too close to Dual-Flags City. If there was a ton of Undead Energy in here, it might attract the attention of the masters of the Holy Church and delay his other plans.

Fei laughed and replied, “How about I summon some creatures to play with yours?”

Before he finished speaking, he switched to Necromancer Mode and spread out his grey and more powerful Death Energy. He used skill [Raise Skeleton] by pointing at that pile of bone dust from earlier, and the bone dust magically came back together and combined into a white skeleton soldier.

Hazel Bank was so shocked that his mouth opened wide and his eyes almost popped out of his eye sockets.

Arthur was the same; he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Since he was distracted and didn’t pay attention to where he was running to, he ran into a stone statue.

What was strange and funny was that the jaws of the 50 black skeleton soldiers that were just summoned also dropped, and the flames in their eye sockets shivered; it felt like they had minds of their own and were shocked as well.

“You…… You…… You……” Even though Hazel Bank had traveled around the continent and had seen a lot of things, his brain couldn’t comprehend what he was witnessing, and his mouth couldn’t express what he was feeling.

He wasn’t shocked that Fei summoned a skeleton soldier.

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In fact, he had seen a lot of people who could summon skeletons. Humans were greedy, and some nobles and influential figures, who wanted to increase their strength rapidly in a short time, resorted to the Undead Energy. Most of them hid it well, and some of them even tried to contact and recruit Undead Mages like Hazel Bank who were members of the [Undead Shrine].

However, most of those people all misunderstood the principles of Undead Energy. They used cruel methods to kill poor people in order to creature Undead Creatures. When these people were exposed, they made the reputation of Undead Mages even worse. Therefore, Hazel Bank would immediately kill these people who stained the reputation of Undead Mages.

The real reason why he was shocked was that he sensed an Undead Energy that was close to the perfect form! That grey mist shocked him to the maximum; only masters who had worshipped and studied Undead Energy knew what grey mist meant.

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