Chapter 477: I’m Great at Killing

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“You realized now?” Fei looked at this assassin who was about to die and pitied, “A trash like you shouldn’t even be called an assassin. You are stupid, arrogant, conceited, blind……. You possess all the weaknesses that shouldn’t be seen on an assassin. You don’t even have all the information on me; trying to assassinate me with a lack of information is no different to committing suicide. You must have other co-conspirators, right? I think you probably offended them, and they sent you here to die. In the meantime, they could also try to observe my real strength.”

“How do you know……” Dylanco was so shocked that his eyes opened wide. Fei’s words finally made him realize why Captain Modo allowed him to come here and assassinate Fei and promised not to take his credit.

“They knew that I couldn’t kill the King of Chambord…… Just like Tec who got killed before, I’m just being used……” he thought regretfully.

“You told me yourself,” Fei replied with a smile on his face.

“You…… You devil…… You……” Dylanco stuttered as he looked at Fei and shivered in fear. He realized that his simple response gave away a ton of information, and he also realized that he was like a clown in the King of Chambord’s eyes. He was scared and mad at the same time since he felt like this young man played him, so he dug out a small black bottle from his pocket using his right arm that was still intact, and he laughed crazily, “Die! Let’s die together! Hahaha!”

“Don’t you think it is too late? You aren’t a good assassin,” Fei replied and suddenly appeared in front of Dylanco. He instantly stole the black bottle, and he used his energy to pull up Dylanco’s blade that fell to the ground. After he grabbed onto the blade, he nailed it into this assassin’s head.

“A professional assassin should never let go of his or her weapon. You are too weak; let me return the blade to you!” Fei said.


Dylanco’s corpse fell onto the ground and lied in a pool of his own blood.

Fei wiped his hands clean and placed that black bottle into his storage space. Suddenly, he raised his head and looked at the direction of a stone shrine. He asked, “You should know my strength now after a while of observation, right? Huh? Aren’t the four of you going to attack?”

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The silence was the only response.

“Not going to show yourselves? You guys dare to follow me but don’t dare to show yourselves? Why? Are we playing a game of hide-and-seek?” Fei laughed and shrugged his shoulders, “Since you guys aren’t going to show yourself, I will be leaving then……”

After he said that, the King looked at the direction of the next region and walked towards it.

However, Fei suddenly turned around and punched out after taking three steps.

Invincible Emperor Fist! The silver fist mark that was about half a meter in each dimension flew towards that shrine like a meteor.


That stone shrine and the ground shook violently.

A piece of enormous stone got knocked away, and a few figures in black appeared. However, they didn’t fight with Fei. As soon as they were discovered, they disappeared again, and they auras left the area at a fast speed.

“Eh, retreating after the first attempt failed. These few are more like professional assassins,” Fei thought.

He didn’t chase after them for two reasons. First of all, they were all level 3 low-tier New Moon Elites, and it was hard to catch up with them if they tried hard to escape and utilized the complex structures in the Mythical Palace. Second of all, Fei didn’t have time to waste on this matter.

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“According to Hazel Bank’s estimation, even if the Mythical Altar exists, it would be closer to the core region. It is tough to get in there; even Sun-Class Lords might fail and die. My only hope is this map; this green path better be 100% safe and lead me to the core region to find the Mythical Altar……” he thought, “However, it is a pain in the butt to be followed by these mice! I need to take care of them sooner or later. Huh? Arthur should be done, right? He could take care of the issue easily.”

After thinking about that, Fei took out a silver scroll that was about ten centimeters long and about a thumb thick. He injected some energy into it and opened it up. After a light buzzing noise, a small teleportation portal appeared. Compared with the portal created by [Town Portal Scroll], this portal was about half the size, and its color was silver instead of blue.

It was a [Short-Distance Portal Scroll], a new item that Akara and Cain created after combining the spatial portal theories they learned from Fei and the magic theories behind the [Town Portal Scroll]. The limitations of this new scroll were that no living beings could be teleported through it and the distance between the two locations had to be closer than five kilometers. These limitations made this type of scrolls less useful, and Fei only carried a few with him.

A small foot first passed through the portal, then a boy appeared. It was Undead Bone Dragon, Arthur.

Only a special creature like him who had no actual blood and flesh could bypass the limitations.

“Oh damn! I don’t like the feeling of the portal” Arthur flipped his long blonde hair and complained as he stepped out of the portal, “Alexander, why did you summon me?”

“How was it?”

“You mean that dumb triangle-face?” a sly expression that didn’t fit his apparent age appeared on his face. He laughed, “He died of course! Didn’t you tell me to kill him? I destroyed his heart, then…… Boom! He turned into a cloud of blood mist! Haha! What do you think? It is beautiful, isn’t it? I told you that I am good at killing!” the Undead Bone Dragon got excited when he told Fei about how he killed the King of Black Sand in detail.

“That bastard wanted to kill all the innocent residents in Dual-Flags City to vent his anger? Damn! He deserves to die!” Fei said and shook his head; the last bit of guilt on his mind disappeared. Then, he knocked Arthur, who was being proud, on the head and said, “It is fine that you killed him, but why do you have to tell everyone that I sent you? Are my trump cards not exposed enough? Low-key! We have to be low-key!”

However, the Undead Bone Dragon saw through everything and refuted, “Humph! Keep on acting! I already know that you like to show-off! Didn’t I satisfy your vanity? Quick! Give me some wine! I’m too thirsty!”

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Fei didn’t know how to respond.

After a moment of pause, he took out a few bottles of wine and passed them to Arthur. Afterward, he lowered his head and whispered into the Undead Bone Dragon’s ear.

Upon hearing Fei’s words, Arthur laughed, “Hahaha, good! Killing more people? Great! I love it! Trust me! Their corpses won’t even be seen. Hehe, but you got to give me a bottle of wine for each person!”

“Deal!” Fei nodded and agreed.



“This King of Chambord is too terrifying! We all underestimated him……”

The four assassins gathered below a huge beast statue that was more than one kilometer away from where Fei and Arthur were. At the moment, they were looking at each other in fear. Even though only their eyes were exposed, the shock and the surprise could be clearly seen.

When Fei easily killed Dylanco, they didn’t find anything wrong with that. After all, Dylanco, the idiot, was so arrogant that he ditched his strength in assassination and attacked Fei head-on; the outcome was to be expected.

However, the punch Fei threw at them after killing Dylanco shocked them.

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The stone structures in the Mythical Palace had been around for ages, and they didn’t fall in the history of time. If these assassins struck these structures, they could only leave a tiny mark on them. However, Fei was able to destroy a portion of the shrine and almost demolished it. From this alone, the assassins knew that the King of Chambord’s strength was beyond their estimations.

They recalled the punch that the King used, and they felt like it contained the domination of a ruler. Their bodies shivered subconsciously when they saw the strike, and they felt tiny compared to it. They felt like they were ordinary citizens, and the King of Chambord was their lord.

“Looks like our intelligence report is wrong; the King of Chambord’s strength is far beyond ours. What should we do? Should we cancel the mission and explain the situation to Master, or should we follow him and try to wait for the perfect opportunity? Even if we wait, the chance of success would still be very low,” the Captain said to the other three team members earnestly.

The other three assassins started to hesitate. They all had strong wills, but they were moved by what they saw. They didn’t know what to do since the dominating presence of Fei’s Invincible Emperor Fist affected their judgment subtly.

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