Chapter 497: Discovery

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Masters were battling everywhere, and the legendary God-tier Combat Weapons and Semi-God-tier Combat Weapons were also everywhere and were flashing by Fei like dashes of light.

These legendary weapons cracked in mid-air like porcelain jars, and they fell alongside with the blood and broken limbs of the masters. It felt like the end of the world.

Fei didn’t know why this war broke out.

Like an invisible person, he was witnessing this battle as an outsider, and the masters who were in battle couldn’t see him as well.

Fei was shocked! This was like the battle between the demons and the gods! They would easily break the continent and tear the sky!

In the end, everything blurred, and Fei vaguely heard an angry roar that was enough to cause an earthquake and saw all the masters in the sky falling like raindrops……

Then, Fei returned to reality.

As he breathed heavily and sensed the warm and smooth defense wall, he suddenly realized that he was still standing before the Sky Castle. That terrifying battlefield was only an illusion, and it was now completely gone. The blue sky and white clouds were still above his head, and he was still standing on green grasses.

“So this huge city had witnessed that terrifying battle which occurred god-knows-how-long ago. Perhaps that battle was so cruel that it left a mark in this world. And somehow, this defense wall that is made from an unknown material ‘memorized’ some of the scenes. What I ‘saw’ did indeed take place……”

Fei gradually realized what was going on. However, he wasn’t less shocked.

“Such a terrifying battle took place in this world before? And so many powerful masters died? And it happened right here where I am standing? Who are the two forces? Are they really the demons and the gods? If that is the case, then the origins of this Sky Castle, this Small World, and the Mythical Palace are all shocking!”

“Are there still living beings inside this castle?”

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“Perhaps there are a ton of hidden dangers in the castle……”

All these thoughts rushed through Fei’s head. However, in order to find the Mythical Altar, Fei had to enter the city and search.

Since Fei walked around the defense wall and didn’t find a gate, he had to flutter his silver sword energy wings and fly onto the defense wall.

As he stood on top of the defense wall and took another look, he saw a perfect colossal castle.

The entire city was made from a silver material, and it was extremely functional. The battle fortresses and tall magic towers were situated all around the city, and they made this Sky Castle into a terrifying battle beast.

Even though Fei had seen a lot of majestic and impressive medieval castles on TV and the internet in his previous life, none of them could be compared to this one.

There were a lot of wide streets and the tall buildings with steeples in the castle, and majestic temples and plazas were like decorative pieces among them. Also, there were several military camps and training facilities.

This entire castle was built around a mountain.

A wide silver street extended from the defense wall to the mountain in the middle of the castle, and there were various structures, palaces, and huge human warrior statues on the mountain.

This mountain in the center of the castle was so tall that its summit was in the clouds, and Fei wasn’t able to see it.

“If the Mythical Altar exists, it should be inside this huge castle!”

The style of buildings in this castle was identical to the Mythical Altar, and Fei was reassured.

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However, Fei didn’t sense any signs of life in here.

As soon as Fei stepped a foot into the castle, his Spirit Energy spread out like waves in the ocean.

This castle was dead. If there weren’t holy and saint auras in this castle, Fei would have thought that he was inside a ghost city.

Fei fluttered his wings and flew 400 meters above the ground. This time, he was a lot slower, and his searches were a lot more detailed. He wasn’t willing to overlook any traces or clues as he traveled through the structures.

After three hours, he searched all the structures on the outer edges of the castle, and he didn’t find anything.

Therefore, he started to fly higher toward that massive mountain in the center.

While he was doing that, the sky darkened, and the evening was about to arrive. Even though there weren’t a sun and a moon in this world, there were still days and nights. The lights in this world would lit up during the day and dim down during the evening; it showed that the methods and techniques of the masters who created this world were insane!

After half an hour, Fei finally arrived at the summit of the mountain during the night.

Unfortunately, he still didn’t find the Mythical Altar or any potential clues.

This mountain was about 300 meters tall, and it was made from an unknown type of white rock. The mountain wasn’t too steep as it had a slope of 60 degrees with the ground, and there were various structures on it such as fortresses, magic towers, and military camps. Even though these structures were kept in good conditions, Fei still didn’t sense any living beings.

In fact, everything in this castle was in excellent condition, nothing like the ragged and collapsed buildings on the plains that Fei traveled through earlier. Perhaps it was due to the wind, no dust could be found on the structures as well.

There was a palace comprised of three side palaces and one main palace on the summit. It wasn’t huge and fancy, but it was firm and had a sense of nobleness to it. The foundation was structurally sound, and it lifted the palaces by 99 steps of stairs. Once someone climbed those 99 steps of stairs, they would arrive at the main gate of the palace.

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Two huge warrior statues that were more than 200 meters tall were situated before the gate, and they brought Fei a lot of pressure. He felt like the power in these two statues alone weren’t defensible.

Standing at the gate of the palace, Fei was able to look down and see the entirety of the Sky Castle like a god who was living among the clouds. Somehow, he felt a little desolated and lonely.

Unfortunately, he still didn’t find the Mythical Altar.

Fei was extremely disappointed.

As he was about to flutter his wings and fly away, he suddenly turned around and walked into the palace. He felt like something was calling for him.

Since it was already the evening, it was very dark in the palace. However, this wasn’t an issue for Fei.

The palace was really empty, and 24 stone pillars supported the ceiling that was more than 100 meters off the ground. These stone pillars were so thick that it required four people to wrap their arms around each pillar to hug it completely.

The floor in the palace was made from the same white material, and it was smooth and reflective. While Fei walked on it, he could see the reflection of himself and the ceiling. Even though this was the case, the floor wasn’t slippery at all.

As he walked deeper into the palace, he saw a huge stone throne at the back. It was rough and looked like it was carved out of a massive piece of stone. Although it was large though to sit two people, Fei felt like only one person should sit on it for some reason.

There was a small pond in front of the stone throne, and a few lotus-like plants were living in it. Even though they weren’t blossoming, they were emitting golden lights. In the darkness, these clouds of golden lights seemed beautiful and holy.

Suddenly, Fei had the urge of sitting on the throne. He walked to the stone throne, hesitated for a bit, and lightly sat on it.

He might be hallucinating, but he felt like this entire world lightly shook.

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Then, he found two magic engravings well hidden in the armrests of the throne. They were smooth, and they also matched with the natural rough surface of the stone perfectly. If Fei weren’t paying attention, he might have overlooked it. The magic engravings and arrays weren’t complicated, but there were so many of them that Fei felt a light headache after concentrating on them for a bit.

The engraving methods of the two magic arrays were rare, and they didn’t seem like the methods used on Azeroth Continent. After closer inspection, Fei was shocked! They were the magic arrays and engraving methods used in Diablo World!

The magic systems used in Diablo World and the real world were completely different, and they were a little contradicting. However, after the mad scientist Cain went through both systems, he found some similarities.

Fei had studied with Cain for a while; although he wasn’t a professional, he did have some understanding of it. After he studied them for a bit, he was able to decrypt these two not-too-complicated arrays.

“What are they for?”

Since he decrypted these two arrays, Fei, who was sitting on the stone throne, injected some of his magic energy into them subconsciously.

Vague dark-blue lights that were almost negligible traveled through the magic arrays, and the magic engravings on the throne bulged and looked like blood veins all of a sudden. Just as Fei wanted to move his hands, he realized that they were glued onto the throne! It didn’t matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t even move them by a millimeter.

This discovery scared Fei to death!

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