Chapter 506: Sun-Class Lord

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“Wait, I think this is all a big misunderstanding. Mr. Mage, we don’t need to fight. I can represent [God’s Favorite Child] Alexander and apologize to Your Highness. Let’s stop this here.” After sensing the dangerous lights in this mysterious mage’s eyes, Red-Robed Deacon Pellegrini was scared and quickly suggested.

This was giving the white-robed mage a proper exit path since the Holy Church was technically admitting defeat now.

This white-robed mage looked at Pellegrini for a bit, and lights were still flashing in his eyes; it was clear that he didn’t want to let everything go. After a short moment of silence, he laughed and asked, “What if I don’t agree?”

“Huh……” Pellegrini didn’t anticipate this outcome.

“This mysterious white-robed mage is so confrontational…… How dare he ignore the majesty of the Holy Church?” he thought. However, he didn’t know how to respond after sensing the powerful aura on this man.

“If Your Highness want to kill [God’s Favorite Child] Alexander, then you better kill everyone here. Otherwise, if the information gets out, you won’t be able to live to see the next day once the Execution Department of the Holy Church sends masters after you,” the young Priest Jessie stepped forward and stood in front of Fei. Even though he seemed calm and his tone was polite, he had an aura of his own. Compared with Pellegrini, he was doing a lot better.

Fei’s eyes brightened up, and he paid attention to this young Priest for the first time.

“Haha, kill everyone here? Hahahaha! You think I couldn’t do that?” It seemed like this white-robed mage was becoming crazier, and dangerous sensations filled the air. Before people could react, this white-robed mage waved his hand, and two dashes of flames that he prepared already instantly shot at Pellegrini and Jessie.

“You……” Pellegrini’s pupil instantly contracted as he saw the dangerous attack.

Unfortunately, his level 7 mid-tier New Moon strength couldn’t be fast enough. Just as his Holy Power flashed, the red flame already enveloped his body. As if a spark flew into a barrel of gasoline, this flame burned more vigorously than ever. Pellegrini was instantly turned into a ball of fire, and his body turned into smoke after only screaming for half a second; there weren’t even any clouds of dust!

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Jessie, on the other hand, was a lot more powerful than Pellegrini and reacted in time. He instantly dashed backward, and his huge [Wings of Bless] appeared on his back as his Holy Power expanded. With a holy sensation on them, this pair of wings extended out forward and blocked the deadly flame.

This reaction saved his life!

Although [Wings of Bless] couldn’t handle the powerful flame and got burned, another pair of wings appeared after Jessie roared. The wings wrapped his body up like a gift, and it blocked the flame a little.

In the next moment, the flame burned through the second pair of wings. However, that bought the young Priest enough time to escape. Not sure what kind of method this young Priest used, but a white light flashed by, and he somehow magically appeared 20 meters away.

“This…… Crazy! He is crazy!!”

“How dare you attack the Red-Robed Deacon of the Holy Church? You are dead! Dead for sure! You will be burned alive on the fire cross on Waulu Mountain!”

“Stop! Do you know what you are doing?”

The other three members of the Holy Church who weren’t attacked were stunned; they couldn’t believe their eyes. In just one second, this evil white-robed mage killed a Red-Robed Deacon! This was an open declaration of war against the Holy Church! How daring was he?

“Huh? Did you dodge my attack? What a surprise!” the murderous and gloomy white-robed mage who was floating in mid-air was shocked to see that this young Priest escaped from death.

However, he was only a little surprised.

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In the next moment, he laughed like a madman and waved his arms. An insane energy surge appeared on his body, and everyone froze. They felt like the world changed before their eyes! Their visions blurred, and they felt like they were shifted into another world.

At that moment, everyone had an illusion as if ages passed by them.

It was only a second, but they felt like it was thousands of centuries.

When their perception returned to normal, everything changed.

The mountains were gone, the green grasses were gone, the ragged buildings nearby were gone, and the fast rivers were gone…… Everything was different.

They were now in a strange place! They were on a circular platform that was about 100 meters in radius located on the summit of a mountain. Rather than clouds floating below the summit, it was hot and boiling lava!

Like sea water, the lava extended to the horizon, and it continued to boil and release heat. Even though the people here were all masters, they were still sweating like crazy and couldn’t regulate their body temperatures.

“What is going on?” A priest of the Holy Church looked surprised and scared. He asked with a shaky voice, “How come we suddenly appeared here?”

“This……” the Undead Mage was one of the top-tier masters here, and he realized something. His expression changed, and he appeared beside Fei and whispered something into his ear. In the next moment, Fei was shocked as well.

“Hahahaha!” a loud yet terrifying laughter sounded, and it was as loud as thunder. Like a god who was demonstrating his power, this mysterious mage’s voice sounded again, “Haha! Ants! Welcome to…… the death world!”

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Before he could finish, the lava started to rumble.

A huge bulge appeared in the lava, and it quickly grew into a pillar of lava that was more than 100 meters tall.

As everyone stared at it in shock, more strange things took place.

As if this lava had its own life, it started to wiggle. Slowly, it grew a head, four limbs, fingers, facial figures, and etc. In the end, it turned into a lava giant! All of its joints had raging flames on them, and the air beside it was bent and burned. In addition, its eyes were two clouds of green flames, and it seemed like the green flames were even hotter than the lava around it.

It was a lava giant that was more than 100 meters tall, and the voice they heard earlier came from its mouth.

Fei stared at this lava giant closely, and he did sense that familiar aura.

“AHAHAHAHA! God! This is Sun Anomaly! That guy is a Sun-Class Lord! He is a Sun-Class Lord! We are all dead!……” Finally, a mid-aged priest of the Holy Church couldn’t hold it in and shouted with a pale face.

“Hahaha! It looks like there are a few smart ones among you all. That is right! I advanced into the realm of Sun-Class a year ago, and I have obtained my Sun Anomaly! Hahahaha! It is too late now! You are all inside my [World of Burning Flames]! If I wave my finger, all of you would be killed! If you all die, who would know that I killed a Red-Robed Deacon?” another round of laughter sounded.

Suddenly, the flame on this lava giant’s head wriggled, and the white-robed mage who had green eyes slowly appeared on top of it with his wand. At the moment, he was wearing an orange flame armor, and it protected his body thoroughly. Only his head was exposed, and he was looking at the people on the peak of the mountain as if a god was looking at small mortal beings on the ground. It felt like he had control over everything.

The weaker ones who didn’t know what was going on all understood the situation.

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“This mage is a legendary Sun-Class Lord?” they thought.

Fei was a little surprised as well.

He knew that he miscalculated as he didn’t think that this mage was this powerful and reckless; it seemed like he really wanted to kill everyone here, and he had the ability to.

However, the King wasn’t anxious. Instead, he was a little excited.

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