Chapter 522: Smooth Communication (Part One)

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"Cain is correct. The preciousness of the [Worldstone] is the huge amount of energy stored in it. It is enough to support a complete world. It could power all the magic arrays in this world, and it could even make a giant city float in the sky. If a real master got his or her hands on it, they could…… The [Worldstone] could even potentially make a mortal into a G.o.d!" Akara also told Fei about the importance of this blue crystal.

"Too bad. For some reason, the [Worldstone] is only one-third of its original size after it got purified……" Cain shook his head and said with a confused expression, "What thing could consume two-thirds of the [Worldstone]'s power? It is truly terrifying."

"Yeah, what happened? The [Worldstone] only took less than 30 seconds to cure Angela and Elena's soul injuries, and less than one-ten-thousandth of its power was used. What existence could use two-thirds of its power? Even a G.o.d couldn't have the capacity to do it," Akara added and agreed with what Cain said.

On this topic, the two mad scientists who were always fighting with each other came to a consensus.

Fei laughed; he knew that these two were trying to make him tell them about what happened.

He didn't tell them the details about the purification process, especially about the Sky Castle that could float in mid-air and that mysterious stone throne.

There were a lot of secrets and mysteries hidden in those two things.

If Fei wanted to decode and understand them, he would have to rely on these two reckless and knowledgeable mad scientists.

However, Fei knew that he would be bothered by these two crazy researchers once he told them about what happened. Therefore, he wasn't planning to tell them anything before he completed all the things on his schedule.

"There are a lot of surprising and unbelievable events that took place. I will tell you guys in detail after I finish what I need to do."

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As Akara and Cain gritted their teeth, Fei helped Angela to get up from the altar. After he checked his future queen's body condition and made sure that there weren't any sequelae, he finally calmed down.

Angela was just a little malnourished. Although the maids were feeding her liquid food every day, it was obviously not enough. However, this wasn't anything serious, and she would recover after a short period of time.

After everyone got off the altar, Akara and Cain started to destroy the magic engravings on it, just in case that other people might discover and study them.

Since this altar was constructed in a hurry, all the materials used were ordinary. It was only for this one-time use.

When the last magic engraving was wiped off, a light buzz noise sounded. Then, like a dried-up statue, the altar broke down into tiny sand grains and collapsed.

The stones that made up the altar were also shattered into sand when the altar was activated, and everything was pulled together by the magic engravings and arrays. When those were taken, the sand grains couldn't stand up on their own.


The nine perfect magic gems that powered this altar also broke into pieces at this moment.

Magic gems that on the perfect grade contained a lot of energy; they were treasures in all cultivators' mind. If Fei didn't have the G.o.d-tier Item, Horadric Cube, he wouldn't be able to get so many of them.

Even though the perfect magic gems were powerful, the energies inside of them were all used by in just 30 seconds. It just went to show how powerful the magic engravings and arrays were. The altar was build in three hours, but the magic engravings and arrays on it took more than two and half days.

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Creating these magic engravings was an energy-consuming process and a big project. Even though Akara and Cain were professionals, they had to rely on [Stamina Potion] and [Full Rejuvenation Potion] to keep them focused. They had to do everything smoothly in order to complete the project.

After destroying all traces, Akara and Cain stopped the stealth magic array.

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Chapter 522: Smooth Communication (Part Two)


The crystalized energy sphere instantly disappeared, and the people who were waiting outside of it anxiously could finally see what was going on.

"Angela……" Emma was the first person who rushed over. She was really worried, and tears slid down her cheeks rapidly. Through these tears, the sunshine was bent and displaying a mini-rainbow. Emma threw herself into Angela's arms and cried, "Sister Angela…… You finally woke up. You were unconscious for ten days, and I was really worried……"

"Emma……" Angela could sense Emma's nervousness and joy.

She hugged onto this loli tightly. During the darkest times, it was this beautiful and cute girl who endured it with her. In the end, Alexander was able to turn from an idiot to a genius, and their lives got better. Therefore, since they went through the tough times together, they saw each other as their family even though they weren't blood-related.

"Ok, stop crying. You looked like a mess now. Go and prepare some food for Angela……" Fei reached out his hand and lightly squeezed her nose. The King felt touched by what he saw, and he promised himself that he wasn't going to let the girls around him experience any dangers.

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"Hey, it hurts!" Emma laughed and said to Angela as she dragged her hand, "I already asked Victoria and others to prepare food for you. Sister Angela, come with me! You must be hungry……"

"Your Highness," the warriors of Chambord such as Pierce and Drogba all single-kneeled in front of her. With excitement and guilt on their faces, they said with their heads lowered, "Please punish us, Your Highness. We didn't protect you properly, and we stained our honor."

"Ah…… Please stand up," Angela quickly said; she didn't know what happened.

Loli Emma quickly told her about everything. During that day, Emma, [Fallen Princess] Victoria, and the four maids, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, went out of the Mayor's Mansion to purchase food and daily supplies, and they were fortunate enough to miss the whole thing. Otherwise, the explosion created by Thug, Chick, and Hooligan when they were born could have instantly killed them.


"Roar…… Roar……"

A series of unique and loud roars sounded, and the three mysterious beasts, Thug, Chick, and Hooligan, rushed over and surrounded Angela.

Blue-colored Chick and red-colored Thug both licked Angela's hands intimately, and their front legs pulled on her dress as they cried out something; it seemed like they were telling her what happened. Green-colored Hooligan was still acting cool; it looked around with a confused expression on its face, and it would only 'say' something once in a while.

"They are so cute…… They are?" Angela opened her eyes widened in surprise. "I think I understand what they are saying……. So strange…… Huh? Are they the creatures from the fossil eggs? Haha, Alexander, I told you that I sense lifeforms inside of the fossil eggs. You didn't believe me back then. Do you believe me now? Hehehe, you are such a prankster! You gave them such strange names!"

Perhaps these three creatures instinctively treated Angela as their mom, or maybe her natural-ability of communicating with animals and Demon Beasts was working. Angela was able to understand what the three creatures were talking about, and she had an easier time talking with them compared with Fei when he was in Druid Mode.

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"Bark! Bark! Bark!" a series of dog barks sounded, and a dash of black light instantly appeared in front of everyone. It was Black Tornado that sensed everything.

This big black dog looked different from before. When it was on all fours, it was about than six meters tall and about than 16 meters long. Its black fur was shorter, and it had a slightly greenish tone to it. Under the sun, it was so smooth that it looked like silk. In addition, hard scales were forming under its fur, and it looked mysterious and powerful.

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