Chapter 1442: Chapter 1442 there’s a way to heaven, but you won’t take it

After ye Linlang rushed into the room, the blood all over her body was still rus.h.i.+ng up to her head. Without thinking, she immediately slammed the door shut with a thump! Who cares whose room this is, as long as it’s not manager Li’s! .. After ye Linlang closed the door, the tension in her heart suddenly relaxed a little. She was too frightened and her body became limp. She leaned against the door in a sorry state and slowly fell to the ground. However, just as ye Linlang was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief… She suddenly heard the sound of leather shoes. .h.i.tting the ground. It was not heavy, but in the quiet room, it was exceptionally clear. Ye Linlang heard the sound and was stunned. There was someone in this room? ! Ye Linlang did not even have the time to look up when she heard a familiar male voice. “Ye Linlang, I remember that I said that we should never meet again. Why, are you going back on Your Words Now?” The cold and disdainful tone instantly froze ye Linlang’s heart like a frozen river in December. She raised her head in a daze. Only then did she realize that a shadow had unknowingly appeared in front of her. Jiang Qiran stood straight and haughtily in front of her. His handsome face was like a cold jade carving. His features were deep and exquisite. His eyebrows were very high, his phoenix eyes slanted upwards, his nose bridge was straight, and his pale lips were thin and beautiful. .. Ye Linlang looked at him in a daze. It was as if her entire person had suddenly been struck by something. “Qiran?” The Man in front of her was still handsome, but he seemed to be thousands of miles away. At her most embarra.s.sing moment, when she was being chased by manager Li, she longed for this man to be by her side. However, the moment he really appeared, Ye Linlang felt that it was a joke from G.o.d. .. “Why? Are you playing dumb with me here?” “Or do you think that after you and I abandoned me time and time again, I would still be the same as before, indulging you?” Jiang Qiran sneered, as if he didn’t see ye Linlang’s sorry state. He reached out and grabbed ye Linlang’s thin chin. Playing Dumb, was that how he thought of himself? Ye Linlang’s throat felt as if someone had stuffed a ball of cotton into it. She was already frightened, and at this moment, her nerves hadn’t completely calmed down. She wanted to explain to Jiang Qiran, but she could not say a single word. What Jiang Qiran hated the most was ye Linlang’s silent, stubborn, and silent side profile! d.a.m.n it! Jiang Qiran’s strength in his hands increased by a few notches. Ye Linlang felt a little pain from his hands. “Pain? ! You also know what pain is!” Jiang Qiran looked at the slight change in Ye Linlang’s expression, and his heart seemed to be torn by something. Could this heartless woman also feel pain? How could her pain ever compare to one percent of his! .. Jiang Qiran originally wanted to mock ye Linlang a little more, but when he saw ye Linlang’s empty appearance, the strength in his hands unconsciously softened. How terrifying. This Woman’s influence on him was still so strong. Jiang Qiran hardened his heart and finally let go of Ye Linlang’s jaw. He strode forward like the wind and arrogantly sat on the european-style leather sofa not far away. His tone was lazy with a hint of disdain. “I don’t care how you found this place, whether it was intentional or unintentional, I’ll give you ten seconds to leave this place!” “I don’t want to See You Again!” .. Ye Linlang’s body trembled as she slowly stood up while leaning against the wall. She looked at the man’s G.o.d-like cold face not far away and felt the wall in her heart crumbling. She clearly knew that manager Li, who was like a tiger and a wolf, was eyeing her like a tiger. But for some reason, Ye Linlang actually felt that at this moment, Jiang Qiran’s indifferent face hurt her even more than manager Li’s filthy thoughts. .. Ye Linlang bit the corner of her lips. “Give me two minutes, okay? I’ll make a call.” She could leave, but her current situation was not right. She wanted to find Shangguan Luo to save her. Although she did not know where Shangguan Luo was at the moment, the Shangguan family had a lot of connections. Presumably, they also had a suitable network at the industry fair in S City. They could definitely find someone to rescue her. .. Ye Linlang’s face was pale as she leaned against the wall. She felt that something was wrong with her body. It was probably because manager Li had been too despicable earlier. There was something wrong with the pile of white ash that he had scattered for her. Everything seemed to be even worse! Ye Linlang cried out in her heart. She actually started to feel a little dizzy! She was just about to reach out to call Shangguan Luo’s number, but just as she pressed two numbers, her hand went weak. .. Not far away, Jiang Qiran’s figure seemed to be straight, but his peripheral vision couldn’t help but sweep towards ye Linlang’s direction. He should have chased ye Linlang out long ago! Jiang Qiran’s heart was very irritated! But looking at ye Linlang’s delicate and weak face, he suddenly realized that something was wrong. Why did ye Linlang look so weak? It didn’t seem like it was because she saw that her emotions were fluctuating too much. Jiang Qiran frowned. He strode over to Ye Linlang. He wanted to ask ye Linlang what was going on, but he just happened to see the number that ye Linlang was about to dial on her phone screen. Two dazzling big words. — Ah Luo. .. Jiang Qiran had been suppressing the anger all over his body. However, when he saw those two words, all the good manners he had for so many years were thrown into the clouds! “Ye Linlang, in My Room, you’re calling your new lover? !” Jiang Qiran roared at Ye Linlang in anger. Before ye Linlang could react, Jiang Qiran directly grabbed her hand, and the light purple phone was instantly thrown into a corner of the room by Jiang Qiran. With a loud thud, the lithium battery in the phone was thrown out! Ye Linlang was so angry that her eyes turned black. It was her distress call. .. When Jiang Qiran saw ye Linlang’s anxious eyes, the thorn in his heart made him feel more and more painful. It went deep into his internal organs, almost cutting him into pieces. .. Ye Linlang, I told you not to appear in front of me in the future, why do you still want to provoke me? Jiang Qiran’s entire body was in pain. He pressed ye Linlang firmly against the door. “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Ye Linlang angrily rebuked him. Jiang Qiran almost went crazy from anger when he heard this, but he didn’t have time to do anything. He saw the young girl under him collapse weakly. Her head drooped down, and her body seemed to suddenly become weak. This terrifying change scared all of Jiang Qiran’s anger back. “What’s wrong with you?” Seeing ye Linlang’s pale face, Jiang Qiran narrowed his eyes coldly. “You were drugged?” Although it was a question, Jiang Qiran said it with certainty. As If in response to his answer, there was a heavy knock on the door from the cloister not far away! “d.a.m.n B * TCH, Get Out Here!”

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