Chapter 1439: Chapter 1439 meeting Jiang Qiran at the banquet

Under the dilapidated lights of the rented apartment, the silver necklace was eye-catching, especially the tiny diamond ring inlaid in the middle. It sparkled brilliantly and looked extremely exquisite. Ji Jinxi had seen some things before. After all, although her family had gritted their teeth and sent her abroad, Ji Jinxi had dated several wealthy patrons. She had a feeling that although the diamond carat on the diamond ring was a little smaller, the overall appearance of this necklace was very n.o.ble and seemed to be quite valuable. “Linlang, this diamond necklace is yours? ! Why haven’t I seen you take it out and wear it before?” Ji Jinxi subconsciously lowered her head and wanted to reach out to grab the end of the necklace that half of Ye Linlang had placed on the table. .. When Ye Linlang saw Ji Jinxi reach out her hand, she subconsciously dodged. Ye Linlang hurriedly pulled the necklace into his palm. The ring shape of the diamond ring clung to ye Linlang’s hand. It had a slightly rough texture and was a little painful. Ye Linlang couldn’t help but think of the day when she said goodbye to Jiang Qiran. That youth’s cold voice. He said that this necklace was nothing but trash to him. He told ye Linlang to throw it in the trash and not return it to him. .. Ye Linlang’s heart hurt, and her expression suddenly became absent-minded for a moment. “This necklace looks quite valuable, Linlang — ?” When she heard Ji Jinxi call out her name for the second time, Ye Linlang finally woke up and shook her head at Ji Jinxi with a smile. “It’s indeed mine, but you’re thinking too much. How could I possibly afford such an expensive diamond necklace? My first love in high school gave it to me to play with. It’s just a high-quality imitation. Don’t the diamonds look very realistic?” Ye Linlang also knew that possessing a treasure would be a sin. Although she didn’t want to put people in her arms, looking at Ji Jinxi’s gaze that was infatuated with jewelry, Ye Linlang still subconsciously made up a lie. “A high-quality imitation?” Ye Linlang pretended to smile casually. “Yes, it’s a high-quality imitation, so I’m embarra.s.sed to put it on openly. I’m afraid that if others see it, people who know the goods will laugh at me.” Ji Jinxi hesitantly glanced at the end of the necklace in ye Linlang’s hand. It had a silvery-white platinum texture, and it really didn’t look like a fake. But.. If ye Linlang could afford such an expensive platinum necklace with a diamond ring on it, how could she live in such a cheap rental house with her? .. After knowing that it was a fake, Ji Jinxi immediately looked away. TSK, she had said it before. How could ye linlang have really expensive jewelry. Thinking of the verbal agreement she had with brother Li, Ji Jinxi’s gaze darkened as she carefully sized up ye Linlang’s face. No matter how she looked at it, she looked like a middle-aged man with a student’s aura. Ye Linlang was clearly not as good-looking as her, but she just looked pure! Moreover, when she thought of that frivolous-looking mixed-blood Shangguan Luo, Ji Jinxi scoffed in her heart. Who knew if ye Linlang was pure or fake? Who knew how many men she had slept with! .. “Is there something on my face?” Ye Linlang asked. Seeing Ji Jinxi Shake her head, Ye Linlang suddenly remembered what she had to do. She put the diamond necklace back into her pocket and said seriously to Ji Jinxi. “Jinxi, that manager Li looks to be in his forties. Doesn’t he have a wife? It’s not good for you to follow him like this…” Ji Jinxi already knew that Ye Linlang looked down on her, but she was good at fis.h.i.+ng in troubled waters, so she quickly comforted ye Linlang. “Who am I, Ji Jinxi? How can I be a mistress?” “Really?” Ye Linlang looked puzzled. Ji Jinxi smiled faintly. “You just came to city a and haven’t stayed in the company for a day. You definitely don’t know that brother Li and his wife have already divorced, right? We have a normal relations.h.i.+p. Linlang, don’t think too much about it.” So the fat manager Li had divorced. Ye Linlang listened to Ji Jinxi’s explanation thoughtfully. However, when she thought of the fierce look on the old man’s face and the lecherous look in his eyes, she still felt uncomfortable. She hesitated for a long time before finally speaking sincerely to Ji Jinxi. “Jinxi, no matter what, I don’t think brother Li’s age and appearance match you very well. Do you really like him?” Like manager Li! ? What kind of joke was this? She was blind to like that kind of oily old man, okay? It was just an ATM. Of course, Ji Jinxi wouldn’t say these words in front of Ye Linlang. She wiped away her tears half-truthfully. “Linlang, actually… brother Li is very good to me. He takes care of me here, so I’m touched.” Ye Linlang sighed when she heard that. Seeing how ji Jinxi insisted on being with manager Li, and both of them were unmarried, Ye Linlang felt that she was meddling in other people’s business. “Alright then, I won’t say anymore. Feelings are like drinking water. You know your own feelings. Jinxi hopes that you won’t be hurt.” Ji Jinxi nodded lazily. .. In the blink of an eye, Ye Linlang had stayed at Chengtian Group for a week. The atmosphere in the operations department was quite good, but that manager Li.. Ye Linlang had always treated manager Li as Ji Jinxi’s boyfriend, but Ji Jinxi said Chengtian Group didn’t allow office romance, so she asked her not to expose this matter. Ye Linlang could only hold back and not say anything. After arriving at the company, manager Li was polite to her and didn’t do anything out of line. If she hadn’t seen manager Li in his underpants with malicious eyes staring at her, Ye Linlang would have treated him as an ordinary boss. Ye Linlang tried her best to distance herself from manager Li. She didn’t know why, but she still felt that she couldn’t stand the love between Ji Jinxi and manager Li. It wasn’t just because the age difference was too big. It was just that manager Li gave ye Linlang a bad impression at the beginning. .. Unfortunately, Cheng Tian group was going to partic.i.p.ate in an industry conference this time. The company sent manager Li there and said that they were still lacking a girl to represent the image of the operations department. Originally, Ji Jinxi was the best candidate. She was beautiful, and drinking with her wasn’t a problem. She was very popular in the circle. However, Ji Jinxi wasn’t feeling well for the past few days, so she had to let ye Linlang take her place. There weren’t many girls in the operations department to begin with, and the remaining people basically didn’t have a suitable image. Most of them were above forty. Under such circ.u.mstances, there was no other choice, so ye Linlang couldn’t refuse. She could only follow manager Li to partic.i.p.ate in the industry conference. This conference was to be held in s city next door. Ye Linlang thought that since s city was so big, it shouldn’t be possible for her to meet Jiang Qiran. She walked around absent-mindedly during the conference, and suddenly, she saw an extremely eye-catching man. It was the man that she yearned for, but didn’t dare to meet at all!

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