Chapter 1431: Chapter 1431 wants ye Linlang to beg for mercy!

Ye Linlang was not really awake at this time. In the chaos, she felt something churning in her stomach. After feeling uncomfortable for a while, she laid on the sofa and began to vomit. In fact, Ye Linlang did not eat anything during the banquet, but she was in extreme pain at this moment. Her expression was slightly distorted, and she almost threw up everything she ate yesterday. Jiang Qiran saw ye Linlang’s appearance, and he felt bad for her. Jiang Qiran quickly reached out to Pat ye Linlang’s back, trying to make ye Linlang feel better. However, Ye Linlang was in a daze at this moment, and she couldn’t recognize Jiang Qiran’s good intentions at all. Instead, she stumbled forward. Jiang Qiran couldn’t react in time, and Ye Linlang fell hard. Fortunately, there was a thick layer of velvet carpet on the ground, so ye Linlang didn’t fall all over the place. Even so, Ye Linlang still felt an intense pain from her ankle. She groaned in pain, her voice like a kitten’s grievance, making Jiang Qiran’s heart clench. .. Jiang Qiran quickly picked ye Linlang up from the velvet carpet. He had always been a germaphobe and hated dirty things the most. However, Ye Linlang, whose body was stained with stains, didn’t even frown. He just bent down and patted ye Linlang’s shoulder lightly. “I told you before that you can’t drink. Who told you to touch this thing?” Jiang Qiran felt helpless. Even he himself didn’t notice that his tone of complaint was mixed with 70% doting. And a certain drunk cat that was vomiting heavily was still in a state of confusion. It couldn’t answer Jiang Qiran’s question at all. .. Jiang Qiran hurriedly ran to the bathroom and started to water ye Linlang. The Little Drunk Cat’s dirty appearance really made him unable to bear to watch. Ye Linlang happened to be in a daze, so he decided to give ye Linlang a bath first. Before the water was finished, Jiang Qiran ran to the other side and took a huge bag to clean up the trash. He threw the velvet carpet that was dirtied by Ye Linlang, which was worth thousands of gold coins, into the trash bag without even looking at it. Jiang Qiran looked at the sofa again. The main reason was that it was not easy to move it. He was prepared to wait until ye Linlang was settled before he had the full authority to change this sofa. If Jiang Miaomiao knew that her brother was spending money like water for a beauty, he would definitely snort coldly and scold Jiang Qiran for squandering. .. After throwing away the things that should be thrown away, Jiang Qiran took out a mop to clean up the area. If there were other people who were familiar with Jiang Qiran, they would probably be shocked. The n.o.ble and Cold Jiang Qiran actually had such a thrifty side. .. On the other side, Ye Linlang was in a deep sleep. She was unconscious, but her beautiful eyebrows were still furrowed in pain. When Jiang Qiran saw ye Linlang’s pale sleeping face, he felt both sweet and bitter in his heart. Why was his girl so painful even in her dreams? Was it because she was with him that Ye Linlang was so sad? His heart was cold and he almost felt that it was difficult to breathe. However, a thought became clearer and clearer in his mind. No matter what, he would not let go. Even if he died, he would not let go. .. In the vast s.p.a.ce. Ye Linlang was carefully placed into the bathtub by Jiang Qiran. Jiang Qiran’s bitter expression finally gradually eased up. He looked at Ye Linlang, who did not know anything. He took a deep breath and reluctantly reached out his hand, ready to change ye Linlang’s dirty clothes. In fact, in that public bathroom, Jiang Qiran dared to be so impudent because anger rushed to his brain like a flame, burning away his rationality. Otherwise, how could he, who was usually calm, do such an extreme thing? But now that his rationality had been restored and he thought of helping ye Linlang take a bath, even his hands started to tremble. .. That’s right. Jiang Qiran, who could sign a few hundred million worth of contracts without blinking, felt uneasy when he reached out to touch ye Linlang’s s.h.i.+rt b.u.t.ton. Ye Linlang was soaking in hot water. Because of the appropriate temperature, her cheeks were suffused with a faint pink color. It looked very bewitching, and Jiang Qiran couldn’t help but want to take a bite. Jiang Qiran suppressed the longing in his heart for her and tried his best to undress ye Linlang naturally. The girl’s body was soft and clean, with a fair complexion that was like top-grade porcelain. She was also suffused with a shallow crimson due to the hot water. It was extremely moving. Jiang Qiran was like a hothead. He was fl.u.s.tered and irritable, and he felt a surge of anger coming from his throat. His whole body tensed up. He looked down and indeed saw that his thing… was standing up uncontrollably. .. In the past, Jiang Qiran’s mother, Su Wan, was very worried that her son had become incapable of love or had become gay because of a failure in love. This was because Jiang Qiran had not had a girlfriend in the past five years. Jiang Qiran was such an outstanding son of the heavens, and there were naturally countless bees and b.u.t.terflies around him. However, even though he was as dazzling as Shen xier, he still could not enter his heart. He even could not help but ask Jiang Qiran. “Don’t tell me you like men?” Su Wan was worried that her son would end up alone. When Jiang Xuecheng heard Su Wan’s thoughts, he only coldly glanced at Jiang Qiran who did not say a word. “Wanwan, don’t worry about nothing.” Jiang Qiran was still silent. He was trapped by love and now he liked men? Of course not. But the “Incapable of love”that Su Wan mentioned made Jiang Qiran find his own position in a trance. Yes, after losing ye Linlang, he no longer had the ability to fall in love with others, and his handling of things became more and more indifferent. .. And now, looking at the girl in the bathtub who was stripped naked by him, Jiang Qiran felt that he was burning from head to toe. He was almost driven mad by Ye Linlang. If he didn’t know that the situation wasn’t right, Ye Linlang wouldn’t have woken up. He really wanted to take her in the bathtub in such a hurry, watching him beg for mercy under his body. .. Jiang Qiran’s eyes were deep. He reached out his hand and dabbed the foam on ye Linlang’s body bit by bit. And Ye Linlang seemed to be very unaccustomed to being touched like this by strangers. She moaned softly and even her toes curled up cutely. Jiang Qiran’s breathing became increasingly rapid. He carefully washed ye Linlang’s body, but in the end, he didn’t dare to look at her. He hurriedly closed his eyes. It was as if this would make him feel better. But in his mind, he couldn’t help but replay ye Linlang’s beautiful face and the beautiful white rabbit in front of him that seemed to be at his mercy. His linlang, in the end, had grown up. .. Jiang Qiran suppressed his excitement and could not bear it. He could only prepare to quickly give ye Linlang a battle bath. All of a sudden, ye Linlang seemed to mumble. What was she saying? Jiang Qiran frowned slightly and lowered his head to listen carefully. But who would have thought that ye Linlang would pull Jiang Qiran into the bathtub in a Daze!

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