Chapter 1430: Chapter 1430: Linlang, Come Home with me

Jiang Qiran glanced at the tearful girl in his arms and felt a twinge of pain in his heart. The call went through. Before Jiang Miaomiao could speak, Jiang Qiran had already made the first move. “Miaomiao, I’m sorry. I have something very important to attend to at the last minute, so I won’t be having dinner with you. Gu Yichen will be here soon. You can ask Gu Yichen to eat with you.” With that, Jiang Qiran hung up the phone. Jiang Miaomiao, who was sitting in the river-gazing restaurant, looked at the table full of dishes. She was so angry that she nearly threw the table! Was it necessary? ! ! It had been a long time since Jiang Qiran hung up the phone without any explanation. In the past, Jiang Qiran’s mood was particularly volatile, and it was usually when ye Linlang was around. Why did her brother suddenly become so unreasonable after not seeing him for a few days? ! .. After dealing with Jiang Miaomiao, Jiang Qiran took out ye Linlang’s silent phone. When it was turned on, the lock screen pa.s.sword was displayed. Jiang Qiran looked at the girl with an empty expression in his arms. After sighing, he reached out and stroked ye Linlang’s hair. His actions were gentle, just like in high school. Ye Linlang, on the other hand, shrank back. This action was undoubtedly avoiding him. In fact, Ye Linlang was just not used to it. The expression on Jiang Qiran’s face became even gloomier. In the face of Ye Linlang’s appearance, it was not appropriate for him to flare up. He could only lower his posture subconsciously and ask ye Linlang in a soft voice. “What is your lock screen pattern?” Ye Linlang turned a deaf ear. She just leaned into Jiang Qiran’s embrace in a daze, like a puppet without a soul. .. Jiang Qiran’s heart hurt even more. Knowing that he had scared him today, he could only gently rub ye Linlang’s forehead. “If you don’t say it, then I’ll try it myself first?” Jiang Qiran didn’t know what the pa.s.sword was, but he vaguely remembered that the lock screen pattern that ye Linlang used in the past was a check. After so many years, he didn’t know if ye Linlang would change. Jiang Qiran tried to draw a check pattern, but who would have thought that ye Linlang’s phone screen would really light up! He walked straight to the table! Seeing Jiang Qiran open his phone, Ye Linlang’s eyes slightly widened. It was as if she couldn’t believe that Jiang Qiran still remembered this pattern. When Jiang Qiran saw ye Linlang’s awkward and surprised expression, he felt a little excited. This feeling was even happier than when he signed a few hundred million yuan contract. Jiang Qiran couldn’t help but rub ye Linlang’s head again. “You haven’t changed the design yet. It’s so cute.” Ye Linlang bit the corner of her lips and looked up at Jiang Qiran’s current outfit. Five years had pa.s.sed. It was as if at this moment, the handsome and strong man in front of her overlapped with the aloof and clear youth from high school. It turned out that he still remembered. It turned out that some people would still remember this trivial bit by bit. She was not the only one. Ye Linlang’s heart churned with complicated emotions. She did not know whether to be sweet or sour. .. Jiang Qiran turned on his phone. Five or six missed calls and more than a dozen text messages bombarded him. Without a doubt, this was the mixed-race youth who had been looking for ye Linlang outside the women’s restroom. When Jiang Qiran thought of this, the scene of Ye Linlang snuggling up to that youth suddenly appeared in his mind. His eyes became colder and colder, and the corners of his lips curled into a cold smile. Especially when he saw ye Linlang’s mark on that man. Ah Luo. Such an intimate mark really made Jiang Qiran want to throw this phone away. And Ye Linlang leaned in his embrace, so naturally, she quickly noticed the subtle changes in Jiang Qiran’s aura. She couldn’t help but cower again. .. Jiang Qiran felt ye Linlang’s trembling, and his brows and eyes immediately eased up. Ye Linlang was afraid of him. This realization made Jiang Qiran very unhappy, but there was nothing he could do. He still had to pretend to be magnanimous. “Don’t be afraid. I’m just returning a message to your friend.” Ye Linlang bit the corner of her lips and looked down to see that Jiang Qiran had already directly tapped into the short message box. He directly typed these few words into Shangguan Luo’s number. “I have something on, I’m not eating.”. After typing these few words, Jiang Qiran turned his phone off cleanly. Ye Linlang’s eyes widened. She didn’t expect Jiang Qiran to be so rude. No, Jiang Qiran was already like this to Jiang Miaomiao, let alone Shangguan Luo? At least he sent a message to Shangguan Luo, letting Shangguan Luo know that he wasn’t missing. This man was as arrogant as ever. Ye Linlang’s smile was bitter. .. Jiang Qiran hugged the girl in his arms. His eyebrows were raised as if he was hugging the whole world. “I’ll take you back.” Back to where? Ye Linlang didn’t even have the time to ask before Jiang Qiran carried her to the entrance of the pa.s.sageway. Jiang Qiran immediately hailed a taxi. The two of them sat together in the back row, looking at each other speechlessly. .. Ye Linlang didn’t know where Jiang Qiran was taking her. She drank that little bit of fruit wine. Even though the alcohol content was so low that it couldn’t be any lower, her head was still dizzy and heavy. Such an absurd reunion after such a long time should have made her want to cry. However, leaning on Jiang Qiran’s shoulder, ye Linlang’s tears gradually dried up. Sitting in the taxi, she fell into a deep sleep. .. Jiang Qiran’s hands were slender and dry. Bit by bit, he wrapped ye Linlang’s delicate hands. In comparison, Ye Linlang’s hands felt very small. Having such a girl by his side seemed to mean having the whole world. Jiang Qiran couldn’t help but smile. His heart was thinking about her again. If he lost her, he would get her back. That’s right, this girl was his whole world. He would not allow anyone to take her away. The moment he met Ye Linlang, Jiang Qiran finally saw through his heart. Compared to hate, love was probably more profound. He did not want to lose this girl, not at all. .. Jiang Qiran kissed the tip of Ye Linlang’s eyebrows intimately. It was a kiss without any desire, pious and beautiful. It happened to be a red light. The driver turned his head and saw Jiang Qiran’s action as if he was treating a treasure. He immediately laughed heartily. “Seeing you young couples, my mood is really good. I can’t help but think of my first love.” Jiang Qiran had always been very cold to strangers. However, today, for the first time ever, he smiled and nodded at the driver. “She is my first love.” “Oh, is that so? Then you two must be very close, right?” Jiang Qiran smiled but didn’t say anything. .. Jiang Qiran brought ye Linlang back to his apartment in City A. Ever since he graduated from high school, he had almost never set foot in this place again, but the apartment was still clean and tidy because the housekeeper had not resigned. Ye Linlang was already delirious. Jiang Qiran carefully placed ye Linlang on the velvet sofa in the living room. Just as he was thinking of getting her a hangover soup, ye Linlang suddenly pushed him away. Her stomach churned, and Ye Linlang suddenly threw up on the armrest of the sofa!

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