Chapter 1422: Chapter 1422“In my lifetime, we will meet again.”

Hearing Shangguan Luo’s question, Ye Linlang’s originally calm expression suddenly could not be maintained. She… did she still like Jiang Qiran? The Evening Sun was not blazing, but ye Linlang’s eye sockets were inexplicably hurt by the light. Did you fall in love with a youth at the most beautiful age? As soon as he thought of his name, his heart felt as if it had been ripped open by someone, and it was dripping with blood. .. The Sun gradually set in the west, and Ye Linlang lowered her head bitterly, her b.u.t.terfly-like eyelashes fluttering. “Ah Luo, I can’t forget him, but… he’s going to get engaged to someone else.” Some people seemed to have lived their entire lives at a glance. Jiang Qiran might have already walked out of that fruitless young love affair, but ye Linlang had been circling around the city of love all along, becoming a trapped beast. .. Shangguan Luo Saw Ye Linlang’s sorrowful expression, and he suddenly felt a sense of sorrow. “Okay, okay, I shouldn’t have mentioned your first love. I was going to ask what the name of your first love was, but now that she’s going to get engaged, it seems like there’s no need.” “You, if you go back to the country, don’t be so sad. Your first love has the life of your first love. You can start a new life with peace of mind in the future.” Ye Linlang didn’t say a word. She just stood quietly beside Shangguan Luo, her mood turning cold inch by inch. She simply couldn’t listen to what Shangguan Luo said. However, Shangguan Luo was out of kindness, thinking about how to help ye Linlang walk out of the failed love that she hadn’t been able to walk out of for five years. “Since everyone else is already taken, you shouldn’t hang yourself on a tree. Do you want senior brother to introduce you to a few good brothers? I also know a few good quality men in the nine regions!” When Ye Linlang heard Shangguan Luo’s words, her face suddenly turned cold. “Enough. For an unreliable introducer like you, I think the introducer must be an unreliable brother.” ”…” Shangguan Luo was disheartened by her words. “I’m being kind! Can’t You Act A Little Happier!” Ye Linlang shrugged and Strode towards the dormitory. She stretched out her right arm and waved at Shangguan Luo as a farewell. “Alright, I’m very happy that you have such thoughts. Then let’s meet again in the nine regions. I still have to organize some things in school for a period of time. If you come to the nine regions ahead of time, remember to come and pick me up.” “Alright, then it’s a deal!” Shangguan Luo nodded and watched ye Linlang leave from afar. Actually, the first time he saw ye Linlang, Shangguan Luo was stunned by Ye Linlang. Ye Linlang’s facial features were not very beautiful, but under the Azure Blue Sky, the young girl stood by the bridge railings. Shangguan Luo took a glance and felt that ye Linlang was very beautiful. There was a hint of sadness in her beauty, like a rose that had been hit by the rain. It made people reluctant to look away. However, after understanding her a few more times, Shangguan Luo discovered that ye Linlang’s heart was like a besieged city. In that besieged city lived her first love. The wind could not blow in, and the rain could not blow in. No one could walk into ye Linlang’s heart. Because her heart had already been given to someone many years ago. Over time, Shangguan Luo gave up the idea of chasing after ye Linlang. Instead, he treated her like a little sister. Sometimes, he even admired ye Linlang. After all, she was a weak woman who had stayed alone in a foreign country for five years. She had to rely on herself to earn her living expenses. She was unbearably independent. .. Shangguan Luo stretched out his index finger and hooked his chin. He could not help but think. If there was a chance, he really wanted to see who the man who made Ye Linlang fall in love with was. Shangguan Luo had always been a fast-food lover, and his feelings for love came and went quickly. Just like how he was a little like chasing ye Linlang back then, he immediately gave up when he realized that it wasn’t suitable. In his life, Shangguan Luo had at least dozens of girlfriends, even if there weren’t hundreds of them. They changed almost every week to half a month, and when he got bored, he would directly say goodbye. He was handsome, and he was generous with money. wasn’t it good for everyone to part on good terms? How could there be a creature like Ye Linlang who liked a man for five or six years, and hadn’t seen him for so many years, and still felt heartbroken for him? If this was love, then forgive him for not knowing love. Shangguan Luo was very confident that in this lifetime, he wouldn’t be so desperate for so-called love. .. A week later, Ye Linlang bought a plane ticket back to nine states and went back alone. Shangguan Luo and Ji Jinxi had arrived in nine states before her. The day before ye Linlang took the plane, Ye Linlang called the Ye family. It was ye Haifeng who answered the phone. When ye Haifeng learned that Ye Linlang was going back to nine states, he only gave a flat “OH”and did not have any intention of going to the airport to pick ye Linlang up. At that time, Ye Linlang’s heart really felt a kind of pain to the point of indifference. She didn’t know when, but the nine regions country, city a, these nouns all became a bit unfamiliar. There, she had family, but she didn’t have any kins.h.i.+p. There, she had a lover, but she didn’t have love. Ye Linlang was silent for a long time, and finally, she brought it up with ye Haifeng. “Father, I have already invested in a city, so I won’t go home. I’ll just rent a house outside.” When ye Haifeng heard this, he was stunned at first, but then he immediately became overjoyed as if he was sending off a plague. “Ah, is that so? That’s great! Linlang, you’ve grown up. It’s okay for you to come back for dinner once every half a month. Your other parents can’t help you much. You’ve always been very independent. Remember to rely on yourself!” Ye Linlang heard ye Haifeng’s words and felt a little discouraged, but at the same time, she found it funny. She finally just calmly said yes and hung up the phone. So she had always been very independent. was that the reason why the Ye family could ignore her? It was said that ye Siyao was still living in the Ye family’s villa, and she directly entered the family business. Ye Linlang smiled bitterly, and her expression became colder and colder. .. The flight from Dongchen Kingdom’s capital to Jiuzhou Kingdom’s city a took more than ten hours. Ye Linlang leaned on a soft cus.h.i.+on and fell into a deep sleep. In her dream, she dreamed of fireworks filling the sky. That clean and bright youth held her waist lovingly and whispered in a low voice. “Linlang, I’ll let you have an even more beautiful fireworks display on your birthday.” The girl who was being hugged by the youth had a smile on her face, but she was just relying on the boy to pamper her. “Then you must remember! You owe me a fireworks display!” “Of course I remember!” .. Ye Linlang woke up groggily. She wiped her face and unconsciously, tears began to appear on her face. It was really funny, how could she dream about something that happened so long ago. It was so long that she thought she had forgotten. .. The plane arrived. Ye Linlang slowly walked down the gangway. The plane was not delayed. She had informed Shangguan Luo to pick her up, so she was not fl.u.s.tered. Just as ye Linlang was walking towards the exit, she suddenly saw a familiar face! It was Jiang Miaomiao!

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