Chapter 1421: Chapter 1421 she didn’t want to be a sandwich cookie!

Seeing how protective ye Linlang was of her roommate, Shangguan Luo could only look at Ji Jinxi with pity, and finally stopped her constant flirtatious behavior. “Alright, Alright, since she’s your roommate, then I won’t joke around.” On the other side, Ji Jinxi didn’t understand ye Linlang’s good intentions at all. Her expression was very awkward, and her hands were tightly clenched together. What did she mean by warning Shangguan Luo not to have any wicked thoughts towards her? ! Ye Linlang wasn’t Shangguan Luo’s girlfriend, nor was she Shangguan Luo’s mother. Why did she have to care about him so much? ! Could it be that she didn’t want to lose a spare tire? Ye Linlang was too disloyal! Ji Jinxi was filled with hatred in her heart, but on the surface, she didn’t dare to show it in front of Shangguan Luo. She smiled shyly, and her beautiful autumn-like eyes glanced sideways at Shangguan Luo and Ye Linlang. “Linlang, don’t joke around. If a boy like Shangguan were to pursue me, I would be more than happy to.” Ye Linlang saw that Ji Jinxi clearly liked Shangguan Luo, so she didn’t say much. Forget it, it was enough for her to remind her once. Shangguan Luo loved everyone he met. If they were friends, it would be fine, but if they were lovers, then the boat of true love would capsize. .. Originally, Shangguan Luo was going to send ye Linlang back to her place, and at the same time, discuss with her the arrangements for returning to the nine regions. However, Ji Jinxi insisted on squeezing in, so Shangguan Luo couldn’t say many things. Along the way, they only heard ji jinxi chattering. Sometimes, she even naively lamented that the brand of Shangguan Luo’s clothes was very expensive and indirectly asked about Shangguan Luo’s family background. “Shangguan, I think I heard someone mention the brand of your clothes last time! Is it that global custom-made one?” Although Shangguan Luo wanted to like beautiful women, her motive was so obvious from the start, so Shangguan Luo still respectfully declined. He could only maintain his gentlemanly appearance and chat with her. “Ah, you must be mistaken. I’ve never bought my own clothes. My mother likes to help me with such trivial matters.” Ji Jinxi was still smug, thinking that Shangguan Luo had a good impression of her. In addition to the information that Shangguan Luo revealed from his conversation, Ji Jinxi had already decided that this was a big fish. From Shangguan Luo’s clothes, wrist.w.a.tch, and leather shoes, Ji Jinxi felt that his family background must be extraordinary. Ji Jinxi’s eyes rolled around. “Shangguan, I just heard you and Linlang say that you’re going back to the nine regions, right? Then can we go back together? Linlang and I, two girls, don’t feel very safe.” “Then can we see your mother? Shangguan, you’re so beautiful. Your mother must be a great beauty as well.” Ji Jinxi secretly winked at Shangguan Luo. The flattery in her eyes couldn’t be any more obvious. Ye Linlang couldn’t bear to hear it anymore. She coughed lightly. “Well, Jinxi… I have something to talk to Ah Luo alone for a while. Can you go back to the dormitory first?” Ji Jinxi saw that Ye Linlang had interrupted her fis.h.i.+ng for a rich husband and instantly felt unhappy. But on the surface, she could not directly break all decorum. “Alright then. Shangguan, can you save my phone number? I want to add your contact information.” As Ji Jinxi said this, she blinked her big eyes at Shangguan Luo. Shangguan Luo was also embarra.s.sed to reject a beauty so openly, so she still slowly saved her number. Ji Jinxi’s wish came true, and she immediately beamed with joy. She reluctantly waved at Shangguan Luo, then slowly walked back to the dormitory. She even forgot to say goodbye to Ye Linlang, completely treating ye Linlang as an invisible person. In her eyes, Shangguan Luo was the only living person. .. Seeing Ji Jinxi’s infatuated look, Ye Linlang had a headache. She didn’t know if Ji Jinxi was really determined to date Shangguan Luo. If that was the case, Ye Linlang felt that she had to think twice about going back to the country to rent a house with Ji Jinxi. After all, if Shangguan Luo really did date ji jinxi, and Shangguan Luo moved on and broke up, then the person she knew from both sides would very likely become a sandwich! It was really hard to be a person! But how could it be so easy to find a roommate to share a room with? If Ji Jinxi was done with this, then she wouldn’t be able to find anyone at the last minute. Ye Linlang was in a very difficult position, and immediately glared fiercely at Shangguan Luo. “I say, can you not be like a male peac.o.c.k every day, playing with electricity all day long? Do you know how many little girls you’ve harmed? If my roommate falls in love with you, then when I return to the country, no one will share the room payment with me!” Shangguan Luo shrugged his shoulders, but he quickly put away his cynical att.i.tude. “Don’t worry. Do you think my character is that bad? I Won’t date Ji Jinxi. Don’t worry. I Won’t provoke her. Keep Your Heart in your heart, okay?” Ye Linlang couldn’t believe Shangguan Luo was so confident. “Really? You’re willing to let the Little Beauty Go?” “Of course!”! A rabbit wouldn’t eat gra.s.s near its nest. Besides, I have good taste, okay? That girl named Ji Jinxi Just Now, I don’t think she’s interested in my face. I’m afraid she’s interested in my money.” Shangguan Luo sighed. “You’re Rich and you look so handsome. Is It My Fault?” ”…” Ye Linlang felt gooseb.u.mps all over her body from Shangguan Luo’s narcissistic words. “Come on, you’re always bragging. If you were handsome, then the whole street would be filled with handsome men!” “HMPH, You Only Know How to belittle me.” Shangguan Luo was not convinced at all, but suddenly, her expression became more serious. “That… Linlang, since you’re my junior sister, I’ll give you a few words of warning as your senior brother. Just now, your roommate felt really vain and asked so many questions. Are you sure that there won’t be any problems when you return to the country to share a room?” Ye Linlang was stunned when she heard this, but she quickly reacted. “It can’t be. I’ve Been Ji Jinxi’s roommate before, and she often can’t find anyone. But girls, other than being a little vain, don’t have any flaws. There shouldn’t be any problems.” Ye Linlang had heard others say before that Ji Jinxi’s family wasn’t very well off, and her amateurism was similar to ye Linlang’s. She often went out to do various jobs. But unlike ye Linlang, who loved to stay in the dorms for no reason, Ji Jinxi went out to socialize in a glamorous manner on the surface, as if she wanted to find a rich second generation family with good conditions to marry. Who Didn’t have the dream of marrying a Prince Charming in their hearts? There were also a few people who mocked ji jinxi for being a “Scavenger”or something. Ye Linlang felt that their words were too harsh, but in fact, vanity wasn’t a big mistake. As long as Ji Jinxi didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, it didn’t matter. The others also didn’t have the right to judge her lifestyle. .. “Alright, then we’re done with the roommate issue. Let’s talk about returning to the nine regions. Do you… still like that first love of the nine regions?” As Shangguan Luo said this, he carefully glanced at Ye Linlang.

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