Chapter 1420: Chapter 1420 being responsible for dating

Ye Linlang was immersed in her own thoughts. When she heard Ji Jinxi’s vague probing, she immediately came back to her senses. Why did she ask this out of the blue? She looked at Ji Jinxi’s tender face and frowned slightly. “Don’t tell me you like Shangguan Luo?” “Who’s Shangguan Luo?” Seeing Ji Jinxi’s confused look, Ye Linlang quickly added. “Shangguan Luo, it’s the name of the mixed-blood you just asked about. His surname is Shangguan, and his name is Luo from Luoyang.” Ji Jinxi suddenly understood. When she heard ye Linlang’s calm tone, she immediately caught a message. “So that’s the name of the handsome mixed-blood. Wow, his surname is Shangguan. One look and I can tell that he’s extraordinary.” “Linlang, from your tone, Shangguan Luo shouldn’t be your boyfriend, right?” As Ji Jinxi said this, she smiled and held ye Linlang’s hand, trying to please her. Ye Linlang glanced at Ji Jinxi’s hand on her arm, and her frown instantly deepened. To be honest, she and Ji Jinxi were just ordinary cla.s.smates. Although they were going to be roommates in the future, their relations.h.i.+p wasn’t that deep. Ye Linlang was still not used to being so close to others. Ye Linlang unnoticeably pulled away Ji Jinxi’s hand, the smile on her face faint. “Of course not. It’s just that Shangguan Luo is my senior brother, and we are both students who are learning painting from teacher Zhao wanqin.” When Ji Jinxi heard this, her watery eyes instantly lit up beyond recognition. “Really? ! Then if you’re not his girlfriend, can you introduce me to Shangguan Luo as his girlfriend? ! I like him so much that I fell in love with him at first sight!” Although ye Linlang had expected this, she didn’t expect Ji Jinxi to be serious. Ye Linlang thought carefully about how unreliable Shangguan Luo was, but she still shook her head at Ji Jinxi. “That senior of mine is very unreliable. I suggest that you don’t like him. If I think about it, I feel that Shangguan Luo’s speed in changing girlfriends is extraordinarily fast. Sometimes, it’ll be gone in a week.” “Is that so…” Ji Jinxi immediately bit her lip when she heard this, and she looked at Ye Linlang’s serious face with a complicated expression. .. Ye Linlang didn’t care whether ji Jinxi listened or not. She thought that she was sincere enough, and hoped that Ji Jinxi could understand this painstaking effort. The two girls in their early twenties walked towards the graduation photo one after the other. Each had their own thoughts. .. The graduation photo was taken in front of the library. Everyone stood in a row. Ye Linlang wasn’t very familiar with her cla.s.smates, so she directly stood in the corner. Ji Jinxi seemed to be very dissatisfied with this position. She wanted to pull ye Linlang forward and try to stand out, but ye Linlang wasn’t willing, and Ji Jinxi didn’t want to be alone, so she had to give up in the end. The filming process ended very quickly. Ye Linlang was just about to go ahead when suddenly, a tall figure walked over. The other party was wearing casual Halen pants, and the polo s.h.i.+rt was unb.u.t.toned. His short flax-colored hair fluttered in the wind, unruly and handsome. It was Shangguan Luo. When this beautiful mixed-blood came, he attracted the attention of most people. Especially when he whistled and walked directly towards ye Linlang. Ye Linlang was having a headache when she heard Ji Jinxi carefully pull down her sleeve and speak softly. “Eh, it’s Shangguan Luo! He came to look for you, linlang, I’m so envious of you.” .. Ye Linlang was stunned when she heard that. Before she could say anything, she saw Shangguan Luo waving at her, indicating for her to go over. “Then I’ll go over first.” Ye Linlang quickly nodded to Ji Jinxi, then immediately ran over to Shangguan Luo’s side. .. Ye Linlang looked at the youth in front of her in puzzlement. “Why did you suddenly come over to look for me?” Shangguan Luo had a ruffian look on his face. He stretched out his hand and stroked his chin with a very annoying smile. “I heard from master that you’re about to graduate, so I came over to see you. Um… are you going back to city a?” The doubt on Ye Linlang’s face became even more intense. “Yeah, why?” Shangguan Luo chuckled and reached out to pat ye Linlang on the shoulder. “I’ve applied to return to the nine regions with my father! I’m also sick of the beauties here in the Dongchen country. I still want to see the beauties of my motherland, so why don’t we go back together!” “Junior sister, do you know any particularly beautiful people in the nine regions? The kind of campus Belle?” ”…” Ye Linlang rolled her eyes at Shangguan Luo speechlessly. Other than picking up girls, could this guy have any other pursuits in his mind? Ye Linlang immediately said with a serious expression. “I do know a few beautiful school belle girls, but it’s impossible for me to introduce them to a playboy like you! It’s one thing for the people of the Dongchen country to be open-minded, but many girls in the country are in love with people who are looking to get married, okay?” Shangguan Luo immediately looked hurt. He cupped his heart like he was learning from Xi Zi. “Junior sister, Can You Not Belittle me like this? What if I want to marry her?” Ye Linlang rolled her eyes again. “Come on, if you’re really responsible for the girls, I’m afraid the girls you’ll have to marry will already be lining up from the front door to the back door of T University.” “I’m seriously warning you, if you really go back to China, don’t mess around with peach blossoms. If people find out that you’re just fooling around, they’ll definitely cry to death!” ”…” This time, it was Shangguan Luo’s turn to be speechless. .. Because the graduation photo shoot had ended, the students in the graduating cla.s.s had scattered. However, Ji Jinxi was still standing in the same spot as if she was waiting for someone. Ye Linlang didn’t see it. When Ji Jinxi saw ye Linlang and Shangguan Luo standing by the flowerbed, not knowing what to say, she unconsciously looked jealous. Although ji Jinxi couldn’t hear what ye Linlang and Shangguan Luo were talking about, she saw that the two of them had a lot of interaction, and they seemed to be talking happily, so she immediately clenched her hands in silence! — come on, Ye Linlang was obviously very familiar with Shangguan Luo! And she was actually unwilling to introduce herself to Shangguan Luo! .. Ji Jinxi bit her lips with her pearly white teeth. She weighed the situation in her heart and immediately adjusted her expression, walking forward with a smile. “Linlang, what are you talking about with your friend? Why Are You So Happy?” When Ye Linlang heard this, she immediately turned her head. She looked at Ji Jinxi’s delicate and pretty face and was stunned for a moment. Just as ye Linlang was about to say something, Shangguan Luo, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, had already become l.u.s.tful. He directly stretched out his hand and smiled at Ji Jinxi. “h.e.l.lo, Beautiful. My name is Shangguan Luo.” Ji Jinxi didn’t expect Shangguan Luo to be so proactive and was instantly embarra.s.sed. “h.e.l.lo, my name is Ji Jinxi.” Ye Linlang really couldn’t stand Shangguan Luo picking up girls at any time and place, so she rebuked Shangguan Luo. “Jinxi is to go back to China with me as a roommate, I warn you ah, don’t have any wicked ideas.”

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