Chapter 1419: Chapter 1419: Jiang Qiran is getting engaged

Ye Linlang had thought about what she would do if she returned to Kyushu. Even though she had changed her phone number, she did not delete any other contact information of Ling Yun High School. In Cla.s.s A’s cla.s.s group chat, Ye Linlang, who was always offline, would occasionally go online. .. When she first came, the news of her breaking up with Jiang Qiran had spread like wildfire. In particular, the video of her and Yin Zihan hugging each other almost became irrefutable evidence that she was two-timing. In an instant, Ye Linlang became the target of everyone in Lingyun High School. Yin zihan tried to defend ye Linlang, but no one believed him. If nothing really happened, why would ye Linlang leave the country with a guilty conscience? Why did she leave for three to five years and never return? Other than feeling guilty, no one could think of a more reasonable explanation. .. Even now, everyone in the cla.s.s group seemed to still remember ye Linlang. There were still a lot of gossips about ye Linlang. But most of the time, Ye Linlang appeared as a side character. The real protagonists were Jiang Qiran and Shen Xier. It was said that Jiang Qiran and Shen Xi’er both partic.i.p.ated in the early exam of Zhaohua University and were admitted at the same time. They became the most popular figures in Lingyun High School, the legend of the two of them in Lingyun High School was still being talked about. It was said that Jiang Qiran and Shen Xi’er entered the compet.i.tion together and once set off the craze for top students in Zhaohua University. Who said that beauty and intelligence couldn’t be both. It was said that Jiang Qiran and Shen Xier… were going to get engaged. Many people in the group were talking about it. “AH, are the campus Belle and Campus Belle really together?” “Verify it!” “Of course they’re together. Didn’t you see that young master Jiang and Miss Shen often attend business parties together? Moreover, both of their parents know each other. It seems that they used to be neighbors for many years!” “I’m so envious! The combination of a handsome man and a beautiful woman, and their families are so powerful. They’re a perfect match.” When Jiang Qiran graduated from high school, everyone found out that the young man who had always been mysterious was actually the young master of the Emperor Chen Corporation. It was really… he didn’t usually reveal any information at all. As soon as it was exposed, everyone understood why Shen Xier liked Jiang Qiran so much. They both had good looks and their family backgrounds matched each other so well. When the news that Jiang Qiran and Shen Xi’er were about to get engaged was brought up, some people couldn’t help but feel sour. “Have you all forgotten about that Ye Linlang? Back then, Jiang Qiran really liked ye Linlang. He even did all kinds of things to embarra.s.s Shen Xi’er for her. Now, he actually…” “Come on. That two-timing woman, Ye Linlang, is really shameless. How is she worthy of young master Jiang? Miss Shen is more worthy of him!” “Yeah, yeah. Ye Linlang definitely didn’t know that Jiang Qiran was the heir to the Emperor Chen Group, did she? If she knew now, she would be crying her eyes out!” “Such a good son-in-law, but she let him go just like that. Tsk Tsk, who asked ye Linlang to be so cheap? She wasn’t good enough to begin with. Don’t even think about it. Young Master Jiang is just playing around with her.” .. When she saw the last piece of news that Jiang Qiran was going to get engaged, ye Linlang felt an indescribable emptiness in her heart. Her mood was in a mess. She ignored the gossip of her former cla.s.smate and directly pulled the group into the category of blocking messages. In the end, when she realized that she couldn’t stand blocking messages, she directly chose to turn off her phone. .. It turned out that Qi ran… he had a girlfriend now. It wasn’t that she didn’t think that Jiang Qi ran would get engaged and that he would get married and have children sooner or later. He had no reason to wait for her. Just like what Zhao wanqin said, a man should get married and a woman should get married. She shouldn’t hang herself on a tree. That outstanding boy had already become an outstanding man compared to before. He definitely didn’t lack suitable girls by his side. However, Ye Linlang really didn’t hope that the girl who could stand shoulder to shoulder with Jiang Qiran was Shen Xier. Shen xier, she wasn’t worthy! .. She was about to receive her graduation certificate from T University and take the final group photo after graduation, but ye Linlang’s heart was empty. She slowly walked on the campus path of T University in Dong Chen Country, trying to forget all the news she had just seen. Ye Linlang walked leisurely, but her heart was cold. This place was once the alma mater of Jiang Qiran’s mother, Su Wan. But she had never thought that she would come to T University in Dong Chen Country. If it was possible, she wished that she was also at Zhaohua University, with such a youth by her side. Ye Linlang raised her head in a daze. The Sun was just right, and the fragrance of flowers drifted from somewhere. She… was going to return to the nine prefectures? That was her hometown, but she hadn’t returned for so many years. Ye Linlang didn’t know how she was going to live in the nine prefectures. However, if she were to stay in the Dongchen kingdom, other than her teacher Zhao wanqin, and her unreliable senior brother Shangguan Luo, she would be more familiar with them. The others would only be acquaintances.. Ye Linlang gave a bitter smile and realized that she was truly a world without a place to stay. .. Just as Ye Linlang was hesitating, suddenly, a beautiful figure appeared out of nowhere. “Hey! Ye Linlang, why are you still here! The teacher asked us to take a graduation photo.” Ye Linlang seemed to have woken up from a dream. She turned around and saw a small and exquisite face. It was her roommate, Ji Jinxi. Ji Jinxi usually didn’t stay in the dormitory. Ye Linlang and Ji Jinxi’s relations.h.i.+p was similar to that of ordinary cla.s.smates. However, Ji Jinxi and Ye Linlang were both from city a. the two of them had made an agreement that if they went back, they would rent a room together. Both of them had signed up for a company in city a, and both of them had received job applications. As long as they pa.s.sed the interview, they would be able to truly enter the company. .. Ye Linlang smiled at Ji Jinxi. “Alright, let’s go now.” After so many years, Ye Linlang’s facial features had opened up. She was no longer like a little girl like before. The current her had a pure and beautiful face, but her entire person had an inexplicable faint sadness. It was as if there was a layer of fog shrouding her body, and it could not be removed. Ye Linlang rarely partic.i.p.ated in Dongchen country’s students’gathering parties. Ji Jinxi often heard foreign students talk about ye Linlang, and she had a mysterious feeling that was unique to oriental women. When Ji Jinxi thought of this, she suddenly picked out a beautiful mixed-race face in her mind. She bit the corner of her lips, and her hand had already wrapped itself around ye Linlang’s arm. “Linlang, that mixed-race guy who came to look for you last time, is he your boyfriend or not?” Ji Jinxi often went out and rarely met Ye Linlang. She only heard rumors that ye Linlang had a mixed-race boyfriend, but she just happened to see him last week. The other party winked at Ji Jinxi, and Ji Jinxi was mesmerized, her heart racing. How could that person like the dull and boring ye Linlang! !

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