Chapter 1417: Chapter 1417 climbing up the ladder

In the Dongchen Kingdom, it was rare to meet foreigners who could speak Chinese, so Old Lady Zhao wanqin had a deep impression of Shangguan Luo. Especially that exquisite mixed-race appearance of the other party, it was unforgettable to her. Obviously, this young man should have received a western-style education since young, it was just that his father was from nine regions. .. There was no lack of excellent works in the art exhibition. There were a few paintings that Zhao wanqin also wanted to buy for her collection. But before she could walk away and take a few more glances, Shangguan Luo directly surrounded her. He had a smile on his face. “Are you the old lady who set up the stall in the Art Street last time? My name is Shangguan Luo, nice to meet you.” Shangguan Luo’s accent was still a little impure. When he said “Nice to meet you”, he inexplicably had a rapping feeling. Fortunately, his voice was magnetic, so it was not so funny. The old lady of the Zhao family looked at Shangguan Luo’s handsome and young face and nodded with a smile. “Yes, h.e.l.lo. My name is Zhao wanqin. This time, you didn’t call me ma’am, but an old grandma? I’m a few decades older than you, but I still like to listen to Ma’am.” Shangguan Luo’s expression was relaxed and generous in the face of Zhao Wanqin’s teasing, “No, you have always been an elegant lady.” As he spoke, Shangguan Luo gracefully lowered his head, held Zhao Wanqin’s frail and skinny hand, and gently kissed it. “How do you do, Elegant Lady?” When Zhao wanqin saw how good Shangguan Luo was at making people happy, she immediately laughed so hard that her teeth could not see her eyes. “I, if I was younger, even if I was ten years older than you, I would have liked you. It’s a pity that my grandson is almost the same age as you.” “I’ve never seen a young boy like you so good at making people happy.” “What does it matter? You obviously like me now.” Shangguan Luo did not seem to mind the mischievous tone in Zhao wanqin’s words. He generously extended his hand and pointed at the painting “The girl on the other side of the cloud”behind Zhao wanqin. In the painting, the sky was blue and the cotton-like clouds took up more than half of the painting paper. Outside the railing of the bridge in the distance, a girl was leaning against the railing, revealing a small side of her face. The painting was quiet and beautiful. There was a feeling that made one’s heart race. .. “May I ask, when will the auction for this painting begin? I went to look for your painting to partic.i.p.ate in the auction, but I don’t think I saw this one.” Shangguan Luo’s expression was sincere, which made the old Lady Zhao wanqin feel a little uneasy. “Uh… well, this painting is actually not for sale. It’s only used to partic.i.p.ate in this exhibition. As for all the paintings partic.i.p.ating in the auction, I prepared them in advance.” Hearing Zhao wanqin’s words, Shangguan Luo frowned slightly. “Then is there no possibility of selling it? I really like this painting, and I even asked someone to get me a ticket to partic.i.p.ate in this exhibition.” When he went to the art street previously, he happened to witness the scene of Ye Linlang acting as a model for Zhao wanqin. Bright Eyes and white teeth, naturally sculpting. Shangguan Luo suddenly felt that the scene was very beautiful, so he had the idea of collecting this painting exclusively. .. Zhao wanqin was also very embarra.s.sed. If she had known that this young man did not know how to joke, she would have made it clear back at the Art Street. Because the layout of this international art exhibition was relatively high, ordinary people would not be able to get tickets. Therefore, Zhao wanqin was careless. Old Lady Zhao was in a dilemma. “I really don’t want to sell this painting. I really like it myself. How about this? I have many other paintings here to display. If you want, I’ll give you a painting for free. How about that?” This was already a very big concession. Zhao wanqin could be considered a famous figure in the international art world. If she took this painting back as a collection, she might even be able to raise its value at home. Zhao wanqin thought that Shangguan Luo would accept it as soon as she said that. Who would have thought that the other party’s expression was very calm. He just waved his hand at Zhao wanqin. “There’s no need for that. I’m only fond of that painting.” “I see… I’m really sorry.” Knowing that the other party was unwilling to accept her compensation, Zhao wanqin was at her wit’s end. What else could she do? Just let it be. .. Just as Zhao wanqin was feeling awkward, she suddenly heard Shangguan Luo’s not-so-fluent Chinese slowly ring out. “Looking at your introduction, you seem to be a visiting professor at T University, right? The introduction board on it seems to say that you’ll be holding a painting cla.s.s?” Zhao wanqin was stunned when she heard that. She looked in Shangguan Luo’s direction and realized that Shangguan Luo had unknowingly stopped in front of her booth and was staring at her official introduction. “Yes. Why, Young Man, are you interested in learning the art of Painting?” “Of course! Of course I am!” Shangguan Luo smiled, his innocent little deer eyes s.h.i.+ning charmingly. “I was worried that there wouldn’t be a suitable painting cla.s.s to take me in. Then, can I take you as my teacher?” Zhao wanqin’s eyes were dazzled by that smile and she was dazed for a moment. “AH, sure!” Only when her mind returned to reality did she realize what kind of promise she had made. The students who partic.i.p.ated in the painting cla.s.s were completely different from those who wanted to be apprenticed to a master. In their line of work, how many people could be considered disciples? The so-called painting cla.s.s was just to teach some basic skills. In the end, they were still far from becoming apprenticed to a master. Zhao wanqin wanted to go back on her words, but when she looked at Shangguan Luo’s handsome mixed-race face, she realized that she couldn’t say anything. She could only laugh dryly. “Okay, come then.” Old Lady Zhao wanted to cry in her heart. She didn’t know if Shangguan Luo understood what he had just said. At this moment, Shangguan Luo suddenly raised her head and looked at her with sparkling eyes. “UM, master, the girl who used to be your model at the Art Street, is she my senior sister?” ”…” Zhao wanqin choked. She didn’t come here to learn art, but to pick up girls? Realizing this, Zhao wanqin felt much more relaxed. She was old, and didn’t really like to take care of disciples. If Shangguan Luo had taken a fancy to that little girl with the surname Ye, it wouldn’t be too bad. She happened to be in the period of heartbreak, so it would be good for her to find a new family. “No, that’s not your senior sister, but it’s very likely to become your junior sister.” Shangguan Luo was a little disappointed when she heard the first half of the sentence, but when she heard the second half of the sentence, she immediately became excited! “Oh! That’s Good!” .. Poor Ye Linlang, who was still thousands of meters away, had no idea when she had been noticed by the two of them. She had been listening to the spoken English tutorial. After all, she had just arrived at the Dongchen Kingdom. Although her English had improved a lot, she still could not communicate orally. Results all of a sudden, a big sneeze. Hey, who is thinking of her?

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