Chapter 1415: Chapter 1415 mixed-race handsome guy

After all, they were in Dongchen country, so pure Asian faces were rare. When they saw an old Asian lady in a navy-blue cotton dress painting and a young girl acting as a model in front of them, they quickly attracted a lot of foreigners to watch and stop. Those people crowded around Grandma Zhao wanqin. As they looked down at the painting, they occasionally looked up and smiled at Ye Linlang. When the foreigners looked at Ye Linlang, their faces were filled with warm smiles. Even if they didn’t speak, Ye Linlang could feel the admiration and amazement in their eyes. .. Ye Linlang rarely encountered such a scene. Especially when those people’s eyes were filled with admiration. Ye Linlang had never seen such admiration in their eyes before. She couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy and almost wanted to put her hands in her pockets. It was Zhao Wanqin’s grandmother who threw a knife at her. “Don’t move! Maintain the pose of looking at the clouds from the side.” Ye Linlang’s face couldn’t help but turn red. Cough cough, a person like her who had stage fright was really not suitable to be a good model. She felt that if she were to pose here, it would be better to perform a drama in public! At least she could console herself that those were all necessary for the script! .. Ye Linlang stood there until her legs felt a little sore. Just as she was about to give up, Zhao Wanqin’s grandmother waved at Ye Linlang. “Linlang, come here. It’s Done!” Ye Linlang hurried over. Those foreign friends were kind enough to make way for her. Ye Linlang looked at the wet paint on the drawing board and couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise. The Girl in the painting was actually her? ! .. On the brand-new drawing paper covered in paint, blue and white clouds filled the sky. The girl stood slowly on the side of the bridge, holding the railing with one hand, revealing only half of her side face. Looking into the distance from the bridge, her expression was deep and beautiful. Because of the graceful posture of holding the lute and covering half of her face, it felt more like a quiet and peaceful afternoon scene. It made people feel that their hearts had unknowingly calmed down. .. Ye Linlang’s mouth was wide open, and her expression was a little incredulous. “This is a drawing of me?” “Or else?” Old Lady Zhao rolled her eyes at Ye Linlang. She took out a stamp, and on it were the words “Zhao wanqin”with a small seal. After stamping it, she opened her mouth and asked ye Linlang. “Linlang, does your handwriting look good? If it’s not bad, why don’t you inscribe it on this painting?” “Ah?” Ye Linlang pursed her lips. She immediately knew how important it was to have a good handwriting! To think that it could have such a function! Ye Linlang was speechless. Her face blushed and her tone was a little shy. “Well… my handwriting doesn’t look good. Although I’ve practiced it for a while, it’s just neat and tidy at the moment.” If only Jiang Qiran was here. Jiang Qiran’s handwriting was graceful and unrestrained, unforgettable at first sight. When Ye Linlang was initially amazed by Jiang Qiran’s perfect facial features, it was actually not because of Jiang Qiran’s perfect facial features, but because the young man had graciously inscribed the three words “Jiang Qiran”on the blackboard. When that person turned around and contrasted with the handsome handwriting at the back, it really had the texture of a movie. .. Zhao wanqin stood up and frowned. “Alright, then I’ll write it myself. As I get older, I feel that my calligraphy has also deteriorated.” Old Lady Zhao took out a writing brush from the other side and carefully wrote Bian Zhilin’s poem “Broken Chapter”on it. She only cut out one sentence. —— you stand on the bridge and look at the scenery. The people who look at the scenery are looking at you from upstairs. In fact, if the bright moon in the poem was changed into a cloud, Old Lady Zhao felt that it would be very suitable, but after thinking about it, she decided not to. The bright moon decorated your window, and you decorated someone else’s dream. Zhao wanqin raised her eyes and glanced at ye Linlang, who was obsessed with painting, and sighed in her heart. I wonder whose dream the girl in the painting is decorating now? .. After Zhao Wanqin finished writing that line of words, she was ready to pack up and go home. She didn’t come to the art gallery to sell paintings. She just wanted to seek inspiration. A wandering artist liked Zhao wanqin’s painting style, so he started chatting with her in English. Ye Linlang received Zhao Wanqin’s instructions and immediately buried his head to help her pack up the painting box. At this moment, a young man with a mix of Asian and European facial features walked forward. The other party was obviously a mixed-race person. He had short flax-colored hair and had an extremely deep outline. However, his eyes were the standard deer eyes. His large pupils were clearly black and white, and he looked innocent and harmless. “h.e.l.lo, can you sell this painting to Me?” The young man’s Chinese was not particularly fluent. His accent was strange, but his tone was very pleasant. As the young man spoke, he reached out to stop ye Linlang. It was clearly a slightly rude action, but because of his handsome face and big smile, it was impossible to get angry. .. Ye Linlang raised her eyes to look at this beautiful mixed-blood. The young man was wearing a light gray s.h.i.+rt and a pair of black wide-legged pants. He had a clever and likable temperament. Ye Linlang frowned slightly. “I’m sorry, you have to ask the author.” As Ye Linlang spoke, she pointed at Zhao wanqin, who was chatting with the foreign wandering artist. The mixed-race youth stared at Ye Linlang with a smile on his handsome face. “Looks like the author is busy right now.” As he spoke, he shrugged and pointed at the painting that was still wet with ink with interest. “You’re from Kyushu, right?” “It doesn’t seem like it’s time for a vacation in the country. Are you a student who came to Dongchen to study? I saw you being a model for that old lady just now. Are you interested in attending an Asian student exchange meeting?” Ye Linlang didn’t expect the other party to be so friendly. She looked at the other party’s high-nosed and deep-eyed mixed-race appearance and smiled politely. “I’m not interested, thank you.” .. Ye Linlang had previously thought that it was a good thing that the people of the Dongchen Kingdom were unrestrained, but she did not expect that the mixed-blood brother would actually pester her. The other party stretched out his hand, and his pair of deer-like eyes had an amiable smile. “Then let’s make friends. My name is Shangguan Luo, and my father is from the nine regions. I wonder what your name is?” ”…” Ye Linlang looked at the other party’s outstretched hand. After a few moments of hesitation, she finally reached out and shook hands with the mixed-blood who called himself Shangguan Luo. “Ye Linlang, Ye Zi’s Ye, a dazzling array of dazzling jewels.” The other party’s palm was dry and powerful. After ye Linlang introduced herself, she quickly pulled her hand back. On the other side, Zhao wanqin also ended her exchange with the foreign wandering artist. Zhao wanqin’s grandmother looked at the mixed-race young man next to Ye Linlang in surprise. “Eh, this is?” Without waiting for Shangguan Luo to introduce himself, Ye Linlang hurriedly began to explain his purpose of coming. “Grandma Zhao, this is Shangguan Luo. He wants to buy your painting, the one that painted the clouds just now.”

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