Chapter 1412: Chapter 1412 Jiang Qiran without any image

Ye Linlang thought of the contract she signed, and her throat choked. Instead of letting Jiang Qiran have any lingering feelings for her. It would be better to completely cut off Jiang Qiran’s longing for her from today onwards. She knew that if she missed Jiang Qiran, there would never be such a person who would treat her well in this life. However, she had no other choice. .. Jiang Qiran’s pupils constricted in pain. His handsome face was filled with gloom. “Ye Linlang, if you say it one more time, I’ll believe you.” Why did she have to say it one more time? Those words were like needles, piercing ye Linlang’s heart. Ye Linlang forced herself not to choke. Her eyes were red and her heart ached. She could only pretend to be disdainful. “Young Master Jiang, how many times do I have to say it before you’re satisfied?” “It’s my treat. Don’t flatter yourself, okay?” “Since you’ve just finished the orthopedic surgery, it’s probably not suitable for you to use things like a ma.s.sage chair. If you find that thing an eyesore, you can throw it away!” “Also, international long-distance calls are very expensive. I really don’t want to waste my phone bill by chatting with you anymore. By the way, I’ll change a card. Please don’t bother me again in the future.” Before Jiang Qiran could speak, Ye Linlang reached out her trembling hand and hung up the phone. .. It was all her fault. She was such a weak person. She really couldn’t listen to what Jiang Qiran would say. She clearly wanted to play the role of a vicious ex-girlfriend and make Jiang Qiran give up on her. She knew that there was no hope, so she shouldn’t give it to herself or others. Otherwise, she would be even more desperate in the future. Ye Linlang understood all these principles. But why did her heart hurt so much when she really said it out loud? .. Ye Linlang fell to the ground bit by bit. Her tears were like floodwaters that had just burst out of a floodgate, continuously dripping down. The dim crescent moon hung in the air outside the window. It was currently summer in the Dong Chen Kingdom, but because the capital of the Dong Chen Kingdom was situated near the sea, the air was a little more moist. Ye Linlang thought back to the scenes she had seen over the past few days. She felt like she was in a great dream, but at the same time, it felt like an absurd and unruly play. How she wished that it was really just a dream, a play. As long as the dream was over, as long as the play was over, nothing had changed in reality. Unfortunately, there were no ifs. .. Ye Linlang hugged the blanket, her tears soaking the pillowcase. That night, the weather was clearly a little hot, but when the night wind blew, Ye Linlang’s heart was ice-cold. She hugged the thin air-conditioner quilt tightly, her expression desolate. “Qi ran, forget about me.”. “I hope you can meet someone more suitable.”. Ye Linlang’s eyes were full of tears. She lowered her head and reached out to stroke the diamond necklace under her pajamas. The Little Swan’s wings were exquisite. Even in the dim night, they emitted a charming light. This was probably the last consolation. Goodbye, Qiran. .. At the same time, on the other side of the ocean, in Jiuzhou Country, City A. The afternoon sun was blazing. Jiang Qiran was holding a cell phone with only a blind tone. His pair of pure black eyes emitted a ruthless light. Ye Linlang… hung up the phone. As expected, he was thinking too much. Was he thinking too much? How hard did a person’s heart have to be to say something like that? Jiang Qiran’s expression was as gloomy as the sky that was about to rain, and it was covered in gray haze. The phone automatically entered the screen saver, and on it was the smiling face of a young girl. Although her facial features weren’t outstanding, the way she smiled was exceptionally sweet. It was ye Linlang. When he saw that face, Jiang Qiran instantly smashed his phone onto the ground! .. With a few loud bangs, the cell phone fell out of its sh.e.l.l. The cell phone screen shattered. Jiang Qiran was so angry that he laughed instead. A sarcastic smile appeared on his thin lips. .. He raised his foot and walked to the place where the cell phone had been broken, stepping on the screen fiercely. Did he think too highly of himself? Did He? The person who first confessed to him finally used this method to teach him what cruelty was! Since ye Linlang didn’t need him. Then, from now on, he wouldn’t need ye Linlang anymore! .. Jiang Qiran swept his gaze over and saw a few exercise books on the tea table in the living room. They were all bought back then to tutor ye Linlang. Without thinking, Jiang Qiran reached out his hand and directly tore the “Five-year college entrance exam three-year simulation”into pieces! That handsome and perfect face was now covered with a gloomy and vicious aura, like a grim reaper who had just walked out of h.e.l.l. It was extremely terrifying! Following Jiang Qiran’s actions, the originally spotless s.p.a.ce was instantly filled with confetti. The living room that Auntie Chen had tidied up with great effort had become a complete mess. .. However, all of this didn’t satisfy Jiang Qiran. His handsome brows were cold, but the veins on his hands were popping up. When he looked up, he saw the ma.s.sage chair that took up a lot of s.p.a.ce at the corner of the living room. He did not know where he got the strength from, but Jiang Qiran directly lifted the ma.s.sage chair and threw it at the wall beside him! After the crackling sound of the vibration, the pure black ma.s.sage chair’s legs were instantly smashed. .. Half an hour later. Jiang Qiran’s apartment was already in ruins. All kinds of confetti flew in the air. Smashed and broken things scattered all over the floor. .. Jiang Miaomiao, who had just gotten up from the blanket and finished her breakfast and lunch, still felt that something was wrong when she thought of Jiang Qiran’s previous phone call. So she called Jiang Qiran. However, the strange thing was that there was no signal on the other end. Could something have happened? Jiang Miaomiao’s heart tightened, and she immediately rushed to Jiang Qiran’s apartment in a panic. She had the spare key to Jiang Qiran’s house. After knocking on Jiang Qiran’s door for two minutes without any response, Jiang Miaomiao only felt that the situation was even worse. Jiang Miaomiao’s heart tightened. She gritted her teeth, took out her spare key, and directly opened the door. Who would have thought that the moment she entered the door, Jiang Miaomiao was shocked! .. Oh My G.o.d! Was this the Jiang Qiran House that was obsessed with tidying up, cleanliness, and perfectionism? ? Jiang Miaomiao opened her mouth in disbelief. She looked at the broken things in the living room, the torn paper, and the chair with broken legs. She could not help but swallow her saliva in fear. Oh My G.o.d. This house has been robbed, hasn’t it? Jiang Miaomiao closed the door with a trembling voice and called out tentatively. “Qiran, are you there?” At this moment, Jiang Miaomiao turned her head and saw a desolate figure sitting on the ground in the corner of a pile of flying pieces of paper. Such a disgraceful Jiang Qiran.. Looking at that figure, Jiang Miaomiao’s heart tightened. She walked over step by step and realized that Jiang Qiran’s bangs were messy. Her eyes were staring at a phone with a broken screen. Her eyes were full of anxiety. “Why can’t the phone start?” “Why? ! !”

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