Chapter 1408: Chapter 1408 did my parents buy this?

Jiang Qiran was like a traveler who had suddenly been thrown into a stormy sea. He pulled on Su Wan’s sleeve as if he was hugging a piece of driftwood. Helpless. Terrified. “She’s gone… What Should I do? She’s gone…” “I can’t find her, I can’t find her…” Jiang Qiran mumbled and kept repeating that she was gone. He couldn’t find these words, as if he was a repeater. .. Su Wan had never seen her son like this. He did not have a soul, and he was no different from a puppet. Seeing him like this, Su Wan felt an immense pain in her heart. She wished she could replace him. “Qiran, who are you saying has left?” Su Wan did not quite understand at first, but she turned around and glanced at Jiang Xuecheng. The man in the black windbreaker frowned and glanced at Jiang Qiran as if he was extremely disgusted. “Who do you think left to make your precious son behave like this?” It was so embarra.s.sing. .. It seemed that it was ye Linlang.. No wonder. The last time, Miao Miao had said that Ye Linlang was going to study in the Dongchen Kingdom. Su Wan was deep in thought, but when she saw Jiang Xuecheng’s arrogant and annoying look, she felt a burst of anger. In fact, Su Wan knew that Jiang Xuecheng still cared about Jiang Qiran in his heart, but his poisonous mouth was really.. No wonder Jiang Qiran had never been close to him! She rolled her eyes at Jiang Xuecheng speechlessly. “Hey, what do you mean by my precious son? Isn’t It Yours?” “I don’t have such an embarra.s.sing son.” Jiang Xuecheng shrugged, but just as he said that, Su Wan pinched his arm hard. “I told you not to add fuel to the fire! Can’t you see that my son is already like this? Why are you still teasing him like this?” Su Wan pinched the flesh, and Snowriver City felt helpless. HMPH, he only knew how to Pamper this kid. Sure enough, as long as Jiang Qiran was around, Su Wan’s attention would be diverted. .. Although she was very resentful, snowriver city obviously knew that now was not the time to be jealous. Seeing Jiang Qiran’s zombie-like appearance, snowriver city was extremely displeased. “Jiang Qiran, you’re about to become an adult. Don’t you know that a man has to be responsible? How can he protect his family in the future? Protect Your Mother?” “Protect… family?” Jiang Qiran seemed to slowly come back to his senses. He slowly raised his head and looked at the young faces of Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan. In fact, his parents were really too young. Sometimes, Jiang Qiran didn’t even feel that time had hurt them. He never thought that one day, they would need his protection. On the contrary, he had been living under the protection of the Jiang family. .. Su Wan couldn’t help but sigh when she saw Jiang Qiran’s confused face. “Actually, Snow City and I don’t need your protection. But Qiran, at least, you should learn to protect yourself, right?” “You’ve been injured over and over again. Do you know how worried parents are?” Snow City extended his hand and patted Jiang Qiran’s head. It was rare for him to nod in agreement. “Like I said last time, we’ll be worried about you. If you continue to act recklessly, Wanwan and I won’t let you move so freely.” Jiang Qiran’s heart ached when he heard that. “In the future, I won’t.” When he saw the doubt in Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes, Jiang Qiran smiled bitterly. “I really won’t.” “Father, didn’t you say last time that if she didn’t come to see me before I was discharged, no matter what the reason was, it wouldn’t be worth for me to like her?” “This time, I let it go.” As if to admonish himself, Jiang Qiran spoke slowly, word by word, and the firmness between his brows became stronger and stronger. .. Have you ever loved someone deeply? It wasn’t about age, appearance, or family background. He was ruthlessly abandoned by the person he liked and then left without saying goodbye. But now, he really hated her. .. When Su Wan saw Jiang Qiran’s appearance as if he was forcing himself to let go, she was also helpless. When it came to matters of love, it was sometimes difficult to distinguish who was right and who was wrong. She used to like that girl, Ye Linlang. However, Su Wan was not sure what was so good about that girl as she looked at Jiang Qiran who was getting thinner and thinner on the sickbed. No matter what, she did not want to see her high-spirited son turn into a walking corpse. She hoped that both Qiran and ye Linlang would be safe and sound in the future. .. One month later, Jiang Qiran was finally discharged from the hospital. He should have been able to be discharged in half a month. It was only because he acted recklessly last time, causing his wound to split open for the second time, that he made himself suffer so much. .. Su Wan had insisted on staying in city a for a while, but Jiang Xuecheng was unwilling. Jiang Qiran seemed to have suddenly thought things through. Instead, he helped to say that he was not sick and did not need to accompany her anymore. Therefore, Su Wan still left city a with Jiang Xuecheng. Su Wan knew that Jiang Qiran was a customer who never touched the sun, so she repeatedly reminded Jiang Qiran to arrange an aunt who was in charge of cooking and cleaning. Every day, she would deliver food to Jiang Qiran on time and do hygiene once a week. Of course, Su Wan would not say that. She secretly reminded the aunt to “Supervise”her son. If anything was wrong with her son, she would immediately call her to report it. The word ‘love’hurt the most. Su Wan was really worried that Jiang Qiran had something that he was not happy about. Some people looked strong on the surface, but there was always something that he was weak about. .. After Su Wan and the others left, Jiang Qiran stayed at the villa on the mountaintop for a few more days. She heard that the Filipino maid had already cleaned her apartment. However, Jiang Qiran didn’t want to go back. He didn’t want to go back to the place where he and Ye Linlang lived together. Jiang Qiran didn’t tell Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan about this. Because he said he had put it down. If he did that, Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan would probably be more worried. .. What should come will come. Escape wasn’t the way. On this day, Jiang Qiran returned to the apartment where he was. It was a coincidence that Jiang Qiran came back. The maid, Auntie Chen, was cleaning. When she heard the door open, Auntie Chen was stunned. When she looked up, she saw an extremely handsome young man. He was wearing a black s.h.i.+rt and black trousers. His cufflinks had a unique l.u.s.ter of lapis lazuli. Looking at Jiang Qiran’s face, Auntie Chen, who was in charge of cleaning, almost threw the mop in her hand out. In fact, Auntie Chen had seen Jiang Qiran’s photo and knew his appearance beforehand. However, this young man was thinner than in the photo, and his face was paler. Moreover, his temperament was colder than in the photo. It seemed that the serious illness not only damaged his body, but also added to his coldness. .. “h.e.l.lo, young… Young Master Jiang.” Compared to Auntie Chen who was at a loss, Jiang Qiran was very calm. He calmly scanned the room and found that the basic furnis.h.i.+ngs had not changed. However.. Jiang Qiran’s gaze was fixed on the s.p.a.ce capsule ma.s.sage chair in the living room, and he frowned slightly. “Did my parents ask someone to buy this?”

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