Chapter 1405: Chapter 1405 Qiran, you don’t want to live anymore!

Jiang Qiran had always thought that ye Linlang was really cold-hearted and cold-hearted, but he never expected that she would actually cry! However, before Jiang Qiran could clearly hear what ye Linlang said to the man on the phone, a busy tone suddenly came from the phone! The phone was cut off! “d.a.m.n it!” .. He had always thought that ye Linlang had said that because she had already sent someone to throw the diamond ring necklace into his apartment mailbox! However, when he saw the voice on the phone, he realized that it wasn’t Ye Linlang! Moreover, it was very likely that she was downstairs at his apartment right now! Ye Linlang had gone to his apartment? ! .. When Jiang Qiran thought of the rough male voice on the phone, his heart instantly sank. What did he mean by leaving? ! Where was Ye Linlang going? When he thought of how school was about to start and how ye Linlang had said that he was going to study in Dongchen Kingdom, Jiang Qiran felt even more like someone was casting a spell on his head! He quickly dialed the number, but the phone kept ringing. The other side had no intention of picking up at all! This Woman! She had refused to pick up his calls time and time again! Did she really think that just because she liked her, she could have no temper towards her at all? ! .. Jiang Qiran’s slender brows suddenly furrowed even more tightly. His features tensed up. Because ye Linlang had deliberately refused to pick up the phone, Jiang Qiran had no choice but to start texting ye Linlang instead. It was like a barrage of bullets, one after another. — were you just downstairs of my house? ! — Ye Linlang, come back here! At least tell me clearly! — if you really want to break up with me and don’t care about my words at all, why were you crying on the phone just now? ! — Ye Linlang, you are the calamity in my life. I will endure it if you treat me like this. No matter what the reason is, can you not leave for me? ! .. Ye Linlang sat silently in the back seat of the Black Audi. Her slender and white fingertips brushed past the text message sent by Jiang Qiran bit by bit. Ye Linlang clearly did not see Jiang Qiran’s current appearance, but ye Linlang could a.s.sociate it with the fact that he was already as furious as a beast at the hospital, hysterical. .. Ye Linlang’s eyes were full of tears. It was as if her heart was gripped by a large palm, and she could not stop the pain. Qiran, Goodbye. Ye Linlang added the last sentence in her heart. Even if she did not say this to Jiang Qiran herself, she could not say it out loud. She had always thought that after such a long time, she was no longer the timid and cowardly person she used to be. So, she was still such a cowardly person. The sunlight that shone in diagonally was still blazing. Although the Audi was air-conditioned, Ye Linlang still felt that she was about to be swallowed up. She silently stroked the diamond necklace on her hand. The ring at the end of the necklace touched the platinum chain, making a faint tapping sound. Ye Linlang suddenly thought of the scenes from her birth, from the small desolate village to City A. They all laughed at her for being a little jinx. They all said, “Tell her to get lost.”. She was always so unlikable. She used to be, and she still is. Jiang Qiran was so radiant. Why did she delude herself into thinking that she could become someone worthy of him? She wasn’t worthy at all. .. Qiran, Goodbye. This time, it was really goodbye. A few drops of tears trickled down the back of Ye Linlang’s hand, falling onto the sparkling diamond ring. This necklace… how could she be willing to throw it into the trash can? Even if Jiang Qiran didn’t want it. However, so many once sweet and bitter memories were carried on it. Ye Linlang knew that she couldn’t forget it at all. It was also impossible for her to forget it. She was such a selfish person, so she stayed behind. Ye Linlang sniffed. She really couldn’t bear to flip through the contents of the message. In her heart, Jiang Qiran had always been such a proud person. It wasn’t worth it for her. Ye linlang gently pressed the “Off”b.u.t.ton on the side. Finally, the screen turned black. All the messages were gone. Ye Linlang felt as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She suddenly collapsed on the leather chair in the back seat of the Audi. However, the tears in her eyes were frozen there for a long time. They were not about to fall. .. Ye Linlang sat in the Audi sadly. Looking out the window, the scenery of city a kept retreating. After all, it was a place where she had lived for a period of time. Ye Linlang was quite familiar with some of the buildings. They disappeared in front of her eyes, giving her a feeling of emptiness. It was probably the only memory left. The only thing left was the diamond necklace in her hand. .. City a international airport. Ye Linlang sat in the empty waiting room, her tears still falling. An old granny beside her, who looked rather old, seemed to be unable to bear it. She stretched out her hand and handed ye Linlang a napkin. “Little girl, don’t cry. Are you going to Dongchen Kingdom as well? Why isn’t there a family member to send you off?” Ye Linlang looked at the old granny’s kind face, and in a trance, she suddenly thought of the song family’s Granny, who had raised her from a young age. It was the same kind of kindness and kindness. Even to strangers she did not know, she also showed kindness. Ye Linlang nodded with a sob. “Thank you.” The old lady saw that Ye Linlang did not want to say anything more, so she did not say anything more. She just patted ye Linlang’s shoulder, hoping to comfort her a little. .. On the other side. At the hospital in City A. Jiang Qiran saw that ye Linlang didn’t reply to his message, and when he thought of those fragmented words on the phone. His heart instantly felt as if it had been soaked in ice, and every inch of it felt ice-cold. If ye Linlang really wanted to leave for Dongchen kingdom, she wouldn’t even say a goodbye to him? ! .. Such a cold-blooded and heartless woman. Jiang Qiran’s face was deathly pale. However, for some unknown reason, the actions of his body subconsciously controlled him even more than his rationality. He wanted to look for her! He couldn’t let her leave! He had never agreed to Ye Linlang’s one-sided breakup! Ye Linlang was simply a coward. She didn’t even dare to meet him. She had only said the breakup over the phone. Did she think that he would agree? ! .. “Ye Linlang, don’t even think about leaving me!” That’s right, he wanted to find her! Jiang Qiran stretched out his hand and pulled out the IV tube in his hand! He threw it aside without even looking! Because he was in rehabilitation, his left leg was still in a cast. Jiang Qiran staggered and reached out his hand to reach for the two crutches beside him. However, because he was too anxious, he suddenly fell to the ground. The world spun. The tiles were cold, and some scarlet blood soaked the gauze on his leg. Pain. An unceasing pain. Jiang Qiran’s handsome face slightly twisted, and sweat directly fell down. Even so, he had no intention of giving up! Jiang Qiran struggled, and bit by bit, he supported himself against the wall and stood up, placing his crutch under his armpit. He walked forward with difficulty, step by step. However, before he could walk out of the door, there was the sound of the door being pushed open. The nurse who came to change the dressing widened her eyes in shock! “Oh my G.o.d! You Don’t want to live anymore!”

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