Chapter 1403: Chapter 1403: Who is more ruthless than who

Jiang Qiran’s eyes darkened when his father revealed his scars. He looked at the man with cold and stern eyes and smiled bitterly. “There are some things that you know are already a foregone conclusion, but you still can’t help but imagine if there are other possibilities.” Jiang Xuecheng was stunned when he heard that. He really didn’t like Jiang Qiran’s dejected look. He would rather Jiang Qiran make him unhappy like when he was young. It was much better than his lifeless look now. .. Jiang Xuecheng glanced at the setting sun by the window. His voice was indifferent. “Since you want to live in this lousy hospital, I won’t force you. I’ll arrange someone else to do your rehabilitation.” “Thank you.” Jiang Qiran paused for a moment. When he thought of Su Wan, he suddenly added. “Well… I don’t know what will happen to mother. There are indeed too many germs in the hospital. Help me persuade her a little more. She doesn’t have to come here every day.” Jiang Xuecheng narrowed his eyes when he heard Jiang Qiran’s words. There was a hint of displeasure on his face. “Brat, why haven’t You Been So considerate before? However, your thoughtfulness now is really in the wrong place.” “Do you think that Wanwan and I would abandon you for our own enjoyment?” Jiang Qiran was stunned. “Isn’t it? Didn’t you say that you would hire a nurse for me?” Since they were going to hire a few more nurses for him, would people like Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan, who often abandoned their son and played outside, deliberately bother him? .. When he heard the young man’s matter-of-fact words on the sickbed, Jiang Xuecheng’s face finally showed some depression. He finally understood what kind of irresponsible impression he had in Jiang Qiran’s heart for so many years. Oh, perhaps, he himself was that irresponsible. But when he really heard Jiang Qiran say it, he still felt very unhappy. Jiang Xuecheng rubbed the messy hair on Jiang Qiran’s head. Jiang Qiran, on the other hand, shrank back unaccustomed to it. Since he was young, he was actually closer to Su Wan. Although he was in awe of his perfect and cold father, he was still more distant from him. This time, Jiang Xuecheng did not feel any sense of defeat. He withdrew his hand generously. “Don’t worry. No matter how irresponsible Wanwan and I are, we’ll still visit you every day when you’re sick.” Jiang Qiran was very awkward. “There’s no need.” Jiang Xuecheng glanced at him and said in a tone that didn’t allow discussion. “It’s settled then. Since you don’t want to move to the villa on the mountaintop and ask us to take care of you, Wanwan will also be worried.” After moving out Su Wan, Jiang Qiran indeed did not refuse anymore. In fact, the father and son had similar temperaments. They both hated others to order them around and arrange their own lives. It was just that sometimes, they would compromise for Su Wan’s sake. .. After the matter was settled, Jiang Xuecheng calmly looked down at Jiang Qiran’s pale face. His voice was steady. “If that girl named Ye Linlang didn’t come to see you before you left the hospital, I don’t think she is worthy of your liking, no matter what the reason is.” He didn’t even have the courage to put in the effort, so what right did he have to be worthy of his son’s Love? .. Jiang Qiran didn’t seem to think that Jiang Xuecheng would care about his disappointment in love. After all, Jiang Xuecheng didn’t seem to care about this kind of person. When he heard ye Linlang’s name, Jiang Qiran’s deep, dark eyes were filled with hostility. Although he didn’t have much expression, he gave off an unspeakable sense of paranoia. His long eyelashes drooped, and his voice carried a hint of self-mockery. “Dad, if you were me and Ye Linlang was a mother, wouldn’t you want to wait for an answer?” Even though that answer might not come. Even though that person wouldn’t come at all. .. When Jiang Xuecheng saw that Jiang Qiran was determined to compare him to Su Wan, his gaze finally became serious. He slowly walked towards the window with a calm expression. “Then I’ll tell you. If it were me and your mother, we wouldn’t have come to this point.” Relations.h.i.+ps required trust. If there was a misunderstanding, one side would have to take the first step to explain. If both sides stopped moving forward, they would only get further and further away from each other. .. Wouldn’t they get to this point Jiang Qiran was stunned. He raised his head to look at the man wearing a long black windbreaker and finally nodded. “Okay, I got it. I’ll wait for her then.” Jiang Qiran still did not believe that ye Linlang would be so cruel. He had stayed in the hospital for half a month. Could it be that ye Linlang really would not come to see him? Jiang Qiran did not believe it. .. Seeing that his son was so stubborn, Jiang Xuecheng restrained his expression and stroked his head again. “I hope that next time you won’t be impulsive and rush out of the door without even cleaning up the gla.s.s on your feet.” The young man on the sickbed blushed for a rare moment. “Got it.” .. Seven or eight days pa.s.sed in a row, but Jiang Qiran still didn’t receive a message from ye Linlang. He called her, but she couldn’t get through either. And Miaomiao couldn’t get through either, but she received a message from Ye Linlang. The message was very simple. If they broke up, they broke up. In the future, they wouldn’t contact each other again, and then they would apologize for disappointing miaomiao. .. When Jiang Miaomiao told him these words with a nervous look on his face, Jiang Qiran lay on the sickbed with a pale face. Blood was unconsciously drawn from his palm. “Did she say that?” “Yes…” Jiang Miaomiao nodded hesitantly. She did not even dare to tell Jiang Qiran. She even went to find ye Linlang on purpose. The day before yesterday, she barged into the gate of the residential area where their family lived. Because she did not have the room key, she was stopped in front of Ye Linlang’s villa. Then, Jiang Miaomiao was downstairs, shouting ye Linlang’s name. In the end, Ye Linlang really heard it. Then, she had an appointment with her for a long time. It was about half an hour of conversation. Jiang Miaomiao could tell that ye Linlang’s expression was not good either, but her eyes were very stubborn. Ye linlang said to her, “I’m just tired. It’s too tiring to be with a person like Qiran.” Jiang Miaomiao understood what ye Linlang meant, but she could not persuade her. Perhaps it was because of their past friends.h.i.+p, she did not even know which side was to blame. Jiang Miaomiao had even asked Gu Yichen for help, but that fellow had only said that they could not force matters of the heart. It was better to part on good terms. .. Jiang Miaomiao wanted to say something, but she hesitated and left. Jiang Qiran looked at his leg, which was still in a cast, and his eyes deepened. If it weren’t for the fact that his leg was injured and he couldn’t move, he would have gone to look for that heartless woman right now. He wanted to get an answer for himself. Just as Jiang Qiran’s hands were clenched tightly, he suddenly saw the phone on the coffee table vibrate. He frowned and saw the caller’s name. His mind went blank. It said — Linlang.

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