Chapter 1402: Chapter 1402. Are you disappointed to see that it’s me?

Jiang Xuecheng said that he was asking her to leave, but the meaning of the expulsion order was self-evident. Shen Xier’s hand trembled when she saw Jiang Xuecheng’s face, which had remained unchanged for more than ten years. She was subconsciously a little afraid. In fact, she was genuinely afraid of Jiang Qiran’s father. Whenever she met that man’s cold gaze, she always felt as if she had been stripped clean and nothing could hide her thoughts. .. This feeling of being completely seen through by someone was really too uncomfortable. Shen xier gritted her teeth, but when she saw the handsome youth lying on the sickbed, she still couldn’t bear to give up just like that. Her provocation hadn’t completely succeeded, so how could she give up halfway! She sincerely lowered her head towards Jiang Xuecheng, her expression carrying a hint of pleading. “Just let me say a few more words. As long as I finish what I want to say, I’ll leave immediately!” .. Seeing that Jiang Xuecheng did not comment, Shen Xier suddenly heaved a sigh of relief. She was really afraid of this man. Perhaps it was because from a young age, other than Jiang Xuecheng, the other members of Jiang Qiran’s family treated her well. Of course, Shen Xier also knew that Jiang Xuecheng was not targeting her, after all, that man was someone who could throw her son into the army. .. Shen Xier gathered her emotions. Her eyes were red, and a few drops of tears fell. “Qiran, I really can’t bear for you to be sad for a shameless girl like that. She doesn’t like you at all!” “You said that you broke up with her yesterday, but the picture of her hugging Yin Zihan was a few days ago! Doesn’t this prove that she’s two-timing?” As if to prove that she didn’t accuse ye Linlang wrongly, Shen Xier held up her phone as if she was presenting a treasure. She even zoomed in on the time shown in the picture. The time shown in the picture was very clear. It was indeed before yesterday. .. Jiang Qiran only took a glance. His heart was like his hands under the blanket, turning into ice and snow inch by inch. He only felt that the entire world had fallen into a daze. Only by relying on the soft cus.h.i.+on behind him could he not collapse from exhaustion. .. Shen Xi’er saw that Jiang Qiran did not speak, but his pale and bloodless thin lips were tightly pursed. She immediately knew that her words had worked. No matter how much Jiang Qiran loved ye Linlang, as long as he was a man, he should not like having a gra.s.sland planted on his head, right? ! Ye Linlang, who was looking at the sc.u.mbag in the pot while eating her bowl, should have exploded on the spot! Shen Xier’s lips curled into a caring and heartache. “Qiran, don’t be too tired. She didn’t even come to see you in this car accident. A person like this isn’t worthy of your concern at all…” Before Shen Xier finished her sentence, the man beside Jiang Qiran suddenly spoke up, choking Shen Xier’s words that she wanted to continue making up about ye Linlang. “Are you done? ! If you just want to mention to Qiran about how his previous relations.h.i.+p failed, I think your reminder is enough. You Can Leave Now!” .. Was it necessary? ! Shen Xier took a look at Jiang Xuecheng’s fierce and cold handsome face and instantly fell silent. “I’m sorry, I won’t mention her anymore! I’ll leave after I finish my last sentence!” Shen xier shrank back and finally gritted her teeth. She took out an exquisitely wrapped lavender velvet box from her pocket. Inside was the cufflinks that Shen xier had carefully selected. She handed the box over to Jiang Qiran. “Qiran, this is your birthday present. I know you like the lapis lazuli cufflinks, so I specially got someone to custom-make one, and there’s also a black obsidian tie clip. I hope you like it!” Jiang Qiran nodded lightly. There was no surprise in his expression. He only said it out of courtesy. “Thank you.” Shen Xi’er reached out her hand. Seeing that Jiang Qiran didn’t pick it up, she remembered that Jiang Qiran’s body wasn’t convenient right now, and his arm was wrapped in gauze. Shen Xi’er smiled awkwardly and put the small velvet gift box she picked on the table next to her. “I’ll be leaving then. Qiran, you have to rest well. Goodbye, uncle and Auntie.” Shen xier nodded politely and left hurriedly. .. After Shen Xier left, Jiang Miaomiao, who had been immersed in the news of ye Linlang and Jiang Qiran’s breakup, finally woke up. Jiang Miaomiao took a step forward in shock and couldn’t help but ask about the details of the breakup. “Qiran, are you joking with me? ! Or did you have a falling out with Linlang? !” “Why did the two of you break up? !” “I saw the post that Shen Xier mentioned just now. The photo doesn’t look photoshopped, but I think that Linlang might have some difficulties in this matter. Shouldn’t you ask her before deciding?” .. Jiang Qiran’s chiseled and handsome figure suddenly tensed up. He took a deep breath to stop himself from going crazy. “I already said that I broke up with her. As for the reason for breaking up, is it important?” “But –” Shen Xi’er looked at Jiang Qiran, wanting to say something, but when she saw the lonely and cold eyes of the youth on the sickbed, she finally shut her mouth. Forget it, she might as well ask Linlang. Sigh, but why was Linlang still not picking up her calls? .. In the end, Jiang Miaomiao also went home under the persuasion of Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan. After all, Jiang Qiran had already woken up. After the doctor’s examination, he said that there was no big problem. As long as Jiang Qiran didn’t do anything else for the next half a month, he could just rest in the ward and recuperate when he could get off the ground. .. Until evening, Jiang Qiran looked out of the window in a daze. The ward was empty. Su Wan went out to buy dinner for Jiang Qiran, and Jiang Xuecheng was called out for some reason, leaving Jiang Qiran alone. He had been waiting. He thought ye Linlang would at least give him a call. After all, it was his birthday today. After all, he had a serious car accident. .. Just as Jiang Qiran was distracted, he suddenly heard the door open. He turned his head and subconsciously hoped that it was the slender figure he had imagined. However, it was his father, Jiang Xuecheng, who pushed the door open and entered. Jiang Qiran pursed his lips and remained silent. Jiang Xuecheng raised his eyebrows. “Why? Are you disappointed to see me?” Jiang Xuecheng put down the dinner casually and said to Jiang Qiran. “I don’t think your condition is too serious. I don’t like the smell of disinfectant here, so I asked someone to arrange for you to be taken to the villa on the peak of the mountain to rest tomorrow. The scenery is beautiful, and there are also specialized accompanying doctors.” “I’ve already sent your mother there.” “Can… can I stay in the hospital?” Jiang Qiran seemed to have thought of something and started to hesitate. “No!” However, Jiang Xue Cheng arbitrarily rejected him. “Why? Are you still thinking about that girl named Ye Linlang? Otherwise, why aren’t you willing to move to the villa on the Mountaintop?”

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