Chapter 1401: Chapter 1401 Birthday Gift from Jiang Xuecheng

On one hand, Su Wan’s confidence came from her good impression of ye Linlang. She felt that the girl’s eyes were very clear, and she did not look like someone who was scheming. On the other hand, of course, it came from her son. Although Jiang Qiran’s personality was a little cold and not very likable, but with that face there, logically speaking, girls would be charmed beyond belief. That’s right, Su Wan was such an upright person who was obsessed with looks. If Jiang Qiran knew that his mother had said that about his merits, he would probably be so angry that he would immediately climb up from his sickbed. .. Seeing how Su Wan was so protective of Ye Linlang, especially when she thought about how ye Linlang had not appeared since last night and had not made Su Wan feel disgusted, Shen Xier felt a wave of jealousy in her heart! What right did she have! From last night until now, the person who had been anxiously protecting Jiang Qiran was not ye Linlang! It was her, Shen Xier! .. Although Shen Xier was so angry that she was about to faint, she still had to put on a respectful and worried look when she faced Su Wan. “Auntie, your family is just too kind-hearted.” She pointed at the eye-catching photo on the post, wis.h.i.+ng that she could nail ye Linlang to the Cross of the sinner. “It can’t be photoshopped. There’s not only this photo in the post, but there’s also a video!” “And what makes me angrier for Qiiran the most is that the woman took the initiative to reach out and hug that boy. She has a boyfriend, how can she do this? ! How Can Qiiran Bear It? !” .. Su Wan was stunned when she heard that. She took Shen Xier’s phone and opened the post to take a look. Sure enough, the first picture was a picture of two people hugging. The night was a little dark, so it was obvious who had secretly taken this picture, so the angle was very strange. Ye Linlang and that Guy’s faces were not clear enough, but people who were familiar with the two of them could still recognize who they were. And then, there was indeed a small video. Su Wan subconsciously clicked on it. Perhaps the person who had secretly taken the photo was far away, so she could not hear what the two people were saying in the picture. There was only the slightly noisy sound of a car pa.s.sing by. And then, just as Shen Xier had said, Ye Linlang reached out her hand and hugged the tall boy in front of her. The boy seemed to be very surprised as he hugged ye Linlang back. The video was very short and ended abruptly. .. Su Wan frowned and did not speak. When Shen Xier saw that Su Wan was silent, she mistakenly thought that Su Wan had already confirmed it. She immediately added fuel to the fire, wis.h.i.+ng that Su Wan and her family could see who was suitable to be Jiang Qiran’s girlfriend earlier. “Auntie, did you see it? Even if the photo is photoshopped, it’s very difficult to photocopy the video so meticulously.” Su Wan tilted her head and looked at Jiang Qiran, who was lying on the sickbed with a pale face. “Qiran, did you and Linlang have a fight?” Jiang Qiran pursed his thin lips and ignored Su Wan’s words. He gritted his teeth for a while and asked Shen Xi’er instead. “Who is the person hugging her in the photo? !” Although his voice was faint, it was as if he would explode in anger in the next moment. .. The atmosphere in the ward suddenly froze. A storm was brewing in the building. Shen Xi’er saw Jiang Qiran’s expression and immediately knew that Jiang Qiran believed her! “Qiran… Don’t be angry if I say it out loud. It’s Yin Zihan who confessed to Ye Linlang at the cla.s.s reunion last time. You know, Yin Zihan is quite good-looking too. He used to sit at the same table as ye Linlang.” The main reason was that Jiang Qiran’s parents and Jiang Miaomiao were both present today. They had never attended Cla.s.s A’s cla.s.s reunion and did not know what exactly happened in Cla.s.s A. of course, they had to take this opportunity to stab ye Linlang twice more! As expected, Shen Xier saw the youth on the sickbed’s face turn darker and darker. His gaze was so malicious that it seemed like it would kill someone. .. However, the next moment, Shen Xi’er was stunned. She only heard Jiang Qiran’s sudden laughter. It was not laughter, nor did it seem like he was happy. It was a very sarcastic laughter that echoed faintly in the ward. Shen Xi’er was stunned by Jiang Qiran’s sudden change. “Qiran, why are you laughing?” Jiang Qiran’s expression had returned to its previous calmness. His thin lips curled slightly, and his long and narrow eyes were so dark that no one could read his emotions. “I’ve already broken up with Ye Linlang. She’s hugging someone else, and it has nothing to do with me. In the future, don’t mention it in front of me anymore.” ”…” When Shen Xier heard this, she did not know whether to be shocked or delighted. Because she had a nagging feeling that Jiang Qiran did not seem to have already let go. .. Jiang Miaomiao widened her eyes and exclaimed in disbelief. “Qiran, are you serious? ! You broke up with Linlang? ! How is that possible… didn’t you guys just…” Jiang Qiran’s handsome but pale face was expressionless at that moment. “Just yesterday, we already broke up.” ”…” Jiang Miaomiao was choked by Jiang Qiran’s words. Break Up? ? ! Break up in such a hurry? ! ! She still did not know the reason! Jiang Miaomiao looked at Su Wan as if she was asking for help. Meanwhile, Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng, who had just finished buying breakfast, looked at each other. Why did it feel like their son had entered a rebellious phase. After Jiang Xuecheng heard the drama, his expression did not change at all. .. Jiang Xuecheng gracefully walked towards Jiang Qiran. The outline of his face slowed down a little, and he put down the thing in his hand. “Wanwan and I have never really cared about you since we were young, but I didn’t expect you to make yourself so miserable.” “If we could have predicted that something like this would happen the day before your birthday, we should have asked for a peace talisman for you. Here, a birthday gift.” As he spoke, a small box suddenly appeared in his hand like magic. Jiang Qiran was slightly stunned. He had never seen such a gentle and patient moment when Jiang Qiran treated him. “What is it?” Jiang Qiran’s attraction was temporarily pulled to this. “It’s not anything valuable. Last time, when we went diving in the deep sea at the same night, we accidentally found a rock that could glow at night. It’s yours.” Jiang Xuecheng gently rubbed Jiang Qiran’s head, which was rare. “Brat, no matter what the reason is, don’t make yourself so bad in the future. I and Wanwan will be worried.” Jiang Qiran’s heart felt bitter. He didn’t know why, but he actually felt like crying. But he held it in. “Yes, I know.” .. Shen Xier didn’t expect Jiang Xuecheng to suddenly interrupt. She wanted to say something more, but she saw the tall man sitting next to Jiang Qiran suddenly turn around. Jiang Xuecheng, who had just gently comforted Jiang Qiran, suddenly turned cold. “Miss Shen, since Qiran has broken up with Ye Linlang, I don’t want to hear you talk about her here. Please leave.”

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