Chapter 1399: Chapter 1399 was going to destroy her reputation!

Hearing Su Wan’s natural tone when she asked about ye Linlang, the concern on Shen Xier’s face froze. Why? ! That time at the golf course, Shen Xier felt that Jiang Qiran’s parents treated ye Linlang better than she did. However, she was the one who had accompanied Jiang Qiran for more than ten years and was his childhood friend! Moreover, in terms of family background and appearance, Ye Linlang was more than a notch inferior to her! Just how Blind Must Jiang Qiran’s parents be to take a fancy to that little disaster! .. Shen Xi’er felt indignant in her heart, but she didn’t dare to show it on the surface. After all, she couldn’t ruin her good impression of being gentle and gentle in the Jiang family’s hearts. Shen Xi’er also seemed to have woken up from a dream as she looked around in surprise. “That’s right. Auntie, if you hadn’t told me, I would have forgotten that brother Qiran’s girlfriend isn’t here.” Shen Xier knew why ye Linlang didn’t come, but she still pretended to be fine on the surface. She shook her head and looked at Jiang Miaomiao, who had a bitter expression on his face. “Miaomiao, didn’t you have a good relations.h.i.+p with Ye Linlang? Did you see Ye Linlang? Or did you call her?” As Ye Linlang’s good friend, Jiang Miaomiao was naturally dedicated to protecting ye Linlang. However, such a big incident had happened to Qiran today, and Ye Linlang had to drop the ball at such a critical moment. It would be terrible if she couldn’t maintain a good impression in front of brother Qiran’s parents! .. Jiang Miaomiao’s expression showed some hesitation as he spoke awkwardly to Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan. “I don’t know either… I called her just now, but Linlang didn’t pick up, so I sent her a message. I don’t know what happened to her today, maybe something happened to her.” Su Wan nodded thoughtfully. Then, she pulled Jiang Xuecheng to sit on another row of cold benches. .. Just as everyone was thinking about something, the door of the emergency room was suddenly opened. The doctor pushed a white stretcher towards the outside. The person lying on it was Jiang Qiran without a doubt. Jiang Qiran’s usually handsome and attractive face was now even more bloodless under the pale hospital lights. His long and narrow phoenix eyes were tightly shut, and his body was wrapped in layers of white gauze. His entire person was actually like a sculpture that had been carved. He was exhausted and lifeless. When Su Wan saw her son become lifeless like this, tears immediately flowed down her face! Ever since he was young, even when he was asked to set up camp with the army, he had never looked like this! Jiang Qiran had always matured very early. She and Jiang Xuecheng had never cared about him since he was young, allowing Jiang Qiran to develop freely. But who knew! .. Su Wan’s throat was sore. She almost wanted to reach out to stop Jiang Qiran’s stretcher. Jiang Xuecheng was still calm. His handsome face was resolute as he grabbed Su Wan’s hand. “Don’t move. Let them move Qiran to the VIP ward first. Calm down for a while. Your son’s life is no longer in danger.” Su Wan nodded with a choked voice. Her hand held Jiang Xuecheng’s arm tightly. Her heart was like a ball of cotton. It was indescribably uncomfortable. .. Jiang Xuecheng wiped away the tears on Su Wan’s face. “Don’t cry, be good.” Jiang Xuecheng’s brows furrowed slightly as he talked to Su Wan with a natural expression. The two of them looked extremely intimate and did not avoid anyone at all. Jiang Miaomiao and Shen xier, who were following behind, felt a burst of envy in their hearts. Jiang Miaomiao had always felt that the Jiang family’s marriages were particularly happy, and he hoped that he was not an exception. However, when she thought of senior Gu Yichen graduating and jumping into Zhaohua University, Jiang Miaomiao could not help but feel worried. .. Jiang Xuecheng only approached the attending doctor after wiping Su Wan’s tears. “Doctor, how is my son’s condition? Do you know the cause of this car accident?” Jiang Xuecheng’s calm expression did not show any signs of panic, which greatly surprised the attending doctor. The leading attending doctor knew that this man seemed to be a big shot, but he did not know what exactly he was. The attending doctor immediately took off his mask and looked very respectful. “Mr. Jiang, your son’s body has already escaped from the most critical moment. Moreover, the young man’s foundation is good. He will probably need to rest in the ward for another half a month before he can move freely.” “The most fortunate thing for him is that there are no clots in his brain. The most serious injuries are the scapula, the shattered fracture of his left leg, and the soles of his feet…” When he mentioned the soles of his feet, the attending doctor revealed a puzzled expression. “At the scene of the accident, the gla.s.s window of your son’s car did not shatter, but for some reason, there were some gla.s.s and porcelain fragments in the soles of his feet.” “So… is it possible that he had an argument with someone before he left? Moreover, the incident was so urgent that he didn’t even deal with it.” “On the way here, according to the traffic police, although the truck driver was mainly responsible for the accident, if your son had controlled it properly at that time, the accident could have been avoided.” .. When Jiang Xuecheng heard this, his long and narrow eyes shone with an inexplicable l.u.s.ter. He nodded at the Doctor. “Okay, I got it.” .. When Shen Xi’er heard this, of course she knew who the quarrel was with. She wished that Jiang Qiran’s parents hated ye Linlang a little more and immediately pretended to be puzzled. “Uncle and aunt, qiran is usually such a calm person. Why would he quarrel with others? Moreover, there are so many pieces on his feet. He didn’t even deal with them and went to drive. This is not in line with his style.” Shen Xi’er’s obvious hint immediately woke many people up. Jiang Xuecheng’s expression did not change, but Jiang Miaomiao and Su Wan suddenly thought of a person. A person who should have been here, but did not come at all. .. “Could it be that Linlang and Qi ran quarreled?” Su Wan said thoughtfully. “Yes! Qi ran doesn’t seem to be angry about other things. Could it really be that this time…” Shen Xi’er was overjoyed and was about to add fuel to the fire when she saw Jiang Xuecheng dragging Su Wan inside. “Let’s go. We’ll know what happened when Qiiran wakes up.” Shen Xi’er pursed her lips and felt even angrier. She did not believe that Jiang Qiran’s father, who was so smart, could not understand what she meant. It seemed like it was time to use her trump card! Shen Xier turned on her phone and looked at the photos in the photo alb.u.m. She was instantly pleased with herself. Those were the photos of Ye Linlang and Yin Zihan hugging at the entrance of the Ye family’s villa. There were no photoshopped photos at all. When Ye Linlang went to Dongchen kingdom and these photos spread all over the place, she wanted to see if Jiang Qiran’s parents still recognized this so-called daughter-in-law! .. Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan walked into the VIP Ward, and Jiang Miaomiao and Shen Xier followed them in. The few of them waited until the next morning before they saw the young man in the ward slowly opening his eyes.

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