Chapter 1392: Chapter 1392: watching others play with her face to face

Hearing ye Linlang’s question, Shen Xier suddenly sneered. “Ye Linlang, you asked me what I want? Haven’t you always known what I want better than anyone?” Shen xier lazily brushed her hair. Her smile was bright and beautiful, but her beautiful eyes were filled with unconcealed hatred and contempt. “Ye Linlang, some people and some things are destined not to belong to you. You should understand what I mean, right?” Ye Linlang looked at Shen Xi’er, who was smiling brightly on the screen, and her heart seemed to be filled with countless ice cubes. Of course, she knew… What Shen Xi’er was talking about. However… Jiang Qiran was not an item, so how could he give it up to someone else just because he said so? .. Ye Linlang took a deep breath and barely managed to maintain the rationality in her heart. “You want me to break up with Qiran? Student Shen, let me give you a piece of advice. You Can’t force yourself to be in a relations.h.i.+p. Even if I’m not by Qiran’s side, the person by his side might not be you.” .. This country b.u.mpkin actually dared to mock her like this? ! What kind of joke was this? If she hadn’t been absent from Jiang Qiran’s life for so many years, how could Jiang Qiran’s girlfriend be someone like Ye Linlang? ! “You’re talking nonsense! Qiran doesn’t like you at all! If you didn’t shamelessly stick to him, how could he not see me? !” Shen Xier clenched her fists tightly. If it weren’t for the fact that they were separated by the screen and the distance between them was unknown, Shen Xier would probably have punched ye Linlang in the face! Shen Xi’er smiled sinisterly. “Ye Linlang, you said so much just to stall for time, right? Or do you think that you, your father, and your unlikable sister, aren’t better than a man? !” “Are you trying to choose Jiang Qiran and let them die?” .. Ye Linlang looked at Shen Xi’er’s slightly neurotic smile and felt a chill run down her spine. Ye Siyao was usually so nice to Shen Xier, but Shen Xier actually wanted ye Siyao’s life! .. Just as ye Linlang was feeling a chill run down her spine from Shen Xier’s smile, Madam Ye suddenly pounced on her and hugged ye Linlang’s leg tightly. “Ye Linlang! Isn’t it enough that you killed your brother? Do you still want to kill your biological sister and your biological father? !” “How could I have given birth to a debt collector like you!” As madam ye cried, she kept hitting ye Linlang with her hands! Her attacks were fierce and heavy. Ye Linlang’s arms were even pinching red marks. Facing such a situation, Ye Linlang’s heart was not without sadness. But when she saw the hatred on Madam Ye’s face, her heart suddenly felt like it was broken into pieces, hopeless and desolate. It turned out that she was really just an unlikable debt collector in the Ye family. “Have you pinched enough? !” Ye Linlang had endured enough. She pulled Madam Ye, whose face was covered in tears, away. Madam Ye did not seem to have thought that ye Linlang would actually dare to retaliate. “Little Calamity Star! You actually dare to push me! See if I won’t beat you to death!” Her face was ferocious, and her eyes were wide open. She almost wanted to throw the vase over to Ye Linlang! Meanwhile, Ye Linlang, Leng ‘er, glanced coldly at Madam Ye. She gritted her teeth and spoke with a ruthless voice, but her heart was in great pain. “You shouldn’t have given birth to me in the first place! Go ahead and beat me to death! Or are your husband and daughter’s lives now in my hands and you don’t want them anymore? !” Madam ye looked at Ye Linlang in a daze. The vase in her hand suddenly fell to the ground and shattered into pieces. Madam ye could not stop sobbing. The makeup on her face had long been ruined. The sound of her crying made ye Linlang’s head hurt. Ye Linlang would rather not have seen madam ye’s decadent face in her entire life. How could she have thought that the ye family would be forced into such a state? However, Ye Linlang did not want to be the sinner for everything that she did not do. .. On the other side, Shen Xi’er was smiling brightly as she watched Madam Ye and ye Linlang’s farce. “Ye Linlang, so you’re so unpopular in the Ye family. It’s really the first time I’ve seen a girl who can make even her own family members loathe her so much.” Shen Xi’er sat leisurely on the stool. On the screen, she looked languid. If it was not for the row of men in black with guns in front of her, perhaps she would have been even more enticing. .. Ye Linlang’s eyes were red, and her voice was dry and hoa.r.s.e. “Shen Xi’er, are you really going to go this far? If you do this, I’ll leave, and Qiiran won’t like you.” Shen Xi’er was very confident. She looked at ye Linlang with disdain and her voice was lazy. “What’s wrong, Ye Linlang? You Said So Much, but you still don’t want to agree to leave Jiang Qiiran?” As Shen Xier spoke, her eyes suddenly turned to look at Ye Siyao and ye Haifeng who were tied up a meter away. The smile on her lips became even more radiant. “Over here, there are more than ten bodyguards, all young and strong. A little girl like Ye Siyao who likes to think about s.e.x… Aiya, it’s just enough for them to play together.” This meaningful word “Play”instantly made ye Linlang’s body tremble. On the other side, Ye Siyao, whose body was tied up by ropes and only had a blanket on her, was even more tearful! Her eyes were filled with pain and despair as she stared intently at Ye Linlang, who was outside the screen. On the other side, more than a dozen men in black with guns were also looking at Ye Siyao at the same time. One by two, their gazes were fixated on ye Siyao’s exposed shoulders and her two straight and slender legs. They were full of scratches and hickeys from being abused by others. They complemented ye Siyao’s delicate and pitiful face, and it could trigger the violent desire in men’s hearts even more. The men swallowed their saliva one after another. The mocking smile on Shen Xi’er’s lips deepened. “Ye Linlang, look. You and Ye Siyao’s father, Ye Haifeng, are also here. It should be very interesting to watch others play with their daughter in front of you, right?” “Ye Linlang, don’t you like the taboo and paradoxical theme of ‘Thunderstorm’a lot? Don’t you think this play is interesting? !” As soon as these words came out, even ye Haifeng’s face turned pale as he looked at ye Linlang with extreme pleading. .. Ye Siyao’s body started to tremble under the gaze of that wolf-like and tiger-like gaze. She was wearing a mask earlier, and she had already experienced it once in the private room! She really didn’t want to experience it a second time! Ye Siyao’s beautiful big eyes were already red beyond recognition. She stared fiercely at Ye Linlang, as if she was hating him, as if she was begging him. “Wu… Wu…” The mouth that was sealed by the tape kept moving, but it could only produce broken notes. .. Seeing that Ye Linlang was still hesitating, Shen Xi’er casually glanced at one of the bodyguards. The bodyguard immediately understood and strode over to Ye Siyao. It looked like he was about to tear off the last bit of clothing on Ye Siyao’s body. Ye Linlang’s heart tightened. She finally spoke in a hoa.r.s.e voice. “Stop.”

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