Chapter 1391: Chapter 1391 — you are the devil!

Ye Linlang turned her head in disbelief, only to see Madam ye hanging her head in embarra.s.sment. It was obvious that she already knew about this matter. Ye Linlang’s heart sank. The gaze she looked at Madam Ye with was more than just disappointment! .. “Why didn’t you tell me? ! Shen xier has been monitoring this place? What you said just now, was all a lie to me? !” Probably because she was unwilling, ye Linlang could not help but ask Madam Ye, who had fallen to the ground. On the television screen, Shen Xier flicked her sleeves. She was very pleased with ye Linlang’s disappointed expression. She stood on the empty field and spoke with a smile, answering ye Linlang’s question on behalf of Madam Ye. “Is there a need to be so shocked? But Ye Linlang, you don’t have to be too disappointed. Other than not telling you that I’ve been monitoring, that cheap mother of yours did not lie to you.” .. Ye Linlang continued to stare at Madam Ye on the ground without moving. Facing ye Linlang’s piercing gaze, Madam Ye stood up. Her tear-streaked face was filled with impatience. “That’s right, is there a need to ask for a reason? ! Miss Shen forced me, what can I Do!” “Besides, Ye Linlang, shouldn’t you have come back when I asked you to? ! If it wasn’t for you, our ye family wouldn’t have ended up like this!” At the end of the day, Madam Ye still felt that everything was wrong. It was all ye Linlang’s fault. If it wasn’t for this little calamity star returning, how could the ye family have such an unfortunate fate! First, she caused the death of her unborn younger brother, and now, she actually wanted to take the lives of her entire family! .. When Ye Linlang saw Madam Ye’s natural disgust, she felt as if she had been struck with a stick. She had thought that.. As expected, she had overestimated herself. Ye Linlang pursed her lips and laughed self-deprecatingly. “Then why did you team up and call me here? Don’t tell me you want to put on a show for me to see?” .. “Put on a show — ye Linlang, you’re not worthy of me putting in so much effort to put on a show for you.” On the screen, Shen Xier stretched out her voice and looked at ye Linlang with disdain. As soon as she finished speaking, the huge LCD screen suddenly changed. It directly captured the scene in front of Shen Xier! It turned out that Shen Xier was not the only person in that empty field! As the camera switched, Ye Linlang immediately saw a row of black-clothed men armed from head to toe with guns! And in front of that row of black-clothed men were two people tightly bound by ropes! It was ye Haifeng and Ye Siyao, the father and daughter pair! .. Seeing the two of them, Ye Linlang’s eyes instantly widened in shock! Ye Haifeng and Ye Siyao were actually — .. Ye Haifeng and Ye Siyao were each tied to a stool. The two of them were about a meter apart, and the biggest similarity was that their mouths were tied with a thick cloth, so they couldn’t say anything. At that moment, ye Haifeng didn’t look good. He was beaten black and blue, and there were obvious traces of blood on his neck. However, what shocked ye Linlang even more was ye Siyao! Ye siyao, who was usually arrogant and domineering and liked to follow Shen Xier, was actually stripped naked! Only a blanket was left wrapped around her body, and there were obvious red marks on her exposed shoulders. They weren’t shallow hickeys, but they felt like they had been abused… ! That face that had inherited Madam Ye’s beautiful features was now covered in tears. Ye Siyao was originally thin, so being wrapped in the blanket made her look even more delicate and pitiful. Her eyes were so red that it was frightening. Ye Siyao was.. Ye Linlang could clearly see that underneath ye Siyao’s blanket, there was probably a vacuum. She wasn’t wearing anything at all! Could it be that ye Siyao was… insulted by someone.. .. The moment this thought appeared in her mind, Ye Linlang’s heart instantly jumped to her throat! It was very obvious that not only could ye Linlang see where ye Siyao was, but ye Siyao and ye Haifeng could also clearly see what was happening in the bedroom. Because their mouths were sealed with tape, Ye Siyao and ye Haifeng couldn’t speak, but ye Siyao stared at ye Linlang like a malicious ghost, as if she was staring at a hole in Ye Linlang through the screen! .. Ye Linlang couldn’t care less about what Madam Ye was hiding from her. She was frightened by the way ye Siyao glared at her. “Shen Xi’er! What did you do to them? ! Did Ye Siyao Ever Offend You? ! How could you let someone humiliate her like that? !” Ye Linlang turned his head and looked at the smiling girl behind the screen on the right. Shen Xi’er’s smile was beautiful. She shook her head carelessly, and her big eyes made her look cute and innocent. “Yo, Ye Linlang, what are you imagining? Don’t worry, I’m Good to your sister! She was the one who asked me to do this!” “You don’t know, right? Ye Siyao likes to think about s.e.x. She always asks me to find some rich guy to be her boyfriend. I don’t believe that she has a face, a body, and no one loves her.” “What a pity. My friends have high standards. My girlfriend definitely won’t like someone like Ye Siyao, but I can still play with her!” When Ye Linlang heard Shen Xier’s words, for some reason, a chill rose from the bottom of her feet. It was as if she could already guess what Shen Xier was going to say next. .. And Ye siyao, who was only wrapped in a blanket on the screen, was even more humiliated! If it wasn’t for the fact that her hands and feet were tied up and her mouth was covered with tape, she would probably be screaming like crazy! “Wu… Wu…” Even so, Ye Siyao still let out a whimper. .. “Stop talking!” Ye Linlang’s scalp started to go numb as she listened. She couldn’t bear to listen to Ye Siyao when she saw the despair in her eyes! Shen Xi’er, on the other hand, was still smiling and unmoved by ye Siyao’s pitiful state. “What? Ye Linlang, you pity her? Are you kidding me? Aren’t you two sisters at Loggerheads?” .. “Of course. Don’t worry. I didn’t let anyone break her body!” “I just put a mask on her face and made her naked. I found a dozen or twenty young masters from wealthy families to lick and bite her from top to bottom, inside and out. My Friend is still regretful that she didn’t make it to the end.” “How is it? Look at how well I treat ye Siyao. She’s still a virgin! Her reputation isn’t bad either. She wanted the rich second generation to love her. Look at how I Did It!” .. Ye Linlang’s face was livid. Her fingers were tightly clasped in her palm, and she was bleeding. She wanted to throw up, but she realized that she couldn’t. It was so uncomfortable. .. Shen Xier was simply a devil! Ye Linlang took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down. “Shen Xier, just tell me. What do you want me to do to let them go?”

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