Chapter 1390: Chapter 1390 was all under her surveillance!

In the huge room, there were only ye Linlang and Madam Ye. And Madam Ye’s face was full of tears. The traces of her crying were too obvious. Seeing this, Ye Linlang’s heart trembled, and even her thoughts were not very clear. Although ye Linlang had never been on good terms with her mother, she was also extremely clear about what kind of prideful woman Madam Ye was. She always appeared with perfect makeup. If anything happened, she would usually maintain that high and mighty att.i.tude. For example, when Jiang Qiran came to the ye family to help her last time, although Madam Ye was afraid, she slapped ye Siyao on the face and protected herself mercilessly. .. Ye Linlang didn’t know what had happened to force this woman, who had always been high and mighty, into this state. After all, it had happened so suddenly, and Ye Linlang did not dare to let the servants know about it. It would be bad if they went out and spread rumors. Ye Linlang hurriedly knelt down and held madam ye’s shoulder, trying her best to calm her emotions. “Madam, don’t be anxious. Speak slowly. Can you let go of Me First? I’ll close the door. It might not be good if others know.” Madam Ye’s pupils were dilated and the corners of her eyes were red. It was only when she heard ye Linlang’s words that she was suddenly reminded of something. She stood up in a daze and hurriedly closed the main bedroom door. .. Seeing that madam ye still had the ability to think, ye Linlang suddenly heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. What she was most afraid of was Madam Ye’s Crazy State. It really scared her just now. However, Ye Linlang had not relaxed for long when the door closed. Madam ye fell heavily onto the ground again and hugged ye Linlang’s leg tightly. “Ye Linlang, I know that I usually don’t treat you well, but your father really raised you as his own daughter. I beg you to save him! Save him, okay?” “Haifeng is my husband. I Can’t lose him! Absolutely Not! …” Madam ye clutched the corner of Ye Linlang’s clothes. Her hands were trembling, and her lips were trembling. Ye Linlang helplessly helped madam ye up. She tried her best to speak in a gentle voice. She felt that Madam Ye had been greatly stimulated. Otherwise, her spirit would not be like this. “Madam, speak slowly. Your husband is also my father. I Won’t let him go.” Ye Linlang’s tone paused. Her expression suddenly became serious, and her voice became even more solemn. “But first, you have to explain clearly what happened to father. What can I do for him? You have to explain clearly first so that I can help father!” .. Madam Ye was suddenly stunned. Her palm-sized face was almost devoid of blood. Her messy bangs stuck to her forehead, mixed with tears at the end of her eyes. She looked extremely wretched. “Linlang, Linlang! Do you still remember that your father contracted several big contracts with the Huanya Group?” At this moment, madam ye seemed to have calmed down a little. Finally, she was no longer like before, clinging tightly to ye Linlang and not letting her move. “Huanya Group? !” When Ye Linlang heard these four words, her heart thumped heavily. An extremely beautiful face unexpectedly appeared in her mind. Could it be… that Shen Xier was really behind ye Haifeng’s accident? ! Although she had felt that the orders from the Huan ya group were strange and fishy, Ye Haifeng, Madam Ye, and even ye Siyao were all overjoyed. No one felt that there was a problem.. .. “It’s the Huan Ya Group!” Madam ye said these four words through gritted teeth. She slowly struggled to get up while ye Linlang held her arm and sat down on the sofa. Seeing ye Linlang wiping the sweat off her forehead, madam ye blinked her eyes in confusion. Her makeup was messy, and the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes were even deeper, as if she had aged more than ten years. “These two days, your father went to the Huanya Group’s newly built department store to supervise workers. You know, this project is being undertaken by our ye enterprise.” “But! There was news from there today! Something happened at the construction site!” “They said that several workers died because of cutting corners! More than ten workers were injured and are receiving treatment at the Shen family’s private hospital!” “But how is that possible! Our Ye family has been a construction contractor for so many years, and nothing has ever happened…” “Impossible… but the Huanya group called! Because of the trouble caused by the family members, they need an explanation. They said that they have detained your father! They even want your father to pay with his life!” As she spoke, Madam Ye grabbed ye Linlang’s arm tightly, pinching ye Linlang so hard that her flesh hurt. “Linlang, what should we do! They said Siyao’s in their hands too! They said two lives aren’t enough for them to compensate! How can the Huanya group do such illegal things!” .. Ye Linlang listened to Madam Ye’s narration with all seriousness. She was shocked, but at the same time, she felt a chill down her spine. She bit the corner of her lips. Her first thought was to call the police! She held down the hysterical Madam Ye, and her voice was sonorous. “Let’s call the police! It’s not like what happened at the construction site can be so private. which law stipulates that the Shen family has the right to kill someone for their life?” When Madam Ye heard this, she immediately grabbed ye Linlang’s hand with all her might, not letting her touch the phone. “No, that side threatened me not to call the police! No, even calling the police is useless! How would the police dare to provoke the Huan ya group with that kind of background!” “Linlang, you don’t know at all. Back then, there was a famous family. It was because they offended the Shen family that they declined without anyone knowing. Then, people died and went crazy…” “Even this time’s chief of the nine regions country has countless connections with the Huan ya group. The Shen family’s background is so strong, and they have so many backers behind them. How can we possibly compete with them!” .. When Ye Linlang heard these words, she suddenly felt a chill on her back. Even if they couldn’t call the police, what could they do? Ye Linlang suddenly remembered that Shen Xier was targeting their family because of her relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Qiran. However, she didn’t expect Shen Xi’er to be so ruthless. Ye Linlang immediately took out her phone and wanted to call Jiang Qiran. However, at this moment. The huge LCD TV in the bedroom suddenly lit up. .. Who turned on the TV? Ye Linlang was stunned. Before she could see the TV clearly, she heard a familiar female voice beside her ear. “Ye Linlang, why? Do you want to call Qi ran?” The voice was as beautiful as a oriole, clear and pleasant to the ear. However, the tone of each and every word was so vicious. Ye Linlang raised her head and looked at the television screen. She saw an empty scene that she did not know where it was. And in the middle of the screen stood a young girl who was delicate and pretty. It was Shen Xier without a doubt! .. As it turned out, Madam Ye had said so much to me before, and it was all under Shen Xier’s surveillance? !

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