Chapter 1389: Chapter 1389, the Ye family had an accident!

Finally, it was the middle of the month, and Ye Linlang had finally saved up the remaining 2,000 yuan! Ye Linlang quit her job as a waiter at Jinhu Western restaurant and walked into the health shop that sold ma.s.sage chairs while humming a relaxing tune. Because the last time he came here to bargain, the sales guy at this shop still remembered ye Linlang. “Hey, you’re the girl who asked for the new X-9 ma.s.sage chair last time, right?” “Yes, I’m that girl. Do you remember that we agreed to only 8,000 yuan?” Ye Linlang nodded with a smile. She took out her bank card from her bag and waved it in front of the sales guy very generously. The sales guy also smiled. “Do you want to Swipe Your Card Now?” “Yes, but not today. My Boyfriend’s birthday is the day after tomorrow, so I’ll ask you to move it to his apartment tonight. Is that okay?” Ye Linlang had already thought it through. She would lie to Jiang Qiran and say that she had forgotten to prepare a birthday present for him. When Jiang Qiran was disappointed, she would let the ma.s.sage chair s.h.i.+ne! .. Ye Linlang felt that her idea was very good. When she walked out of the health equipment store, the corners of her lips were still curved. Anyway, from today onwards, she didn’t have to work at the Golden Lake Western restaurant anymore. Ye Linlang felt that she would have nothing to worry about. When she was waiting for the red light at the intersection, Ye Linlang saw the electronic screen hanging above the business building. It was broadcasting the news. “Recently, the police found two people who molested girls in many public places. After investigation, they found that they were Chen and Liu. They have been arrested and have multiple priors. There are even girls under the age of 14.” “The police remind us that the weather is very hot in the middle of summer, but if a girl walks alone on the street, she should try not to wear so cool clothes. It’s not for the sake of walking quickly through alleys. Also, take a taxi and remember the license plate number…” Ye Linlang was stunned when she saw Chen and Liu whose eyes were mosaic. Even though her eyes were blurred, ye Linlang still recognized them clearly. They were the two middle-aged men who tried to do bad things to her at the Golden Lake Western restaurant that day! She didn’t expect that the investigation would be done so quickly. Ye Linlang thought that she was the only one who was so miserable. She didn’t expect that.. Ye Linlang sighed and fiercely hoped that those two men would be locked up in prison for life! Well, that wasn’t realistic either. Then, she hoped that the two of them would be taught a good lesson. In the future, with a stain on their resumes, she believed that the employer wouldn’t put them in an important position. What Ye Linlang didn’t know was that under Jiang Qiran’s instructions, those two men might not be able to get out of prison in the future. .. Ye Linlang was leisurely walking towards the Ye family Villa’s residential area. However, all of a sudden, Ye Linlang heard her cell phone buzzing. Who would call her at this time? A name suddenly appeared in Ye Linlang’s heart. It must be qiran. Her eyes curved into a smile. Just as she took it out, she realized that it was actually her mother’s phone call! Madam Ye Ye Linlang was stunned. Even though she had saved Madam Ye’s number, she had only received one call from Madam Ye after living in the Ye family for so long. The only time was when Madam Ye had scolded her for being shameless and spread rumors about ye Siyao. .. When Ye Linlang saw the mark on the phone number, the smile on her face disappeared. What was Madam Ye trying to do this time? Clearly, she and Ye Siyao had been on good terms for a period of time. Madam ye couldn’t possibly scold her for Ye Siyao again, right? Ye Linlang picked up the call with a perturbed heart. It wasn’t the kind of indiscriminate scolding that she had imagined. Instead, it was ye Linlang’s extremely weak crying voice that surprised her. “Linlang, come back quickly! Your father! Something happened –” Without waiting for Ye Linlang to respond, the call was abruptly hung up. .. Ye Linlang had never heard Madam Ye call her name like this before. She had never heard Madam Ye call her name in such a fl.u.s.tered tone, with a sobbing and choking tone, and even a pleading tone. Father… something happened? ! Ye Linlang’s beautiful brows instantly furrowed. What exactly happened? Her left eyelid began to twitch in a fl.u.s.ter. For No Reason, Ye Linlang felt that it must be a very serious matter. Otherwise, Madam Ye would definitely not call her like this. Ye Linlang hurriedly dialed back. However, there was a busy tone on the other end. Immediately following that was an extremely mechanical female voice. “I’m sorry, the number you have dialed has been switched off.” .. The bad premonition in Ye Linlang’s heart grew stronger and stronger. Why was her phone suddenly switched off? ! What on Earth happened to Ye Haifeng? ! She was already very close to the Ye family’s estate, so ye Linlang immediately took large strides and ran towards the ye family’s villa. The afternoon sun was blazing hot, and the scalding hot wind brushed away ye Linlang’s bangs, causing sweat to fall down. She was in a panic, an unspeakable panic. Could it be that ye Haifeng had been kidnapped? No matter what, Ye Haifeng could be considered a somewhat famous company in City A. What if some people in the underworld were greedy for money and did such a thing? ! Other than that, Ye Linlang couldn’t think of what would happen to Ye Haifeng. .. In the entire ye family, ye Haifeng was the only one who treated ye Linlang relatively well. At least, he wouldn’t be like Madam Ye, using the words ‘little disaster star’to insult her. And most importantly, ye Haifeng admitted that he was his daughter. .. And the pa.s.sersby looked strangely at the girl who was panting. Ye Linlang couldn’t care less about the looks of those people. She hurriedly ran to the entrance of the residential area and ran to the Ye family’s villa. Everything in the courtyard was very quiet. There were no signs of damage. There were even maids watering the irises. When Ye Linlang saw this strange scene, she immediately frowned deeply. “Um… did something happen today?” The maid who was wearing a white and Blue Filipino maid uniform raised her head and looked at ye Linlang with an inexplicable expression. “No.” Ye Linlang bit the corner of her lips. She did not dare to ask too much. After all, since Madam Ye did not spread the news, she definitely did not want everyone to know. “Then… is Madam ye around?” The maid knew that Ye Linlang could not call madam ye a mother. She looked at her sympathetically and pointed to a room above. “Yes, I saw Madam Ye drinking tea in the living room in the afternoon. She’s probably sleeping in her room now.” .. Ye Linlang nodded. Her heart was heavy. She did not think that Madam Ye had the need to lie to her. It was not a fake number. She ran upstairs and saw that Madam Ye’s door was tightly shut. She pushed it open and was shocked by the scene inside. Madam Ye did not have her usual exquisite makeup. Instead, her hair was messy and her eyes were red as she fell to the ground. .. Ye Linlang was shocked. She was about to say something when madam ye hugged her leg tightly! “Linlang! Count me begging you, I beg you to save your father!”

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