Chapter 1388: Chapter 1388 Jiang Qiran’s fear

The fan above his head spun noisily. Jiang Qiran stood in front of Ye Linlang. His eyes were still cold and sharp, as if his whole body was covered in a layer of ice. “This is the surveillance camera I just got from the front desk. I copied it into this phone. Take a look.” Ye Linlang looked at the cold-faced youth and suddenly handed the front desk phone over. Before Jiang Qiran could open the video to watch, Ye Linlang sighed lightly. “Qiran, I don’t know what you’ve misunderstood about Yin Zihan and me, but today, I was almost molested by a guest. He saved me.” .. Jiang Qiran opened the phone and was stunned when he saw the video on the surveillance camera. “You’re saying that the two middle-aged men who were arrested by the police earlier weren’t causing trouble because of a fight, but because they…” Jiang Qiran looked at Ye Linlang’s beautiful face and was unable to say those two words for a moment. It was as if there was a thorn in his throat, as if there was a knife in his back. His hand trembled as he clicked on the video. The video was silent, but through the camera lens, he could clearly see the two middle-aged men surrounding ye Linlang one after the other. One of them covered ye Linlang’s mouth, while the other took out a stack of banknotes with malicious intent and actually wanted to stuff them into ye Linlang’s skirt! When Jiang Qiran saw this scene, his handsome brows suddenly furrowed. His vision turned black, and his teeth were tightly clenched together. “Those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!” Jiang Qiran’s voice was almost forced out through gritted teeth. When she saw Jiang Qiran’s extremely hateful look towards the two middle-aged men in the scene, Ye Linlang didn’t know why, but her heart was moved. But when she thought of the scene where he fought with Yin zihan, she felt more tired. Ye Linlang rubbed the s.p.a.ce between her tired eyebrows. “You saw it too. Yin Zihan saved me next. I didn’t plan to meet him here.” “The reason why we were in the lounge together was that Yin Zihan fought with the two men to save me. Then, I gave him the ointment to stop the bleeding. I don’t need to tell you the rest, do I?” Ye Linlang’s face was a little tired. After so many things that had happened today, she was really tired. .. Jiang Qiran looked at ye Linlang’s thin figure. He stretched out his hand nervously. He did not want to hear ye Linlang mention the name Yin Zihan. He hugged ye Linlang tightly. He only felt that his heart was so heavy that it was as if someone had poured lead into it. “Linlang, I’m very sorry.” The youth’s voice was low and m.u.f.fled. This was the first time he had apologized to someone. He did not hesitate at all. He only regretted that he had come too late. He had not protected her well. .. Ye Linlang was quietly held in Jiang Qiran’s arms. She did not struggle for a long time, but she did not respond either. She leaned her head on Jiang Qiran’s shoulder, looking a little lost. “Qiran, what do you think will happen if there isn’t even trust between a couple?” Jiang Qiran stretched out his hands and adjusted ye Linlang’s face, forcing ye Linlang to look at him. However, his crescent-like eyes didn’t have the usual bright feeling. Instead, they were gray. Jiang Qiran’s heart sank. “I’m afraid of Losing You. A few days ago, when I saw Yin zihan confess to you at the cla.s.s reunion, I felt like I was going crazy.” “Can you understand this kind of feeling?” Ye Linlang smiled bitterly. Listening to the youth’s m.u.f.fled voice, it was as if she could hear Jiang Qiran’s fear. So… Even someone as powerful as the person in front of her would have moments of fear. She reached out and hugged Jiang Qiran, her gaze somewhat pained. “I know.” .. When Jiang Qiran heard ye Linlang say this, his heart finally felt a little more at ease. He thought of the two middle-aged men who dared to lay their hands on Ye Linlang earlier, and his eyes immediately darkened. “Linlang, you don’t have to work in this shop anymore, right? If you want anything or if you’re short of money, I can buy it for you.” This proposal really scared ye Linlang. She was prepared to buy a birthday present for Jiang Qiran. If she used Jiang Qiran’s money to buy that s.p.a.ce capsule ma.s.sage chair, wouldn’t that be too heartless? ! .. Thus, Ye Linlang shook her head. “I still earned the money myself, so I can spend it more freely. Qiran, I don’t want others to look down on me and think that I can only achieve anything by relying on you.” Even though her current academic results were among the best in Lingyun High School, Ye Linlang still heard many people talking about it. They said that they were just borrowing Jiang Qiran’s light. If Jiang Qiran didn’t give her special guidance, how could ye Linlang have such excellent academic results? Yes, Ye Linlang knew that she could get to this stage because Jiang Qiran gave her a lot of guidance, but ye Linlang really didn’t want everyone to ignore her efforts. She didn’t want to live under Jiang Qiran’s shadow. .. Jiang Qiran knew that ye Linlang had such an independent personality. On one hand, he admired her, but on the other hand, it also made Jiang Qiran feel a sense of defeat. After all, she was his girlfriend, and he really wanted to do everything he could to treat her well. However, Ye Linlang wanted to rely on himself, so he could only help, not plan everything. “Alright then, but if there’s such a situation again, can you call me first?” Ye Linlang smiled and nodded at Jiang Qiran. “Yes, of course! But it’s best if there’s no next time! And I only plan to work until the middle of this month.” Who wanted to be hara.s.sed by those two wretched middle-aged men! Fortunately, it didn’t work out, or it would really be a nightmare! .. Jiang Qiran stroked ye Linlang’s hair with a doting expression. “Okay, I’ll listen to you.” Ye Linlang felt that since everything had been clarified, in order to maintain the mystery of her gift, she tried to suggest it to Jiang Qiran. “Qiran, anyway, I think that the most important thing between a couple is trust. Can we calm down for a few days? Don’t see each other for a few days.” Jiang Qiran was stunned. He didn’t understand ye Linlang’s intention at all. “Why?” Ye Linlang stretched out her hand and made a V sign, smiling mischievously. “I have a mysterious surprise for you. Anyway, when the time comes, you will definitely be shocked!” Usually, girlfriends would give gifts to boys such as mannequins, food, hand-woven scarves, and so on. She hoped that Jiang Qiran would like her gifts. “Alright, I’m going to work. You can go back first. Otherwise, it will affect my work. The boss will deduct my salary.” As Ye Linlang said this, she let go of Jiang Qiran’s hand and took the phone she borrowed from the front desk. She took the lead and walked out. Looking at ye Linlang’s receding figure, Jiang Qiran seemed to be deep in thought and didn’t stop her. .. Thinking of the two middle-aged men in the video, Jiang Qiran’s eyes suddenly turned cold. He had just forwarded the screenshots of the two men’s faces to his mobile phone, and had people check their ident.i.ties. How dare you bully his girlfriend like this, just wait for the consequences!

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