Chapter 1387: Chapter 1387, the asura arena

Ye Linlang was completely stunned by this terrifying scene! “Qiran, things aren’t what you think. Don’t be rash –” Ye Linlang recalled how Yin Zihan helped her up out of goodwill because she was dizzy earlier. She didn’t expect Jiang Qiran to see it so easily! No! Jiang Qiran might even misunderstand! .. Ye Linlang was clearly shouting beside her ear, but Jiang Qiran didn’t seem to care about her at all. His eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s, scaring ye Linlang so much that her body trembled. Ye Linlang thought about how Jiang Qiran had trained in the military camp, and she was even more afraid that Jiang Qiran would be ruthless towards Yin Zihan! As expected, when Jiang Qiran started fighting, he didn’t show any mercy at all. His moves were so ruthless and swift that it was shocking! Even Yin zihan, who had fought one against two in the restaurant, could not withstand such a swift and fierce attack from Jiang Qiran! .. Yin zihan could not care less about ye Linlang anymore. He quickly put on a serious att.i.tude and waited. He was already very unhappy with Jiang Qiran, especially after the cla.s.smate gathering that day. Yin zihan took a step back. His expression did not seem to care about the poison that Jiang Qiran was using at this moment. He even looked at Jiang Qiran provocatively. “Ha, isn’t this our campus belle, the legendary top student and Prince Charming? Why, so a dignified campus belle is just this petty?” “You’re the one who instigated ye Linlang to cut ties with me a few days ago, right?” Ye Linlang didn’t expect Yin Zihan to have such a suicidal personality. He knew he couldn’t beat Jiang Qiran, but he still dared to do it! .. And Yin Zihan’s words were undoubtedly the last straw that crushed Jiang Qiran. Jiang Qiran hated Yin zihan who deliberately approached ye Linlang. At this moment, Yin Zihan was even provoking him without any regard for his life! “Ha, very good, Yin Zihan! It seems that you didn’t remember what I said at the Imperial Court Hotel Last Time!” Jiang Qiran’s eyes were bloodshot like a ferocious beast that had been provoked to the extreme. He raised his leg and kicked over the tea table and stool beside him, directly holding Yin Zihan’s hands tightly! Jiang Qiran had specially trained his grappling skills when he was encamped with the army. Such a professional stance was not something an amateur like Yin Zihan could match! Ye Linlang seemed to hear the sound of bones cracking! Her eyes widened, and her porcelain-white face instantly lost its color! .. One was her boyfriend, and the other was the benefactor who had saved her from the perverted man in the restaurant previously. Ye Linlang had a headache now! “Are you done? ! Stop!” Ye Linlang stood between Jiang Qiran and Yin Zihan in exasperation. She dragged Jiang Qiran with one hand and yin zihan with the other. Her eyes were watery from anger. .. Jiang Qiran sneered coldly. Although his tone was not high, it made ye Linlang Tremble in fear. “Stop? You want me to stop fighting with a man who stole my girlfriend? !” Jiang Qiran’s eyes were deep and dark. Under the lights in the room, his deep and narrow eyes seemed to be so dark that they could not penetrate even half of the light. The situation of the battle was not too obvious. Yin zihan could not defeat him at all. Ye Linlang’s intervention was not for him. It was to protect a man who wanted to steal her from him! This realization made the expression on Jiang Qiran’s face turn even colder. Who Was Ye Linlang’s boyfriend? ! .. Ye Linlang’s legs and legs trembled when she was questioned by Jiang Qiran. She clearly did not feel guilty at all. However, when she looked at Jiang Qiran’s eyes that were almost scarlet, ye Linlang somehow felt that she had done something wrong to him. Ye Linlang’s face softened. She let go of their hands and looked like a child who had made a mistake. “Qiran, can you please listen to the explanation? There’s really nothing between Yin Zihan and me. Please don’t misunderstand.” “Misunderstand — ?” Jiang Qiran’s sarcastic tone made ye Linlang even more worried. .. Jiang Qiran suddenly let go of Yin zihan as if he was throwing away some trash. Yin zihan suddenly lost his strength. He staggered a few steps before he stabilized himself and sat down on the chair in the lounge. His face was so pale that he couldn’t even look. Even a few drops of cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He really didn’t expect that Jiang Qiran, who looked like a skinny straight-a student, would be so agile. He was obviously a martial artist! .. When Ye Linlang saw that Jiang Qiran let go of Yin zihan, she heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. She looked at Yin Zihan’s pale face and felt even more guilty. “Yin Zihan, are you alright? I’ll call a doctor for you.” With the principle of losing without losing, although Yin Zihan was in so much pain that he almost cried out, he did not want to lose face in front of Ye Linlang. He could only grit his teeth and endure it. “It’s okay.” .. Jiang Qiran snorted again. Yin Zihan was really putting on airs. He had just broken his left hand, otherwise, yin zihan wouldn’t be sweating like rain. “I broke his left hand. Ye Linlang, if you continue to flirt with him, I don’t mind continuing to break his right hand.” Jiang Qiran’s eyes were cold, and there was a kind of paranoia in them. ”…” Ye Linlang looked at Jiang Qiran’s jaw, which was as cold as steel, and was immediately shocked. Although she had been boyfriend and girlfriend with Jiang Qiran for so long, Jiang Qiran had always been very accommodating to her in front of her, except for the last time when they parted on bad terms. It was almost impossible to go from east to west. However, Ye Linlang had never come into contact with such a cold and stern side before. .. “Ye Linlang, I’m in pain.” However, Yin Zihan was not as good as Jiang Qiran. He knew that Ye Linlang felt guilty towards him, so he could not pretend to be fine anymore. He started to speak pitifully. Ye Linlang bit the corner of his lips. “Yin zihan, I’m sorry…” Jiang Qiran glared at Ye Linlang, his entire body exuding a fierce aura. He pulled ye Linlang over, his voice clear and deep. “Ye Linlang, do you take my words for granted?” “Very well, then I’ll keep my word!” Jiang Qiran then rushed forward, as if he was going to cripple Yin Zihan’s right hand! Ye Linlang was almost scared out of her wits by Jiang Qiran’s stance, how would she dare to disobey him! She quickly reached out and hugged Jiang Qiran tightly. “I was wrong! I’m not talking to him anymore! Calm down! Calm down!” Ye Linlang quickly gestured to Yin Zihan to leave. Seeing that Yin Zihan was sitting there stubbornly and afraid that Jiang Qiran would really attack Yin zihan again, Ye Linlang quickly dialed the hospital’s number. “Is this city a central hospital? We have someone injured here, please…” .. Not long after ye Linlang hung up the phone, Yin Zihan was finally taken away. Only Ye Linlang and Jiang Qiran were left, speechless. The windows were open, and the wind was very strong at the moment. Hot air was blowing in from outside, and there were even cicadas chirping on the trees that did not know when to stop. It was very annoying. Ye Linlang had already asked for the surveillance cameras in the shop for the day.

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