Chapter 1385: Chapter 1385 harming oneself instead of others!

The skinny middle-aged man did not expect that Cheng Yaojin would suddenly appear out of nowhere. His eyes were filled with stars, and he was in so much pain that tears began to flow down his face! No! He felt that his hand was broken! Thinking of this, the middle-aged man with a pointy mouth and monkey cheeks immediately screamed like a pig being slaughtered! “Who the h.e.l.l Dares to hit me? ! Do You Want to die? ! Old Liu, quickly come and help me!” However, before he could finish his sentence, he saw a young man wearing a handsome motorcycle suit and diamond earrings standing in front of him. He threw him to the ground with a punch! “I’m hitting you!” “Aiyo! My old waist!” The lean middle-aged man was in so much pain that his face turned pale. He only felt that his waist had been broken by someone. He glared fiercely at the handsome teenager in the motorcycle suit, but his legs gave way and he fell to the ground! “Old Liu! What are you standing there for? !” Ye Linlang had thought that she would be beaten up, but things had changed too quickly and she was shocked by this scene. She turned her head around in a daze and realized that Yin Zihan had appeared in front of her. “Ye Linlang, are you alright? Did they take advantage of you? !” Yin zihan looked at Ye Linlang anxiously. In his panic, he could not help but hold her hand and look around. Ye Linlang had a very… indescribable feeling in her heart. She had just said a few days ago that she wanted to cut ties with Yin Zihan. However, she did not expect that when she was almost bullied by two middle-aged sc.u.mbags, Yin zihan would step forward and save her from the fire and water. Thinking of the words that she had said a few days ago, Ye Linlang was also a little embarra.s.sed. However, no matter what, she had to thank Yin Zihan. Ye Linlang smiled gratefully at Yin Zihan, and her face was filled with lingering fear. “I’m fine. It was all thanks to you just now. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t know…” Thinking about how she was almost stuffed with money by two disgusting middle-aged men who were enough to be her father, Ye Linlang felt very terrified. Fortunately, it didn’t happen. Yin zihan also heaved a sigh of relief. He reluctantly let go of Ye Linlang’s arm with a complicated expression. He didn’t know whether to be happy or disappointed. .. The other plump middle-aged man was old Liu. When he saw his companion who was thrown to the ground by a punch, his eyes immediately widened. He didn’t expect this youth to be so strong! He quickly helped his friend up and stared at Ye Linlang and Yin Zihan with his puffy and dark eyes. When he saw that Yin Zihan was immersed in the conversation with the student waitress, he was instantly enraged. “Go to h.e.l.l!” After a shout, the fat middle-aged man immediately grabbed a porcelain vase that was used as a decoration and threw it at the back of Yin Zihan’s head! This young man in motorcycle clothes not only ruined their plans, but also made his brother lose face! He, Old Liu, was a famous figure in City A. How could he be bullied by a young man! .. “Be careful!” Ye Linlang stood behind Yin Zihan and naturally saw the middle-aged man who stood up behind him! She didn’t know where she got the strength from, but she immediately pushed Yin zihan away. Just as the porcelain vase was about to smash towards them, Ye Linlang was yanked away and thrown to the side. Yin zihan dodged in time and used a sweep kick to send the vase flying. The customers saw them fighting, so they didn’t dare to eat here. One by one, they all gathered around to watch the show. The fat middle-aged man was a tough guy on the outside but weak on the inside. He did not expect the teenager in the motorcycle uniform to be so skilled! He gritted his teeth and could not care about anything else. He picked up the sirloin steak that someone had ordered and threw it ruthlessly in the direction of Ye Linlang and Yin Zihan! “I’ll smash you to death! How dare you make me lose face!” The middle-aged man roared. His voice was so sharp that it made people’s ears explode! .. Ye Linlang did not expect things to develop to this extent. She knew that she was not good enough and would only slow down Yin zihan. She quickly picked up her phone and dialed the police station number. “h.e.l.lo, is this the police station of city a? This is the Golden Lake restaurant in the city center. Someone is using alcohol to cause trouble.” The chubby middle-aged man named Old Liu could not beat Yin zihan to begin with. Now that he saw that ye Linlang dared to call the police station’s number, his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets! .. “B * Stard! How dare you call the police! I will definitely beat you to death today!” His eyes were red, and blood was seeping out of them! He directly threw a stool made of iron to Ye Linlang! This was no small matter! Ye Linlang’s body trembled. However, in that instant, Yin zihan directly kicked the round table over, causing the iron stool to hit the middle-aged wealthy businessman in the stomach! This was probably harming himself instead of others! The middle-aged man with a stout face roared in pain. Finally, like his partner, he could not take it anymore and directly fell to the ground. .. At this time, the restaurant manager rushed over in a hurry. He did not know what was right or wrong and directly scolded ye Linlang! “Ye Linlang! What are you doing here! wasn’t it just a few jokes from the customers? Why did you instigate others to fight with the customers!” “Aiyo! These tables and chairs are all broken! Your salary isn’t even enough to pay for it!” Before ye Linlang could defend herself, Yin zihan took a step forward and stood in front of the manager dressed in elite attire. “What? ! are the waiters in your restaurant allowed to be bullied by others? !” The manager dressed in a suit with an elite look was displeased. Someone actually dared to talk back to him! However, when he raised his head, he was so scared that he immediately took a step back. Wasn’t this President Yin’s nephew? Moreover, there was only one male in the younger generation of the Yin family. It was said that he was the future heir of the Yin Group! Moreover, the Yin group had been in the limelight in city a for the past few years. It was not a force to be trifled with! The restaurant manager immediately kept quiet and kept smiling at Yin Zihan and Ye Linlang. “Ahem, don’t misunderstand, Young Master Yin. Our restaurant will definitely protect the interests of our employees!” When Ye Linlang saw that Yin Zihan was injured because of her, she immediately felt guilty. “Um… Your hand seems to be bleeding. There’s a hemostatic ointment in the backstage lounge. Do you want to go and get some with me?” Yin zihan looked at Ye Linlang’s distressed look and felt inexplicably happy. “I’d love to.” .. When Jiang Qiran arrived, he saw a few eye-catching police cars parked outside Golden Lake restaurant. What happened here? When he thought of ye Linlang working here, he immediately frowned and quickened his pace.

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