Chapter 1381: Chapter 1381 breaking up and taking secret photos

Ye Siyao hadn’t even gotten out of her Audi when she noticed the blue-colored Lamborghini in front of her. Wait a minute, Ye Siyao felt like she had seen such a flashy convertible sports car before. She carefully observed the license plate number of the car and suddenly had an impression! Isn’t that — Isn’t that Yin Zihan’s car? ! Although Yin Zihan rarely came to school and the luxurious cars that came to school were often changed, Ye Siyao still had an impression of this car! But why did Yin zihan come to their place all of a sudden? According to What Ye Siyao knew, Yin Zihan’s address was thousands of miles away from here. It was impossible for him to be on the way! Could it be that Yin zihan came to confess his love to Ye Linlang twice? Because ye Linlang left with Jiang Qiran, Ye Siyao didn’t expect ye Linlang to be sitting in the car. As she looked at the Lamborghini, she suddenly had a plan. She asked the driver to stop the car and was ready to intercept the people in the car! .. Ye Siyao sneakily hid behind the car. When she saw the Blue Lamborghini stop. Her heart jumped. She had long needed a chance to vent her anger. She needed to make fun of Yin zihan today. If she couldn’t catch him, she had to come to the residential area to intercept him! There was no other reason. It was because ye Siyao was having a very bad time at today’s cla.s.s reunion. Jiang Qiran and Yin zihan, the two school weeds, left the seats one after another. Shen Xier, that crazy miss, actually started to lose her temper all over ye Siyao! .. Ye Siyao held her breath, waiting for Yin Zihan to come down and mock her. But who would have thought that the first person to open the door wasn’t the main driver, but the pa.s.senger seat! Ye Siyao was a little far away from Yin zihan earlier on so she wouldn’t be discovered. She never thought that there would be another person next to Yin zihan! .. Ye Siyao’s eyes instantly widened as she watched ye Linlang get out of Yin Zihan’s eye-catching Lamborghini sports car. Was her eyes playing tricks on her? ! Ye Siyao rubbed her eyes hard, but she saw ye Linlang standing in front of Yin Zihan. His voice was light. “You don’t have to send me off.” What a nice sentence, you don’t have to send me off! Ye Siyao heard those words clearly and an indescribable jealousy immediately rose in her heart! Before Yin Zihan got out of the car, Ye Siyao rushed over with a sneer! “Yo, what did I just see? A shameless couple? !” Ye Linlang and Yin zihan were both shocked! They never thought that they would coincidentally into Ye Siyao Here! Ye Linlang saw the jealousy and mockery on Ye Siyao’s face and immediately frowned. Her voice suddenly turned cold. “Ye Siyao, what nonsense are you talking about?” Ye Siyao shrugged her shoulders. She probably relied on Shen Xier as a backer, so she wasn’t too afraid of Yin Zihan now. HMPH. Anyway, Shen xier would protect her if she found out about this adulterous couple’s affair. After all, Shen Xier had always asked her to monitor ye Linlang’s movements! Such a big piece of news must be very valuable! .. “Ye Linlang, you have the nerve to say that I’m talking nonsense?” Ye Siyao glanced at ye Linlang’s clear and watery face with jealousy. She felt that ye Linlang wasn’t that good-looking after all. She really didn’t know where she got such good luck! “Look at yourself. You’re obviously Jiang Qiran’s girlfriend, but what about you! You were actually sent back by Young Master Yin! TSK TSK, I really feel bad for Jiang Qiran!” “Such a fickle girlfriend. I’m afraid that Jiang Qiran’s head is already covered with gra.s.slands, right? !” Thinking about how ye Linlang used to stay out all night, the expression on Ye Siyao’s face became even more twisted. “Ye Linlang, did you already sleep with Jiang Qiran and Yin Zihan? TSK TSK TSK, so dirty!” Ye Linlang didn’t think that Ye Siyao, who was about the same age as her, would actually be able to say so many slanderous things! Her expression was indifferent as she coldly shot back at Ye Siyao. “Ye Siyao, your eyes are dirty when you look at people. Don’t think that others are dirty!” “You –” Ye Siyao was furious. She had already caught ye Linlang cheating, yet ye Linlang still dared to quibble! She swung her sleeves, wanting to directly slap ye Linlang’s face! However, what ye Siyao didn’t expect was that Yin zihan, who had jumped out of the car at some point in time, suddenly grabbed ye Siyao’s hand. “A dog’s mouth can’t spit out ivory!” Ye Siyao was very angry when she heard this. She was about to say something, but Yin Zihan’s terrifying gaze scared her so much that she took a step back. “I, Yin Zihan, never hit women, but ye Siyao, if you were standing here, I’m not sure if I would make an exception!” This was a threat! Ye Siyao’s heart was filled with hatred and anger, but in the end, she didn’t dare to fight with a man like Yin zihan. She glared at Ye Linlang with hatred and then walked into the community with her tail between her legs. However, halfway through, Ye Siyao still had a grudge in her heart. She thought about it and finally tiptoed to hide behind a rock at the entrance of the community. She raised her phone and started to secretly take photos! .. Ye Linlang and Yin zihan were standing outside the door at that moment. Ye Linlang thought about what happened today and her heart ached. Jiang Qiran’s angry look today and ye Siyao’s sarcasm from before surfaced in her mind. She clenched her hands and her emotions finally calmed down. She looked solemnly at Yin Zihan and spoke softly. “Yin Zihan, I don’t know if you’re sincere or if you’re just playing a prank by confessing to me at the party today, but I think you’ve already caused a misunderstanding to the people around me. I’m also very troubled, so –” “What if I Say I’m sincere? !” Yin zihan looked at ye Linlang’s stinging expression and felt a wave of discomfort in his heart. He couldn’t help but interrupt ye Linlang. Ye Linlang was startled when she heard this. She bit her lip bitterly and finally said this with determination. “I already have a boyfriend, and I don’t like you either… Yin zihan, let’s break up.” Break Up? ! The summer wind was strong, but the girl’s voice was calm and clear. Yin Zihan’s eyes turned red. He had kindly saved her life by the roadside, and he had kindly sent her back, and all he got was these two words? ! He clenched his fists, and it took him a long time to find his voice. It sounded sloppy, but his heart ached. “Breaking up… I can, but I have one condition. Ye Linlang, can you give me a hug before that? Treat it as caring for your cla.s.smate.” Ye Linlang was stunned when she heard this. “You can’t even do that?” The bitterness on Yin Zihan’s face made ye Linlang unable to bear it. and thinking of breaking up with him in the future, Ye Linlang finally nodded. “Okay.” .. At the entrance of the residential area, a young man and woman gently hugged each other. They separated before long. However, no one noticed that behind the big rock in the residential area, the sound of a shutter was heard quietly. It recorded the scene just now.

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