Chapter 1380: Chapter 1380 Ye Linlang, you’re courting death!

Ye Linlang stared at Jiang Qiran’s determined figure as he left, and for a moment, she was stunned on the spot. By the time she wanted to chase after him, the youth’s slender figure had already disappeared at the corner of the street. For some reason, Ye Linlang’s heart ached terribly. She kept feeling that if she let Jiang Qiran leave like this, she would never be able to chase after that figure again. .. Ye Linlang threw down the various types of bread and desserts that she had already paid for in a panic. She directly opened the gla.s.s door and chased after him. However, under the vast night sky and the neon lights everywhere, where was Jiang Qiran’s figure? She and Jiang Qiran had really never had a cold war. Not to mention a Cold War, they had never even had a small quarrel. Such an unexpected conflict caught ye Linlang completely off guard. It was to the extent that even Jiang Qiran was lost. On the huge street, Ye Linlang was in a panic. She actually felt like she was alone. A burst of bright white light flashed beside her. Ye Linlang was a little dizzy from the shaking, and there were already pedestrians shouting beside her. “Be careful! The car is coming!” “Little girl, quickly avoid it!” Ye Linlang didn’t know if it was because of the emotions Jiang Qiran left behind or something else, but she felt her legs go weak. She clearly wanted to avoid it, but she actually felt that her footsteps were so heavy. Just as her eyes were hurting from the light of the approaching truck, thinking that she was going to die for sure. Suddenly, someone pulled her arm heavily. .. Ye Linlang’s body was lifted up by the wind, and she was quickly pulled to a safe position. The truck that ran the yellow light whistled past, barely brus.h.i.+ng past ye Linlang, and didn’t hurt her. However, Ye Linlang’s foot had tripped on a protruding brick. With a Kacha Sound, there was a faint tingling pain. .. After such an accident, Ye Linlang was so scared that she felt uneasy. Before she could see who saved her, she felt that strong and strong arm and subconsciously blurted out. “Qiran!” It was probably between life and death, so ye Linlang stubbornly believed that Jiang Qiran must have come to save her. .. However, before ye Linlang could look up, she immediately heard an exasperated reprimand. “Ye Linlang, what’s wrong with you? ! Why are you standing alone in front of the traffic light, and you’re still absent-minded? Do you know that this place is very dangerous? !” Hearing that voice clearly, Ye Linlang’s heart was struck hard. She looked up, and for some reason, a few tears welled up in her eyes. The figure reflected in her pupils. She was indeed tall and slender, but… it was not Jiang Qiran. It was Yin Zihan. .. Yin zihan had naturally heard ye Linlang calling out Jiang Qiran’s name earlier. Now that he saw ye Linlang’s disappointed look, he immediately felt indignant and resentful. “Are you sick? ! Don’t tell me you had a fight with Jiang Qiran? And then he left you behind. Don’t you want to stand by the side of the Road?” Ye Linlang listened to Yin zihan’s scolding silently. Her heart felt empty. It was as if something was stuck in her throat and she could not speak. Seeing ye Linlang’s calm appearance, it made Yin Zihan’s heart burn with anger. He kicked the trash can beside him, causing the other pa.s.sersby to look at him. “h.e.l.lo? ! Why aren’t you speaking? Are You Mute? Or are you scared by that Big Truck?” Ye Linlang did not expect Yin zihan to be so hot-tempered. He kicked the trash can without saying a word. She quickly reached out and pulled Yin zihan back. “What are you doing? ! Don’t destroy public property! You’ll be fined!” Yin zihan saw that ye Linlang had finally opened her mouth to speak, and his heart relaxed. The smile of cynicism returned to his face, and he even pushed ye Linlang’s shoulder. “Yo, you’re willing to pay attention to me?” When Ye Linlang was pulled to a safe position by Yin zihan, she accidentally twisted her ankle, and she immediately cried out in pain. Seeing ye Linlang’s pained look, yin zihan immediately understood that she was not faking it. He glanced at the ankle that ye Linlang was staring at, and he immediately squatted down nervously. “Are you okay? Did you sprain your ankle? Do you want me to send you home? My Car Is Right in front.” “No Need!” Although ye Linlang had already said that she refused, yin zihan had already held onto ye Linlang’s shoulder without any resistance. They did not notice that a youth with an ice-cold expression had unknowingly stood at the corner. As he watched them carry him away, his expression became colder and colder. Jiang Qiran did not know that ye Linlang had almost gotten into a car accident earlier. When he arrived, he saw Yin zihan pus.h.i.+ng and shoving ye Linlang, as if they were very close, but he could not hear what he said clearly. He stared at the two of them. It was clearly a hot summer night, but Jiang Qiran felt as if he was standing in a world of ice and snow, and his heart was covered with a piece of ice. Was this the promise she had made to him earlier that she would stay far away from Yin Zihan? Was this the reason why she had never said goodbye to Yin Zihan? This answer immediately made Jiang Qiran’s heart ache even more. Perhaps it was due to his pride, Jiang Qiran suddenly turned around and walked towards another intersection without looking back. .. Ye Linlang was forcefully dragged by Yin Zihan and walked over, feeling very stifled. If it wasn’t for Yin Zihan saving her life at the intersection, Ye Linlang would have walked away. Yin Zihan’s car happened to be parked not far from the bakery. When he pa.s.sed by, the cas.h.i.+er of the bakery caught a glimpse of Ye Linlang and quickly rushed out with the bread and desserts that she had paid for earlier. “Miss, you forgot something. Because I was the only one in the shop, I couldn’t find you earlier. Now that you’re here, you can take it.” Ye Linlang looked at the bag of desserts. They were obviously sweet, but ye Linlang felt very bitter inside. “No need.” Yin Zihan was also stunned. He was very unhappy when he saw ye Linlang’s bitter face. He immediately took the bag from the cas.h.i.+er’s hand. “If you don’t want it, give it to me. Take it as a life-saving gift.” ”…” It was the first time ye Linlang had seen someone talking to himself like that. Ye Linlang looked at Yin Zihan’s ruffian smile and also lost to him, so she nodded. The cas.h.i.+er looked at Yin zihan curiously. It was another handsome guy. The cold and handsome guy who accompanied ye Linlang just now, but this one seemed even more devilish. And with such a fast speed, there were already two men beside this little girl. “What are you sizing up?” Yin Zihan’s smile suddenly disappeared and he frowned. The cas.h.i.+er smiled sheepishly and quickly hid back into the shop. She felt that the two handsome men who were mixed up with this girl didn’t have good tempers. .. Because it was inconvenient to twist her ankle, Ye Linlang couldn’t win against Yin Zihan in the end and was sent home by Yin Zihan. But who would have thought that when she reached the entrance of the community, she would into ye Siyao who had just arrived home as well!

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