Chapter 1379: Chapter 1379 Happy Break-up

Ye Linlang had never seen Jiang Qiran so angry before. The two walked out of the royal court hotel. Along the way, a waiter wanted to greet them, but due to Jiang Qiran’s face that was colder than h.e.l.l, he immediately backed out. Ye Linlang was dragged by Jiang Qiran all the way to the sunken square, and her hand hurt a little. Looking at Jiang Qiran’s bone-chilling face, Ye Linlang subconsciously felt a little worried. Her usually arrogant boyfriend was angry. What should she do? ! She was waiting for the answer online! .. She carefully tugged at the corner of Jiang Qiran’s s.h.i.+rt with a fawning look on her face. “Qiran, are you hungry? We haven’t eaten anything just now. Why Don’t we go to a cake shop? There’s a shop ahead. Do you want to eat some together?” Jiang Qiran turned around. His expression was like a layer of ice and snow as he changed the topic. “From today onwards, you and Yin Zihan are no longer friends.” ”…” Ye Linlang was speechless. If she had nothing to do, wouldn’t she look crazy if she went to Yin Zihan and told him that they were no longer friends? Moreover, Yin Zihan had said at the party that he had a good impression of her, but that was all for today! .. Seeing ye Linlang’s silence, Jiang Qiran thought that she didn’t want to give up the chance to have a good suitor as a backup. He tugged at Ye Linlang’s finger. His back was stiff due to his anger, and his entire person was cold. “Ye Linlang, you have a boyfriend. Don’t tell me you enjoy the feeling of being confessed to in public?” Ye Linlang had never seen such an expression on Jiang Qiran’s face. At least, Jiang Qiran would not be like this when he faced her. .. Ye Linlang felt extremely wronged. “Then I can’t break up with someone for no reason! I don’t even have his phone number! At most, I’ll try my best to avoid him in the future.” When Jiang Qiran heard ye Linlang say that she did not have Yin Zihan’s phone number, his heart finally relaxed a little. However, when she heard ye Linlang say that she would try her best to avoid it, there was a strange sour feeling in her heart again. She felt that something was suddenly stuck in her throat, and it was very uncomfortable. “Try Your Best?” Jiang Qiran’s gaze was oppressive as she looked at Ye Linlang. Under the dim moonlight, it actually seemed as if not even a ray of light could enter her eyes. “Then what do you want me to do?” Ye Linlang was speechless. She thought about it carefully and gave an example. “Do you want me to run back to the imperial court hotel right now and tell Yin zihan that I want to break up with you in public? Wouldn’t that make us look even more guilty?” G.o.d knows, she didn’t have any interaction with Yin Zihan at all, okay? ! If she and Yin Zihan had been deskmates for a period of time in the first half of the first semester of the first year of high school, that would have been fine. But this semester, Ye Linlang had not even said a few words to Yin zihan! Ye Linlang felt that she was so wronged, even more wronged than Dou E! .. Jiang Qiran thought about the possibility that ye Linlang had mentioned, and he snorted coldly. In the end, he did not mention the matter of breaking up with her. “Where did you say you were going? I’m hungry…” Jiang Qiran said this as a matter of course. This change of topic was so sudden.. Ye Linlang was speechless. This fellow was so mature and calm. In Ye Linlang’s eyes, Jiang Qiran was even more like a child than a child. Extremely willful! .. Ye Linlang sighed in her heart. Forget it, let’s not argue with the “Child.”. “Let’s go. The one in front is the cake shop. Let’s go there.” “Okay.” Jiang Qiran looked at ye Linlang’s flattering smile and felt very pleased in his heart. The anger that had filled his heart just now had mostly dissipated, but on the surface, he still maintained his black face. Ye Linlang knew that he couldn’t bring himself to be arrogant, so she smiled and dragged Jiang Qiran away. Sigh, it was such a pity that she and Jiang Qiran had to pay the money today. That was the royal court hotel, which was hard to come by even if one was rich. It was said that Shen Xier had sent someone to book it. She had only drunk a few mouthfuls of drinks and tasted a few pastries, but she didn’t even have time to eat a few more mouthfuls of the main meal! Ye Linlang’s heart ached for the money that she had paid. However, Jiang Qiran was so difficult to coax, so ye Linlang could only let it go to waste with tears in her eyes. .. Ye Linlang pulled Jiang Qiran into the cake shop. The waiter smiled and nodded at them, but he didn’t intend to go up and promote the shop. Instead, it made ye Linlang’s impression of the shop better. Soft music flowed in the cake shop. Ye Linlang was in a good mood. She took the clip that Jiang Qiran handed over and asked him. “What do you want to eat? I heard from Miao Miao that the egg yolk pastry in this shop is good, and the sandwich doughnut is also very delicious. Oh, and this cheese ball, I strongly recommend it!” Jiang Qiran looked at Ye Linlang, who was acting like a foodie, and his expression softened a little. “Whatever, just buy it as you see fit.” Ye Linlang nodded. Just when Ye Linlang reached out the clip to probe the doughnut, the song in this shop suddenly changed. “Happy break-up, I wish you happiness, you can find a better one.” “Don’t want to spend the winter, tired of being heavy, fly to the tropical island to swim.” “Happy break-up, please be happy, wave goodbye to the wrong, only then can you meet the right “Leaving the old love is like taking a slow train, once you see through it, your heart will be clear …” Hearing that song, Ye Linlang’s expression was a little subtle. Jiang Qiran was already in a bad mood, and the buzzing happiness of breaking up immediately made his face turn black like the bottom of a pot. He turned around coldly and questioned the girl standing in front of the cas.h.i.+er counter. “What’s wrong with your shop? Playing such a song in front of the customers? Are you deliberately cursing others to break up? !” Ye Linlang had never seen Jiang Qiran scold an innocent person so indiscriminately! Although she knew Jiang Qiran was in a bad mood, she still felt that the female shop a.s.sistant was very innocent. She quickly pulled Jiang Qiran back and smiled apologetically at the cas.h.i.+er who looked about the same age. “I’m sorry, my boyfriend drank too much today.” The salesgirl bit the corner of her lips. Obviously, she did not expect such a handsome boy to have such a bad temper. After all, the customers were the most important. She immediately pressed the remote control and changed the song. However, the broadcast of this shop was in a random mode, and this time, it was even worse. “May all the couples in the world be long-lost siblings May all the cinemas and restaurants tonight be empty “Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day, and come out with a cherry blossom.” .. This was the song of a newly popular folk group. Ye Linlang had heard it before, and she couldn’t help but burst into laughter. The gloominess on Jiang Qiran’s face intensified. “Is it really that funny?” Jiang Qiran looked at Ye Linlang coldly. Ye Linlang was stunned, and she was about to call out Jiang Qiran’s name. However, the youth directly shook off her hand, pushed open the door, and left. The real thing, they parted on bad terms.

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