Chapter 1378: Chapter 1378 the taste of a Cold War

At first, everyone felt that it was a pity that Yin zihan chose truth instead of Dare. After all, Dare was more exciting. Perhaps Yin zihan could do something like find a girl to hug in public, and everyone could collectively spread the word on the school forum. But who would have thought that an unruly person like Yin zihan would not choose dare, but chose Truth instead! Fortunately, the question raised by that boy was also very impactful. .. To make Yin zihan confess in public to a girl that he liked or had a good impression of? ! For a moment, everyone could not help but look towards ye Linlang’s position. As everyone knew, although Yin Zihan looked very flirtatious and there were quite a number of girls around him, the only one who gave people a sense of interest was ye Linlang. Originally, Ye Linlang and Jiang Qiran were quietly sitting at the side and whispering in their ears. No one dared to bother them. Now, the whole cla.s.s’s probing gaze made ye Linlang and Jiang Qiran very uncomfortable. Jiang Qiran subconsciously put his arm around ye Linlang’s shoulder. He pursed his lips, and there seemed to be a hint of cold air between his brows. It exuded an aura that prevented strangers from entering. It was terrifying. When everyone saw Jiang Qiran’s oppressive aura, they did not dare to look at him anymore. Hence, the entire cla.s.s’s gaze was almost focused on Yin zihan. There were quite a number of boys from Cla.s.s A who were on pretty good terms with Yin zihan. They immediately mustered up their courage to jeer. “Young Master Yin, say it! If you’re a man, then confess!” “Don’t be afraid! Confess quickly!” “Could it be that young master Yin has been in the midst of thousands of flowers and has never been touched by a single leaf? It Can’t be! I don’t believe that Young Master Yin has never liked anyone before!” “I don’t believe it either!” Everyone’s words were indecipherable. The only thing missing was to directly call out the name of the girl who was supposed to confess. It was ye Linlang. .. At this moment, the lights in the private room were blurred, making it difficult for people to see Yin Zihan’s gaze clearly. They could only see the cynical smile on his lips. However, he had not opened his mouth all this time. It almost made the throat of all the people in grade one cla.s.s A who were watching the show dry up. Was he going to say it or not! What was there to be afraid of! Back then, when they were on the basketball court, didn’t Yin zihan have a match with Jiang Qiran? Why did he not speak at this time? Everyone wished that the pot of porridge would be more messy. Just as they were about to rush him, they saw a girl standing up with a beautiful smile. It was Shen Xier in a light red dress. She had a bright smile on her face. She held a gla.s.s of red wine in her hand and Toasted Yin Zihan. “Yin Zihan, weren’t you on the stage during the school’s anniversary celebration? You said that you admired a girl from our cla.s.s.” As Shen Xier said this, a sarcastic smile appeared on her lips. It was as if she was provoking him. “Back then, in front of the entire school, how did you get to this point, and you became timid instead? Why, are you afraid? Stage Fright? You Don’t dare to say it anymore?” In the end, Shen Xier even lowered her voice and moved closer to Yin zihan, speaking in a voice that only the two of them could hear clearly. “Could it be that you’re such a coward! ?” Yin zihan clenched his fists tightly. He looked at Shen Xier, who had a beautiful smile on her face, and almost wanted to slap her in the face! However… the ident.i.ty of the eldest daughter of the Huanya group was not something that he could easily provoke. The people in the cla.s.s were also dumbfounded by this scene! Who would have thought that the usually gentle G.o.ddess xier would fan the flames here today and encourage Yin zihan to confess! TSK, TSK, tsk. It seemed that Shen Xier still hadn’t let go of Jiang Qiran. .. Just as the atmosphere was in a stalemate, yin zihan suddenly smiled at Shen Xier. Just then, an orange light shone on his face, making his peach blossom eyes look even more devilish. “What’s wrong, Shen Xier? I didn’t expect you to pay so much attention to me. What if I say that I have a good impression of you?” Yin Zihan’s voice was magnetic and charming, and even Shen Xi’er was almost stifled. However… she absolutely did not like this kind of boy who looked somewhat feminine. Shen Xi’er’s mind was shaken by Yin Zihan’s smile, but when she saw the coldness on Yin Zihan’s face, she immediately sobered up. She replied coldly. “Is that so? I don’t believe it.” .. The surrounding Cla.s.s A students were all shocked. Yin zihan actually seemed to… say that he had a good impression of Shen Xi’er? Ye Linlang, who was at the side, suddenly heaved a sigh of relief. Phew, as long as she did not confess to her, it was fine. Otherwise, she would really become the target of public criticism. Just as her heart that had been hanging in the air just now returned to normal, she suddenly heard a loud voice. “Ha, I was just joking with Shen Xi’er. That’s right, I do have someone I like in My Heart.” Ye Linlang’s pupils constricted. This sudden change was too exciting. On the other side, the bewitching youth with Peach Blossom Eyes looked at her with a smile in his eyes, but he also seemed to be resigned to his fate. “Ye Linlang, I like you. Did you hear me clearly?” “However, it will stop at this gathering.” .. Yin Zihan’s two consecutive sentences were no different from earth-shattering shocks, instantly stirring up a storm in the private room. And the two people with the ugliest expressions were Jiang Qiran and Shen Xier. Shen Xier was almost embarra.s.sed because she had just been teased by Yin zihan into making a fake confession. Meanwhile, the other person was currently holding ye Linlang’s hand tightly, his nails almost digging into ye Linlang’s flesh. Ye Linlang let out a low cry and looked at Jiang Qiran awkwardly. “It hurts.” Jiang Qiran’s eyes were cold and filled with hostility. — Yin Zihan, you’re really good! ! Since he said that he would stop liking ye Linlang until this banquet, why did he say it out loud? ! Wasn’t it just to deliberately embarra.s.s him and ye Linlang? ! Ye Linlang looked at Jiang Qiran’s expression that looked like he was about to eat someone up. She looked embarra.s.sed and carefully tugged at the corner of Jiang Qiran’s s.h.i.+rt. “Qiran… Yin zihan must be joking. Moreover, he has already said it until today. It can’t be taken seriously. Please don’t take it to heart.” Please don’t take it to heart? ! Other people had already confessed to his girlfriend, and he still asked him not to take it to heart? ! On the back of Jiang Qiran’s hand, there were already a few faint blue veins. He suddenly pulled ye Linlang up. Ye Linlang was a little hurt by Jiang Qiran’s unexpected action. But Jiang Qiran almost directly pulled her out of the door. Ye Linlang didn’t dare to say anything and could only follow behind Jiang Qiran with a bitter expression. .. When everyone saw Jiang Qiran’s cold expression, they subconsciously made way for him. He was going to leave just like that? The students all had this question in their hearts, but no one dared to stop them. Just as they were about to walk out of the door, Jiang Qiran’s gaze swept across Yin Zihan’s face. “Very good, I remember you.” Yin zihan shrugged his shoulders. “It doesn’t matter. Do you want to fight? I’m happy to accompany you.”

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