Chapter 1374: Chapter 1374: Don’t let the Jinx Ruin Your Health!

Jiang Qiran said it lightly, but his overly natural att.i.tude attracted a lot of curious gazes. The girls from cla.s.s F were even more envious! Where could they find such a doting boyfriend! ! Even Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t help but start to ridicule. “Qiran, it can’t be. You and Linlang haven’t even gotten married yet, and you’re already acting like a slave to your wife. What are you trying to do?” “Why, Can’t I?” Jiang Qiran reached out his hand and pulled ye Linlang, who was already blus.h.i.+ng, over. His posture was overbearing. The girls from Cla.s.s F looked at Ye Linlang and Jiang Qiran, who were mixing oil with honey. At first, they thought that the school bully was hard to get close to, but now, they couldn’t help but want to learn a few jokes from Jiang Miaomiao. “Young master Jiang is very willful.” A girl with a ponytail heard something unusual from Jiang Miaomiao’s sarcasm. She plucked up her courage and asked. “Linlang, Young Master Jiang, are you really going to get married in the future?” Otherwise, why would jiang miaomiao say “Not even married”just now? She was only a high school student! Would anyone want to get married so quickly? The girl who asked the question glanced at Jiang Qiran, who was like a gentle breeze and a gentle moon, and she began to think in her heart. Alright, if she was going to marry the school bully, then she would be more than willing! .. When she heard about the engagement, Ye Linlang’s face was bashful, and she didn’t dare to say anything. On the other hand, Jiang Qiran’s face was full of grace and generosity, and he didn’t avoid this matter. “Yes, Linlang and I are planning to get engaged after we graduate from high school.” The girl from Cla.s.s F was excited when she heard this. The girl with a ponytail couldn’t help but ask. “Oh my G.o.d! This is a bit amazing! Then if you guys are going to hold an engagement ceremony, can we go and have a free meal or something?” The corner of Jiang Qiran’s lips curled up slightly. He put his arm around ye Linlang’s shoulder and nodded calmly. “Sure.” The girls from Cla.s.s F cheered and jumped for joy. Moreover, they didn’t know what kind of grand banquet they might be attending at the engagement party. After all, with Jiang Qiran and Jiang Miaomiao’s ident.i.ties, everyone only thought of them as rich second-generation heirs with some powerful backgrounds. However, no one thought deeply about how powerful they were. .. When Ye Linlang returned to the Ye family, she still felt like her heart was beating like a drum. Engagement.. After calculating, it was only a year and a half. It was really hard to imagine that she would establish such a relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Qiran so soon. Ordinary people might enjoy the free time of a couple more, but ye Linlang couldn’t help but look forward to the day when she and Jiang Qiran got engaged in the church. That night, when they had dinner, Ye Linlang was absent-minded and had a silly smile on her face. I really hope that this year and a half will pa.s.s quickly! Ye Linlang ate silently, while at the Ye family’s dining table, ye Haifeng was beaming with joy, constantly showing off his battle achievements to Madam Ye and Ye Siyao. “Ever since we completed the last order with the Huanya Group, we’ve reached a new agreement!” “That’s right, it’s about the construction of the land in the West City! The Huanya Group wants to build a department store there and let our ye family contract it!” When Ye Linlang heard ye Haifeng’s words, she immediately raised her head and glanced at her father. She saw that ye Haifeng’s eyes were s.h.i.+ning brightly, and his hair had also been styled. He originally had white hair, but now it had turned into a pure black slicked back hair. He looked like a successful businessman. After all, she was also the daughter of the Ye family. Ye Linlang knew that she should be happy for ye Haifeng. But… as long as she remembered that her father was working with Huan Ya Group, and the Miss of Huan Ya Group was Shen Xier! She had an inexplicable worry in her heart. Ye Linlang bit the corner of her lips and couldn’t help but ask ye Haifeng. “Dad… has your cooperation with Huan Ya always been smooth? Did the other party… make any special requests or deliberately make things difficult for you?” Ye Haifeng saw that Ye Linlang had to provoke him at this time. He was a bit disappointed. He glanced at ye Linlang coldly. “Linlang, are you so eager for your father’s career to be hindered? I know that you don’t have a good relations.h.i.+p with the young miss of the Huanya group, but not only do you not want to apologize, but you also want to curse me!” Ye Linlang also became anxious and hurriedly explained to ye Haifeng. “No… I didn’t mean that.” Seeing that Ye Linlang didn’t get ye Haifeng’s favor, Ye Siyao loved to gloat, so she immediately mocked ye Linlang. “Dad, don’t be angry. Some people are like this. They can’t stand to see others being good. Don’t be angry. It’s better to eat more. Don’t let some small disaster star anger your appet.i.te.” Ye Haifeng nodded at Ye Siyao. He took the opportunity to glance at Ye Linlang, but his face was full of impatience. “Linlang, it’s not that dad wants to scold you. Remember to say something nice every day, okay? The Huanya Group is willing to work with us, and every transaction is a big deal. How could they joke about such a big sum of money? !” Ye Linlang’s beautiful brows furrowed. Of course, she knew that ye Haifeng, Ye Siyao, and the others wouldn’t listen to her advice. And… indeed, she was just speculating that the Huanya Group’s cooperation wasn’t good and didn’t have any real evidence, so ye Linlang could only give up in the end and start eating grain by grain. Forget it. Let’s hope it’s really as ye Haifeng and Ye Siyao said. After ye Linlang casually ate a few mouthfuls, she felt a sense of fullness in her stomach. She immediately stood up and nodded at ye Haifeng and Madam Ye. “Dad, I’m full, so I’ll go up first.” Ye Haifeng shook his head impatiently as a response. Ye Linlang walked up the stairs step by step. She felt uneasy as if something was going to happen. The Huanya group was famous. Even if they were expanding their investments in city a, why did they have to continue working with the Ye Group? The Ye group had a little bit of money, which ye Linlang acknowledged. However… to be able to get the attention of the Huanya group, Ye Linlang still felt as if there was a layer of fog behind it. And that fog seemed to be able to eat people at any time. .. It was night, and Ye Linlang was immersed in her dreams. In her dream, the blue sky was like a washed lake, clean, clear, and blue. She wore a white and flawless custom-made wedding dress. She slowly walked past the green lawn and walked towards the smiling man behind the Garland. It was Jiang Qiran. In her dream, Jiang Qiran was much more mature than he was now. He had sharp edges and was even more handsome and handsome. Ye Linlang held the gorgeous bouquet in her hands and walked towards Jiang Qiran step by step. When the distance between the two of them was only one or two meters. Suddenly, a woman in a white wedding dress appeared out of nowhere! Jiang Qiran suddenly turned around and hugged her with a smile!

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