Chapter 1371: Chapter 1371, the Campus Forum exploded again!

Although many people had this premonition since the event “Thunderstorm”was the most outstanding, when they really heard the answer, they couldn’t help but be a little surprised! After all, Shen Xier’s “Yesterday’s reappearance”was also sung pretty well, and Shen Xier’s fans were so excited in the audience earlier! Everyone had thought that Shen Xier would definitely win first place! Just as ye Linlang was in disbelief, Jiang Miaomiao, who was beside her, had already hugged her excitedly! “Linlang, we’re first place! We won! We’re first place! We’re so happy!” Ye Linlang finally broke free from the joy that was like a pie falling from the sky. She smiled and patted Jiang Miaomiao’s shoulder. The way the two of them hugged each other made the male host on stage unable to help but tease them. “Although Fan Yi and Zhou Ping are getting further and further away from each other in the show, Ye Linlang and Jiang Miaomiao, who are not in the show, still have a very deep relations.h.i.+p. The two of them wearing these costumes made me sigh.” “Your performances are very good. You deserve to be the first place!” That’s right. This male host in a white tuxedo was a fan of the author, Cao Yu. When he knew that someone on the stage would choose “Thunderstorm”to perform, he was a little surprised. He was even a little afraid of ruining the show. However, although ye Linlang, Jiang Miaomiao, and the others did not play the role of thunderstorm, it was at least somewhat interesting. He, as an original author, was quite satisfied. .. When she heard the male host publicly praise the show that Ye Linlang and Jiang Miaomiao had brought, Shen Xier gripped her hands tightly. The perfect smile on her face almost could not be maintained. She gritted her teeth hatefully and forced herself to leave the stage with a flick of her sleeve! The programs that she, Shen Xi’er, had partic.i.p.ated in before, let alone a small school celebration, were all national compet.i.tions that she had partic.i.p.ated in back in Dongchen Kingdom! She had never been second, alright? ! ! ! But when she arrived at Lingyun High School, Ye Linlang and the others actually directly gave her such a show of force! Good, very good! Originally, Jiang Miaomiao was Jiang Qiran’s younger sister, and Shen Xi’er had a good impression of Jiang Miaomiao. Now that she saw Jiang Miaomiao and ye Linlang hugging each other, Shen Xi’er’s expression was slightly distorted! She really didn’t know what kind of bewitching potion ye Linlang had given Jiang Qiran and Jiang Miaomiao to make them wholeheartedly protect this country b.u.mpkin! .. Just as the smile on Shen Xier’s face was about to crack, the host had already announced the second place at a leisurely pace. “The second place in the school anniversary activity compet.i.tion! It’s High School Cla.s.s A’s shen xier playing and singing “Yesterday reappears”by herself! Congratulations to our campus G.o.ddess!” “Thank you.” Towards this second place, Shen Xier was extremely unhappy. Her principle in life had always been to be the head of the chicken rather than the tail of the Phoenix. This time, she was being suppressed by Ye Linlang and the others. She was already very angry! Therefore, she only said two words of thanks dryly. However, the host did not seem to notice that Shen Xi’er was in a bad mood at all. He smiled gently and pa.s.sed the microphone to Shen Xi’er. “Shen Xi’er, do you feel happy that you took the second place in our Lingyun High School’s school anniversary event in one fell swoop?” It would be strange if she was happy? If it were not for the fact that she was under the watchful eyes of everyone, Shen Xi’er really wanted to call her male bodyguards over and throw the male host off the stage! The smile on her face remained as flawless as before, and she only nodded lightly. “Actually, ‘thunderstorm’only won by a narrow margin of 20 votes! Our G.o.ddess Xier isn’t any worse than thunderstorm!” The other male host beside her was Shen Xier’s admirer. Seeing that the G.o.ddess was a little unhappy, he hurriedly added on. However, he did not know that his words were no different from adding a knife to Shen Xier’s heart! He actually wanted to mention that the thunderstorm had won against him! The smile on Shen Xier’s face became more and more fake, and she almost could not stand it anymore. The host of Shen Xier’s admirer saw that Shen Xier did not intend to talk about it in detail, so he had no choice but to give up and continue waiting for the announcement of the third place. .. This time, the third place had two programs side by side. One was a skit from grade two Cla.s.s C, which was very educational and very funny. At one point, it almost made the entire audience laugh until their stomachs hurt. The other was a group dance by grade two Cla.s.s B girls. It was the kind of hot dance that nerds liked. In short, it had a great impact on the audience. The remaining bits and pieces, such as the encouragement award, took about ten minutes to complete. There was a wave of exclamations. Some still couldn’t believe that ye Linlang and Jiang Miaomiao’s performance of “Thunderstorm”actually won first place. After all, when everyone was discussing it, they were all disdainful of Ye Linlang. They thought that Shen Xier was really the one with the highest voice! .. When the school anniversary event came to an end. Some of the boys who liked Shen Xier were angry and immediately posted a post on the school campus. “Excluding the fact that emotions are in a mess, let’s dig into my woman’s scheming and social status!” At that time, when they heard ye Linlang say that Shen Xier was not as good as the original singer Carpenter, many of Shen Xier’s fans were angry. Their Xier was clearly singing so well! How could she be inferior to the original singer! It was obvious that Ye Linlang was jealous of the singing skills of the G.o.ddess! How was the show ‘Thunderstorm’good? With such a melodramatic family story, it was obvious that Ye Linlang and the others wanted to attract attention and were vulgar! Ye Linlang winning the champions.h.i.+p must be an inside story! .. This thread was instantly popular. It was mainly supported by Shen Xier’s male fans. There were also some who were jealous that ye Linlang almost made the two school weeds turn against each other today, in the end, they almost belittled ye Linlang to nothing. Occasionally, there were some other voices, such as saying that ye Linlang’s acting was indeed good, and that even though Shen Xi’er’s singing was good, she was still not as good as the original singer. These voices were immediately attacked by Shen Xi’er’s fans. In the end, they gradually faded away in the one-sided scolding battle. .. At this moment, Ye Linlang did not know that she had once again “Honored”to be on the headlines of the Lingyun High School Forum. Along with the crew of “Thunderstorm”and Jiang Qiran, she was already discussing about going for a big meal! A whole 30,000 yuan! Ye Linlang actually wanted to split the money among the people and save up the remaining money to buy gifts for Jiang Qiran and his parents. Therefore, she was a little afraid that everyone would ask to go to a five-star hotel or something like that, and there really wouldn’t be much left. Just as those people were in a dilemma about what to eat, Ye Linlang weakly asked. “Um… do any of you want to eat Hotpot? I know a chain store that has good quality and cheap food, and we have a lot of people, so it’s lively to eat Hotpot!” Ye Linlang righteously found a reason to save money for herself. She was afraid that someone would think that eating hotpot was too low-end. Just as she was in a dilemma, she saw the girls of Cla.s.s F already cheering! “Good! Good! Then let’s eat Hotpot!”

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