Chapter 1365: Chapter 1365: Fighting with Shen Xier

Not far away, a tall and long-legged youth walked over. He was wearing a white-grey uniform from his second year of high school. His coffee-colored hair was tattered and neat, and his handsome face had a gentle smile on it. It was the president of this year’s student union, senior Gu Yichen. Ye Linlang saw Gu Yichen walking straight towards her, and she immediately pushed Jiang Miaomiao’s arm in a mocking manner. “Oh, OH, OH, so you can let senior gu abuse his power? Impressive, impressive.” Jiang Miaomiao had always been a carefree and forthright woman, but her face reddened when she heard ye Linlang’s teasing words. “Can you be more serious? !” She Shot Ye Linlang a look and did not care what ye Linlang wanted to say. She quickly stood up and walked toward Gu Yichen. After all, the first and second year of high school were not in the same viewing gallery. Instead of letting her cla.s.smates watch her and the student council president fall in love, it would be better to find a place to have a private chat. HMPH, she would not admit that she was shy! .. Ye Linlang gazed at the handsome couple from afar and suddenly felt a little emotional. It seemed that the Jiang family did not know that Miao Miao was already in love. After all, with Jiang Qiran hiding it from the higher-ups, everyone was very a.s.sured of Jiang Qiran as an elder brother. They thought that he would take good care of Jiang Miao! When Ye Linlang thought of this, she suddenly felt an unknown worry. Although Jiang Qiran’s parents were very good to her, she heard from Qiran that Jiang Miao’s parents had always been strict with her in the area of love. They even said that it was best not to fall in love in university. For some reason, Jiang Miaomiao and senior gu broke out in a sweat. They hoped that things would go smoothly for them. Even if they were discovered by Miaomiao’s parents one day, an outstanding person like senior GU should still be able to get Jiang Miaomiao’s parents to accept him. Miaomiao had once said that Gu Yichen’s parents were both professors, so they were not much inferior to Jiang Qiran in terms of their studies. He had already obtained admission to Zhaohua University, as long as his college entrance examination score was not lower than 50 points below the admission mark of Zhaohua University, it would be fine. With such a big discount, it was practically a steady pace for Zhaohua University. Not only that, Gu Yichen had also received offers from several famous foreign universities. It was only for Miao Miao’s sake that Gu Yichen did not intend to study abroad. .. Ye Linlang retracted her gaze and suddenly saw Jiang Qiran walking towards her with two cups of milk tea in his hands. It was obviously bought for her and Jiang Miaomiao. Ye Linlang took the two cups of milk tea and put them away properly. She smiled at Jiang Qiran. “Qiran, you’re here.” Jiang Qiran glanced at the empty seat beside ye Linlang and was slightly stunned. “Why, is that girl Miaomiao not here? Did she go to the bathroom?” Other than this reason, Jiang Qiran couldn’t think of any other possibility. Ye Linlang burst into laughter. She immediately took the program booklet and mysteriously played charades with Jiang Qiran. “Did you see that? Miao Miao and I’s play is the Finale Show! She went to look for the person who opened the back door for her!” Ye Linlang didn’t say it clearly. Jiang Qiran frowned and couldn’t figure out the connection at the moment. “Open the back door? Who Did she find to open the back door?” Seeing that Jiang Qiran still did not understand what she meant, Ye Linlang suddenly felt proud! “Haha, it’s rare that you don’t know! Isn’t the program order arranged by the Student Union? Who do you think she can find to open the back door?” As Ye Linlang spoke, she pointed to the place where Jiang Miaomiao and Gu Yichen were chatting. The two of them were standing in the dark, and it was a blind spot, so Jiang Qiran did not notice them before. Jiang Qiran looked in the direction ye Linlang was pointing and saw Jiang Miaomiao rubbing against Gu Yichen’s arm while Gu Yichen pecked Jiang Miaomiao on the forehead. Jiang Qiran’s eyes narrowed dangerously at this sight! “That b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually dared to take advantage of my sister!” “Eh –” Ye Linlang was stunned when she heard that. Before she could react, she saw Jiang Qiran walk over aggressively. He strode forward with a gaze that seemed to be able to eat people. Was it really good to have such a double standard? ! Jiang Qiran often hugged her and kissed and nibbled on her! Ye Linlang watched helplessly as Jiang Qiran went to disturb the young couple. She did not know what Jiang Qiran said, but Jiang Miaomiao had already walked back reluctantly. Jiang Qiran and Gu Yichen seemed to be about to have a duel between men. They immediately walked out of the Grand Theater. Ye Linlang wanted to chase after them and ask, but she decided against it. It would be Shen Xier’s performance in a while. She did not want to Miss Shen Xier’s performance at all. After all, knowing yourself and your enemy, you would never lose a battle! .. On the other side, Jiang Miaomiao, who had come back with a mournful look on his face, directly complained to Ye Linlang. “What kind of person is my brother! I didn’t stop you from getting close to him, and he has the nerve to bother me.” ”…” Ye Linlang wanted to laugh in her heart. Perhaps every brother felt that no matter how outstanding his sister’s boyfriend was, it was as if he was matched with a dog’s tail gra.s.s. Although she wasn’t a brother, she could understand this kind of state of mind. Immediately, she picked up the coconut milk tea that Jiang Qiran had just bought and gave it to Jiang Miaomiao. “It’s better not to bother about them. Miaomiao, you should drink something first. This is what Qiran bought for you.” Jiang Miaomiao angrily took the milk tea and lifted the straw forcefully. She opened the lid of the milk tea with a click as if she was venting her anger. Ye Linlang smoothed Miao Miao’s hair for a while. Finally, Shen Xier’s show began, and Jiang Qiran and Gu Yichen returned. Only one sat beside them, while the other sat at the soph.o.m.ore department. Jiang Miaomiao heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that neither Jiang Qiran nor gu yichen were injured. It was fine as long as they did not fight. She could not be bothered to ask what kind of gentleman agreement they had reached, so she looked directly at the center of the stage. The host was reporting the program list. “Next, let’s welcome our campus G.o.ddess to perform the Carpenter Band’s Golden Song ‘Yesterday reappears’for everyone! Let those lost days linger in our hearts.” The velvet red curtain was slowly closed, and the lights in the entire venue suddenly dimmed. It was unknown when, but a white piano had appeared on the gorgeous stage. It was extremely grand. A girl wearing a white gauze dress slowly walked over. Her beautiful black hair was tied up high, and a jade-white pearl necklace was wrapped around her forehead. She looked elegant and n.o.ble. It was Shen Xier. The moment she appeared, the atmosphere instantly exploded! .. The girl on the stage took the microphone and smiled. “This song reappears from yesterday. I want to give it to someone who has always hidden in the bottom of my heart. Tell him that even if the old days are gone, I still like the days with you!”

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