Chapter 228: Death and Conspiracy (31)

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Jin Xianglan smiled a faint smile. “Xiangdong is my little brother and you are my brother’s girlfriend. Judging by his affection for you, I think we will become a family sooner or later even if we are not a family now.”

Lu Jia’er could feel that Jin Xianglan’s words were full of lies. Both she and Jin Xiangdong were created by Jin Xianglan. How could they ever truly be considered Jin Xianglan’s family?

“Professor Jin, you would be awarded as Best Actress at Oscars if you were an actress!” Lu Jia’er retorted sarcastically.

Jin Xianglan’s smile remained on her face. “Professor Lu, you seem to be very hostile to me right now! Xiangdong, help me out here.”

Jin Xiangdong understood Lu Jia’er’s personality and he knew she would not say those words without a reason, not to mention to treat someone so impolitely, especially when this someone was his sister. He thought the reason that she was becoming hostile was because she found out she was created by his father and sister. A fact like that would not only terrify the involved party, i.e., Lu Jia’er, but also terrified him.

Truth was, Jin Xiangdong could only understand a part of her thoughts. What he did not know was that Lu Jia’er was becoming unfriendly because of him, not herself.

Jin Xianglan asked him to try to talk some sense into Lu Jia’er, which posed a dilemma for him. Soon, he made up his mind. “Sister, tell the security guards to withdraw!”

Lu Jia’er felt her heart warm as she heard his words. She looked at him. Jin Xiangdong still had no idea what the reality of the situation was but at this critical moment, his instinct was to trust her. His tall and straight figure was like a towering tree, shielding her from the wind and rain.

Jin Xianglan threw a look at Jin Xiangdong. The former seemed to have complicated feelings. “Withdraw!” Nevertheless, she gave the order after a second.

That decision confused Lu Jia’er. Was this Jin Xiangdong really that important to Jin Xianglan? It was a surprise that she would listen to his demand.

The security guards looked at Jin Xianglan but did not move. She glared at them and said in a harsh tone, “I said, withdraw!”

“We can withdraw but they must hand over their firearms!” A man that looked like the team leader of the security guards said.

Jin Xianglan said to Lu Jia’er, “Professor Lu, what do you think?”

Lu Jia’er looked around and then exchanged eye contact with Jin Xiangdong. Afterward, she gave the stun gun to the security guard in front of her.

Jin Xianglan put on a smile of satisfaction. Jin Xiangdong did not hold on to his gun now that Lu Jia’er had given up hers.

The security guards surrounding them began to leave. Even so, Lu Jia’er was still on alert. She kept her eyes firmly on Jin Xianglan because she could not figure out Jin Xianglan at all.

Jin Xianglan could not help but burst into laughter. “Professor Lu, don’t be so nervous!”

Lu Jia’er sneered. “What do you want to do now?”

“Follow me to the conference room.” Jin Xianglan said.

“The conference room?” Lu Jia’er stared at Jin Xianglan, alarmed.

“Go and meet the creation team.” Jin Xianglan explained.

“What if I refuse?” Lu Jia’er asked.

Lu Jia’er’s resistance was not easily eased. If anything, it had grown more intense. “We will tell you anything you want to know.” Jin Xianglan said.

“Do you think I will trust you?” Lu Jia’er snorted.

“At least you can try to trust us.” Jin Xianglan replied.

Jin Xiangdong, who was standing off to the side, noticed that the two of them still sounded hostile, which was even more true for Lu Jia’er. He grabbed Lu Jia’er’s hand. “I will be there with you.”

But Lu Jia’er shook her head at him. “Ace, don’t trust anyone! Especially the ones that claim to be your family!”

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